The Hunter and The Billionaire

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Fantasy / Romance
Laycra Macrae
Work in progress
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Chapter 1

I needed the job, that’s why I took it. Not because he was the richest, sexiest man in London. Although no-one believed me when I told them that.

“It’s okay if you took the job because he’s gorgeous. I mean...I would have.”

“Lexi,” I said whilst I angrily sorted through my wardrobe, ” I just need the money, not his dick in my mouth.”

“Of course, Angela. Because you want to be with someone who loves you for your first time. You don’t want it to just be fun.”

“Is there something wrong with that?” I asked, though I already knew her answer.

“Love doesn’t exist.” Lexi replied.

“Ugh, stop spreading your negativity and help me find those bloody trousers like a best friend should.” Lexi rolled her eyes at me. “Fine, but you have to promise to tell me everything when you get back.”

I sighed, “Nothing’s gonna happen.”

“It might.” She replied.

“For someone who’s so negative, you sure are optimistic about this.”

" ‘It’s’ gonna happen. I can feel it.” Lexi said.

“The big, ‘it’.”

“Yes the big, ‘it.’” She replied. I gave her a pointed stare.

“It is.”

“No it’s not.”

“It is.”

“No it’s not.”

“It is.”

“Oh my God, where the fuck are those trousers?” I exclaimed as I chucked item after item of clothing on to my bed.

“Oh, you mean the ones with the little thing on the side.” Lexi said.

“Yeah, the nice ones.” I replied, double checking the pile of clothes on my bed frantically. I was going to be late.

“Oh yeah, I wore those a couple days ago. They’re in the laundry.”

“The laundry!” I exclaimed in disbelief.” And did it ever occur to you to wash them?”

“Nope.” Lexi answered. I groaned out my irritability by making an unintelligible noise. “What? They went with my jacket.” She defended.

“What am I supposed to wear?”

“What about this skirt?” Lexi picked up a black skirt that went just below mid thigh. It had a small slit on the side that exposed a lot of leg, too much leg.

“Those?!” I almost fainted as she held it up. “You want me to wear that to work?”

“Yeah, they accentuate your ass.”

“Ugh!” I grabbed the skirt and shoved it on along with a pair of black tights to try and disguise the amount of leg revealed. “I’m only wearing it because I’m gonna be late if I don’t.”

I grabbed my bag and slipped on my shoes as fast as I possibly could. I gave Lexi a hug before opening the door to leave our house. Lexi remained at the door, shouting as I walked down the street.

“You go girl, get that pay cheque! Yass honey, work that ass!”

I turned, walking backwards down the street, “Nothing’s gonna happen!” I shouted to her.

“Yeah you keep telling yourself that!” She shouted back. I flipped her off, making her laugh. I waved at her goodbye, turned around and then took my phone out. Seven in the morning, I had an hour. That should be enough time for me to get there on time.

The big letters of the company building came into view as the bus pulled up at the bus stop. I got off and started walking towards the building, pulling self-consciously at my skirt as I did so. It was way too short to be wearing to work. I internally damned Lexi to have bad hair for a couple days for taking my trousers.

Before entering the building I quickly stopped off at the coffee shop that was a few buildings down. Mr Hazel had told me he liked a croissant and a Frappuccino in the morning and had said that this coffee shop, ‘Le petit gâteaux,’ did the best in town, so I decided to buy myself and him something to eat.

Mr Hazel aka Richard, although I wasn’t fully comfortable calling him that yet, was a determined and hardworking man who even though firm at times was a fun, cool person to be around. He was only a couple years older than I am, me being nineteen and him being twenty three which made me feel like a bit of a failure because I know for sure that in four years time I’m not going to co-own a company and be a billionaire which begs the question, ‘What the fuck am I doing wrong?’ How is it some people have their whole lives figured out by the age of twenty something and I’m here still using a calculator to double check what five plus seven is because I have self-doubt issues. It hurt my head just thinking about it.

I looked up at the company building, following the windows all the way to the thirtieth floor and smiled. I was working here. Here! At one of the biggest, thriving companies. I had come a long way for myself and even though I wasn’t the one owning the company, I was proud. Just watching the many crowds of people streaming in and out of the place made me feel fuzzy and warm inside. I was apart of that. I was apart of the hustle and bustle of people, working hard and earning my money like everybody else. It was a simplicity that made me happy and glad to be alive and breathing and healthy and I was thankful for it everyday.

I took the elevator up to the thirtieth floor and as I walked out I greeted the receptionist. “Good morning, Tegan.”

“Morning Ange, good weekend?”

“Yeah, it was chill. You?” I asked

“Same.” She replied, “Oh and the boss wanted me to ask you if you could pick up some papers from Mr Clarke.”

My heart hammered in my chest out of nervousness. I’d never met Mr Clarke before but I’d heard he was stoic and intimidating, a true business man with a permanent poker face. “Sure. His office is down the corridor to the left. Right?”

“Yeah, first door.” She said.

“Thanks.” I said as I turned to walk down the corridor. I bit my lip nervously as I stood outside his office, Derek Clarke’s office. What was I so nervous about? Why did I feel like there was something big about to happen?

My knuckles hit the door twice. Please don’t be in, please don’t be in. I crossed my fingers but unfortunately luck was not on my side.

“Come in.” His deep, smooth, baritone voice said. I opened the door, finding Mr Clarke, standing, looking through some papers. He looked at me but I looked away, avoiding eye contact.

“Hello Mr Clarke, I’m Angela Kings, Mr Hazel’s PA.” I said, offering my hand. He walked towards me, facial expression impassive, and shook my hand.

My breath hitched as our skin came in contact. Tingles, undeniable tingles, rushed through my arms. I retracted my hand quickly.

It can’t be!

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