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After years of torture, Nyla escapes her birth pack. She terrorizes the woods around it to a great extend. She turn to a rouge with a power that sends fear even to the greatest beings. Werewolves fear she might have gone off the edge. Vampires see her as a challenge to cross the woods. Most witches see her as a abomination to supernatural creatures. Humans see her as a dark creature who haunts the woods and will kill anything within it. Andrew sees her as a lost girl. Someone who's been pushed to the edge. Someone like him. Some are right and others are wrong. Warning: Read at your own risk! It can get creepy and bloody. Like seriously I warned you. DO NOT STEAL MY STUFF OR I'LL DO WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK TO YOU. Well the torture parts.

Fantasy / Horror
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The pale skinned, blond hair, blue eyed vampire runs between the trees in hurry. The midnight full moon shines down between the trees as she snaps twigs below her trying to get away from the black wolf right behind her. Some white was spotted under the black coat as gold, red eyes focus on it's target.

She jumps up above a trunk the wolf following with ease wanting to give a good chace to its pray. The vampire runs faster before quickly running past the tree line to the road. She glances back to meet the terrefying red gold eyes that even sent a shiver of fear down her spine.

The wolf paced through the tree line not making a sound except for growling and snarling once in a while. It wouldn't step out of the tree line as far as they knew.

The vampire starts laughing as the adredaline runs out and turns to her friends. They clap leaning against the trucks.

The wolf walks away feeling it's useless to get them. Though, eventually the time will come. The wolf dissapears leaving the vampires to continue blasting their music and drinking not only beer but some humans as well.

The vampire that ran through the woods headed home after at around 2:45 AM. She wasn't the only one heading to the house. A wolf figure stood in the corner as she walked into the room. She closed the curtains overseeing the woods right next to her house.

She turned around and froze meeting the horrific red gold eyes of the wolf. The wolf's eyes didn't leave her as it started stalking forward the moon light hitting against it. The coat was pitch black but as it moved you could spot pure white under the black.

The vampire backed away looking for a way out of the danger not believing her eyes. Everyone said the wolf never left the woods. Why was it here? In her house?

She grabbed a lamp from the bedside throwing it to the wolf who quickly dodged it and barred its teeth. She stumbled against the desk dropping things on it.

The wolf launged forward as she moved in time and ran downstairs. She was about to run out the door when the wolf jumped in front of her. She backs away as it stalks forward ready to get its pray.

She was about to jump through a window but was tackled by the wolf. It had unbelievable stregth that even she couldn't escape. She bit into th poison blood of the wolf though it seemed unfazed as it stared at her eyes. Words rang in the vampire's head as she stared back scared.

β€œAlways look your capturer in the eyes. If you look away you wouldn't see just how far they've gone...”

Before the vampire could mutter a word, the wolf sincked its teeth into the vampire's neck. As if human the vampire choked on her own blood. The wound didn't heal.

The wolf proceeded to rip the heart out and hold it between its claws. It layed the heart in the door step. It shook its fur licking the blood off before dissapearing into the woods again. The clock next to the dead vampire froze at 3:35 AM.

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