Solstice Howl

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Chapter 10


I dodged a flying heel and ducked underneath the chair neatly pushed into the vanity table.

“No!” I yelped as a comb nearly impaled my thigh.

“Ugh!” She shrieked and collapsed onto the floor in defeat.

So, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on... let me take it back to yesterday--

Alpha Luka led me to my room in an awkward silence, occasionally attempting to grab my hand, but then fortunately, stopping himself.

He opened my new bedroom’s door after the walk through the strenuously long hallway, which happens to be right across from his.

I frowned as I peered into the open door, “Where’s Nova?”

“Her mate has asked for a few words with her, they will be here shortly.”

A disgruntled noise left my throat at that thought. To distract myself, I peered around the room.

It was spacious, but not nearly as spacious as his, and a creamy eggshell color, a book stand with numerous books lining the wall, snagging my attention.

There were two beds, both fairly large also propped against the wall.

“How do you like it?”

A compliment was on the tip of my tongue, but I stopped myself, “Eh.”

“Something in particular not to your enjoyment?” He seemed smug.

I simply ignored him and stepped through the threshold, turning around and slamming the door in his face before he got the opportunity to step in as well.

A polite knock on the door was his response to my action, “That was very rude, Mya. Please open the door.”

I contemplated it for a second, and then turned the lock.

A twist of the handle and a rattle of the door immediately followed after, and I walked over to my new bed and sat back against the headboard, completely exhausted.


I tiredly sighed and blinked my eyes closed, despite being in the same outfit all day, I’m ready to go to bed.

Of course, the attempt was futile because mere seconds later the door was kicked down, landing on the floor with a loud thud.

I turned on my side facing away from him and closed my eyes again.

While the big bad wolf was huffing and puffing, I tried to block out his sounds to fall into a deep slumber.

But, being hauled off of the bed sure can interrupt that.

“What’s your problem?!” I exclaimed, avoiding eye contact which him as he was very close to my face, too close for comfort.

I briefly glanced up, but then regretted it instantly; he looked livid.

“Don’t ever do that again.” Was demanded between clenched teeth in a relatively calm voice, scarily calm.

I nodded my head vigorously, but he wasn’t done.

“Submit to me.”

“Excuse me?” I gasped as he wrenched my chin in his vice grip and made my eyes meet his.

Our ice-colored eyes clashed in a collision course and shivers rolled down my spine, his touch evoking goosebumps.

He momentarily blinked his eyes shut in ecstasy, his eyelashes fluttering rapidly.

The anger seemed to have pass him, and I inwardly sighed of relief because the last thing I wanted to do was “submit to him” whatever that meant.

I let out a breath as he leaned in closed to me, inhaling, and scrunched my nose as his brushed my cheek in his sniffing.

“St-op!” My voice broke as I commanded him.

He reluctantly pulled away and regarded me, taking my chin back in his grasp.

“Bare your neck to me.” His reverie was broken and he was back to his initial mission.

“No! I’m not a werewolf and I refuse to partake in those customs!” I spat, completely appalled.

But, when his eyes darkened considerably and his grip on my chin tightened painfully, my neck couldn’t twist far enough for his gaze, I nearly broke it.

I’m terrified of his wolf side.

He seemed to be satisfied because he pushed himself away from me, his eyes glowing an arctic ice now.

I squinted my eyes as I peered at him, “what the hell is happening to you?”

His voice was gruff as he spoke, “Nothing. Be prepared to get up early, you’ll be attending to some matters regarding your ceremony tomorrow.”

I was ready to argue it, but he was already out of the door.


“Get your flat asses up!” Sunlight burst beneath my eyelids and I jerked up just as I noticed a small female pulling the curtains open.

I blinked confusedly, my vision waning in and out before it finally focused.

“Wait, I remember you!” I exclaimed as I instantly recognized just who woke me up.

She was the mouthy human who prepared me for the solstice moon!

The small human smiled self-satisfyingly, “That’s right, I got you your very own Alpha. You’re welcome, by the way.”

Well if you’re to thank...

“Who’s this, Mya?” Nova asked as she yawned,
stretching her arms over the top of her head.

I looked over back over at the female; I had no idea what her name was.

“Whoops! I didn’t even introduce myself, I’m Gwen! Here to be your official “assistant ” if you will. And today-” she smiled coyly, “I’m here to get you guys ready for the ceremony.”

So, that’s how we got to the situation.

It didn’t dawn on me that she planned on cutting my hair until after she pulled out scissors, and launched at me.

But, by that time, I was prepared for her.

I narrowly dodged her flying hands and ran around the room like hell was on my heels.

In a way, it kind of was.

