Alice Invade Wonderland

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Mafia in wonderland, have you ever imagine a protagonist that has the power to turn a magical world upside down and under her control? This ain’t your little Alice in Wonderland, this is a parody set in a different timeline and different universe. This is an action adventure stories with some twist set in 1946. The Alice that I will introduce to you has a different personality. A tough girl with an appetite for power. Alice, a daughter of a mafia boss. She always had her desire to follow her father footsteps, however, her father strongly forbid her and she wasn’t too happy about it. One day, Alice chased a strange rabbit and accidentally falls into a burrow and spirited away into a bizarre world of magic called wonderland, a place where every actions can bear consequences. Alice saw an opportunity here and decided to test her abilities, so she could fulfill her ambitions. As she intent to use whatever it means to get whatever she wants. This is a new tale of loyalty, friendship, power and corruption. But more importantly, will Alice learn something valuable while she is in wonderland?

Fantasy / Action
Stephen Cowking
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Have you ever wondered what's it like to have a protagonist that is powerful enough to influence and turn the entire wonderland upside down or under her control? The Alice that I will introduce to you has a different personality. A tough girl and a sharpshooter with an appetite for power. A protagonist that will dare challenge the power of the Red Queen and corrupt the entire wonderland like never before.

Come my friend, I will invite you to a bizarre world of magic, where every actions can bear consequences. A new tale of friendship, loyalty, power and corruption.

Expect bullets to be flying in many direction… so without further delays, let’s begin.

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