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Sitting on the other side of the lecture room, there she was looking down doing who knows what. He didn't know of what she was, nor did she. Quickly looking up at the sudden noise, their eyes met. That was a mistake on both of their parts.....or was it actually a good thing?

Fantasy / Erotica
Age Rating:


Info on the actual story:
I won't write much here, just mainly the character info or placement.

18 years old
First year of college (college freshman)
Works as a photographer
Lives in the college dorm

Curly hair
Semi-tanned skin
Decent height (whatever fits your preference of a decent height)
Light brown eyes (honey I guess)

Luna is a girl who at times keeps to herself. As much as she loves making friends and talking to people, she likes to keep her friendship circle to a minimum. Her parents had taught her well and grew her up nicely unlike some of her friends parents. Some would say it was suspicious how they treated her and yet she grew up to be a well girl. Or maybe that's what she believes since she has some missing memories. Other than that, she is a decently wealthy girl, especially with her talents and intelligence. You wouldn't believe how stubborn and stupid she can be at times.

19 years old
First year of college
Has his own house

Short but wavy hair
Fair skin
Height is 6'3
Hazel green eyes

Axel is kind of like your average mystery boy you hear about in stories. Although he's a pretty well known guy within the college -especially with girls- he only has about 2 friends. His well known profile may be because he's technically a model for certain magazines in the area, just for trying on new clothing's and more. Knowing that this is his job, we already know by now that he's definitely wealthy. Though everyone knows, with such a good looking guy there has to be some flaws yet no one knows what they are. Why? Like I said, he's well known but not social within the college students, yet people still try to talk to him and invite him to parties.

Extra Characters:
~ These 3 girls above are Luna's closest friends/best friends from high school who decided to go to college together. They each share a dorm room. Luna and Lilith share, while Ella and Mia share a room across from theirs. Ella and Lilith have jobs, while Mia is still looking.

~ These 2 boys above are Axel's closest friends that had been mentioned earlier. These 2 share a dorm as well as have well working jobs.

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