Nova watched from her bed, in a fit of giggles.

When Gwen finally plopped down, exhausted and clutching her round belly, was when I let my guard down.

“If you would just let me cut it, it would grow back faster. The bottom is so damaged.”

I clutched my hair self-consciously.

I’ve never been an insecure woman. Beauty wasn’t an important issue where I was from, so no one worried about it.

“I think your hair is beautiful,” Nova inputed, adoringly staring at me.

“I wouldn’t cut it too short, I swear!” Gwen, once again tried to convince.

It wasn’t the matter of I cared about it’s length, I just didn’t trust her near me with a pair of scissors.

After a long pause of me not relenting, Gwen growled, “Fine! Have it your way you stubborn bi- Oh hello, Alpha Luka.”

The Alpha regarded Gwen beneath him, lifting his lip in a snarl to which Gwen shrank back.

“Leave her alone!” I yelled, grabbing the comb that nearly rendered me handicapped and threw it at the back of his head.

He caught it before it could so much as reach him and turned towards me with a sarcastic smile, “good morning to you too, little mate.”

I rolled my eyes.

Alpha called someone in and an unrecognizable male entered, carrying two wrapped dresses.

“Mate,” he addressed me, “Nova,” he looked over to the frightened- to-silence girl, “Here are your dresses for tonight’s ceremony. I trust you two to let Gwyneth give you the proper care you need in order for this night to run smoothly.” He looked at me for a lengthy time.

And then, was gone.

“So-” Gwen smiled frighteningly, clutching the scissors, “Who’s ready for a haircut?”


“Stand up straight!” Gwen demanded.

It had been hours, and I mean hours of Gwen teaching Nova and I how to walk, how to stand, what to say, how to eat, and now-

Now she’s teaching us how to dance.

It was a hassle for her to cut my hair and I was very vocal about it, watching long strands flutter to the ground hurt my heart a little bit, but the pain was minuscule.

Now, it’s mid-shoulder length and I can’t really tell if it suits my face, but Gwen seems to think so.

Dancing is not something I’m familiar with, and neither is Nova, so we both giggled as we watched an impatient Gwen attempt to teach us a dance she called “the waltz”.

We were playful in imitating her steps, messing up on purpose, causing Gwen to yell at us in frustration.

She had told us that we’d be there all day if we didn’t make an effort.

After another hour of nonstop dance lessons, the last 30 minutes were spent with us actually trying, and doing an okay job.

“’Now, it’s time to get ready,” Gwen smiled.

She stared with Nova first, and I watched in awe as she contorted her hair into a braid I had never heard of, Gwen prattled on about the werewolf customs of the European continent; naming different hairstyles and activities that they do.

She slathered glitter onto Nova’s eyelids, and I laughed as she blinked her eyes open, looking at me mock-offendedly.

She looked like a fool.

“Hey,” Gwen frowned at my laughing, “she looks beautiful.”

In no ways offended, Nova laughed too when she peered into her reflection.

“You guys are terrible,” Gwen shook her head.

Nova put on a floral purple dress and I smiled at her radiating beauty.

“You’re turn,” Gwen pushed me to the vanity chair and rummaged around in her large bag for hair products.

My hair had always been bone-straight, and somehow, she managed to give it curls.

When she tried to put things on my face was when I drew the line.

She frowned, but put the makeup away, realizing that it wouldn’t be a good idea to push me too far, and pouted as she handed me the dress.

It was a shapely scarlet color the clung to me in an uncomfortable way.

When I stepped out of the restroom, Gwen wolf-whistled.

“He’ll be all over you in that!”

I frowned and turned around, ready to change.

“I was kidding!” She said as she took me away from the bathroom.

When the knock came at the door announcing the werewolves were here, an unrecognizable nervousness fluttered in my stomach.


Nicolas was the first to enter the room, his eyes shining as he gawked at Nova’s beauty.

I confusedly furrowed my eyebrows as a pretty blush flushed her cheeks.

Why the hell was she blushing?

“You look beautiful,” Luka smiled radiantly, grabbing my hand and not holding himself back from it this time.

Pleasant tingles traveled up my spine and I lost the urge to be rid of his touch.

He touched my hair, something Gwen said never to let a male do considering it took her so long to make it curly, but I found that I quite liked the warmth it spread throughout me.

But don’t you hate him, Mya?

I frowned, no.

This isn’t happening...

I looked over at Nova who was biting her lower lip as she looked up at Nicolas between her lashes.

But, she fears him.

“Mate?” Luka asked confusedly as I yanked away from him and hardened myself, “Don’t touch me.”

Disappointment shone through his eyes.

“Come, the ceremony is about to start.”

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