The Death Wolf's Call

By Anne Marshall All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Marked by death and cursed with the power to kill with a single touch, Liv wishes for nothing more than to end her life. Instead, she's given the chance to leave her home and learn to live her life like she wasn't allowed to before. But when the warlord, Genesis, comes for the Ivy Vine Pack will she help the people that shunned her? Or will she let her birth pack go down in flames and surrender to the man that wants the seven kingdoms?

Kill Me Please

“I’m on my knees begging you, goddess Selene, please take this curse away from me.” My knees dug into the wet dirt under them. The night air was bitterly cold but I wouldn’t let it affect me. I took the small blade out of the top of my boot and brought it up to my left wrist. I didn’t hesitate, I used the right amount of pressure and quickly sliced across my wrist drawing blood quickly.

The deep crimson liquid beaded and dripped quickly through the cut and down the sides of my wrist. It wasn’t painful, I couldn’t feel the sting like I should, I’ve never been able to feel pain like I should. The cut bled and bled and when the familiar wave of dizziness came over me I fell back on the heels of my feet while my wrist fell to my side allowing the thick red liquid to dispense quicker to the grass and dirt below me.

This was the way it was supposed to go. The goddess Selene required a blood sacrifice to speak with her, to ask anything of her. I wanted to end my life and this was the only way possible. I’ve tried so hard every other way, going as far as slitting my own throat and putting myself in the way of wild animal that I knew was stronger than me. But nothing worked.

“This is what you require, Selene. Please answer my prayer.” I begged her again but I still received nothing in response. She was the only one that could take my curse from me. With it gone I would be able to end my own life and finally find peace.

“A wolf begging for death. This is new, don’t you think sister?” A voice from the edge of the trees caught my attention. I didn’t stop the blood coming from my wrist but I turned my head to see who it was coming from the darkness.

The moon was full and shining down on my sins and me. I was a fool to think I was alone out here.

“We came when we smelled blood. Why are you out here all alone little wolf?” My face turned to meet the two figures coming towards me. They were slender and pale, something I was not used to seeing.

“Are you here to kill me?” I asked in a hopeful tone but they just seemed to ignore me.

“Don’t call me that, I have no right to be called a wolf when I can’t even shift into one,” I confessed my sins to the two strangers that were still making their way towards me. I wasn’t scared, once you beg for death to consume you, you aren’t afraid of much else.

“A werewolf that cannot turn into a wolf...Interesting, don’t you think sister?” The tallest one asked the young girl next to him. I had never seen these people before but I felt at ease around them. More so than the members of my pack that are supposed to be my family.

I didn’t hear the other person speak but I watched her nod her head in agreement with the man next to her that had to be her brother if he was calling her sister that is. They walked in front of me kneeling body and while the blood kept dripping from my wrist I stayed still. But when she reached for my wrist I jerked away suddenly.

“You don’t want to do that. People that touch my skin end up dead.” I spoke low knowing they would be able to hear me. My bleeding arm began to shake and the girl in front of me ignored my warning and reached for my wrist anyway.

“It’s your funeral,” I told her while I looked up to her brother who only smiled down at the two of us.

“You can’t kill what’s already dead.” Her brother from above us spoke down. I looked at the girl quickly and when she wrapped her hand around my bloody wrist I took in a quick gust of air. I could feel her touch, I have never before been able to feel someone else’s skin against mine. The last time it happened my father screamed in pain and fell to the floor.

The girl with my wrist in her grip brought the cut to her mouth, her tongue fell out from her mouth and dragged across my cut. The blood not only disappeared but the open line did as well.

“Vampires.” My voice was low and accusing, I knew what they were.

“My sister wants to know how you became this way. You’ve been touched by not only the goddess but death as well. She’s tasted your blood and knows more about you than you could ever imagine. Liv.” The moment he said my name I felt like it was coming from the girl in front of me instead.

“I was born this way, I killed my mother during childbirth and my father when I was a child a few years later. It was an accident, he knew not to touch my skin, the goddess told him in a dream before I was born. But I wanted to hug him...I just wanted to hug my father.” Sobs began to come from my weakened body. The now healed wrist fell to my side out of the pretty girl’s hand. Soon I was covered in cold arms but it was so welcoming I didn’t care.

“My Alpha and the pack doctor have both told me I was born without a wolf. It’s extremely rare there is only one other case that’s existed before me. She was killed by the king at the time for being born differently. I was lucky enough to be cursed by death as well, they tried to remove my heart when they found out about my disease. But it didn’t work.” I confessed my life story or at least the parts I knew about.

“Where do you come from?” Her brother asked me as he let me go and kneeled along with his sister.

“Ivy Vine Territory. It’s not far from here. I have nothing to go back to, everyone in my life is either dead or scared of me.” My voice was small and shaking, I had never felt so vulnerable in my life.

“Who are you two?” I asked while looking deep into the girl’s eyes in front of me. For a moment I was lost in the sea of green that was surrounded by her moon given white hair that was identical to her brother’s.

“We come from a nest that is just on the outside of the seven kingdoms. We are called Kai and Sai. Twins born nearly three hundred years ago. We are vampires like you pointed out, we usually keep away from the wolf kingdoms but we heard a cry in the universe and thought it wise to come see who it was from. We came to help you, Liv.” I looked at the two of them and I was shocked. No one wanted to help me. If anything they wanted to get rid of me the moment they learned what I can do.

“Why would you want to help someone like me? I’m a werewolf that isn’t a werewolf. I kill people when I touch them. I will never have a mate, I don’t want to live so why help someone that wishes to die?” I asked them in a broken voice that I barely recognized.

“Because we heard you, we heard your pleas for death and we are here for you. If you want you can come with us back to our nest. Our people will welcome you with open arms. But we understand if you wish to stay with your people.” Kai’s voice was like a melody to my ears. I had no other way to describe it. I wanted to go with them, I wanted to live in their nest with people that would be able to touch me. But something held me to my pack.

“I don’t know if I can leave my pack. Turning my back to them is punishable by death, but I can’t die. The goddess won’t let me. Do I have time to decide?” I asked them. I watched Sai’s face turn from inquisition to sadness quickly. She wanted me to go with them?

“You have as much time as you want. We are endless, we aren’t going anywhere.” Kai’s answer filled me with a warmth I had never known. Would I leave my pack and go with them? I never felt like I belonged with wolves, maybe I was meant to live among vampires...

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