Solstice Howl

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Chapter 12

I blinked my eyes open in wonderment as an unfamiliar setting surrounded me.

What’s going on?

“I can’t live like this anymore!” A woman’s shrill voice rung out behind the closed door I stood in front of.

“You have no choice!” An authoritative male voice replied, equal in shrillness, yet masculine in a way.

The hateful baritone caused fearful shudders to rack down my spine.

“I won’t be trapped here just like-” a loud slapping noise interrupted her sentence.

They were fighting; their vicious screaming unmistakable.

But, the question is....

Just who are they?

“Never speak her name.” The man growled.

“C’mon Kamiya,” a boy with dark hair suddenly showed up to the side of me, taking my hand and tugging me away from the door I faced.

He loomed over me, though looked very young.

I looked down at my hand entangled in his to see chubby fingers; I couldn’t be more than three years old.

The boy’s voice was small, yet strong, and for some reason I took to him as a girl would take to a brother.

But I’ve never had a brother.

“You don’t need to listen to that.”

Though, looking to be about seven, he seemed mature for his age, wise beyond his years.

“Mama-” I cooed, trying to go back over to the door.

“She’s busy, Kam. C’mon I’ll read you your favorite book.”

I was trapped in a body that isn’t mine and can’t control any of my movements, panic slowly building up in me.

He led me over to a small living room area, a plush plumb colored couch centering the carpeted room.

Everything seems so familiar, but so distant ... unobtainable.

The boy sat down on the couch, propping me on his lap and ruffling my hair as I- or the girl giggled at him.

Another little boy walked into the family room, something very familiar about him.

His face beheld a dour expression and his golden hair sat messily atop his head.

He had to be my age, his young appearance causing bewilderment to course through my veins.

I just don’t understand why.

For some reason, I knew he was quiet and the likelihood of him to talk was slim.

The little boy silently sat next to us and handed the older boy a children’s picture book that he had clutched at his side.

The older, unnamed boy began reading and I found that I couldn’t focus on the words, but instead the other little boy’s face.

And then, for the first time, he looked at me.

I confusedly maintained eye contact with him, curious.

His eyes beheld a twinkle of amusement, way too old for his face, winking at me as if he knew something I didn’t.

Then, without a sound, he leapt over to me across the couch as if I were his prey, eyes rapidly turning bright and his canine teeth descending as his claws came down to-

“Gah” I awoke with a gasp, sweat drenching my forehead.

“Mya?” I sharply looked at a stricken Nova who had staggered away from my rabid form.

Taking a chance, I glanced around the room only to note that we’re alone.


“What are you doing here?” I coldly barked to Nicolas.

“I stay with my mate at all times, Luna.” Luna was reluctant on his tongue.

It seems that I’m not the only one who disapproves of my new official title.

Nova returned back to my side, she seemed to have recovered from my outburst as I casted her an apologetic smile.

She hesitantly returned my smile and handed me a small cup of water in response, a folded piece of paper placed meticulously around the handle of the mug to where only her and I would know it’s there.

“You must be thirsty,” I took small sips as Nova prattled on about how anxious she was for me to wake up.

“You were so pale and-”

Suddenly, the door banged open and a frantic Alpha stormed in; his aura radiating power.

“Get out!” He roared at Nova and Nicolas, causing Nova to jump in fight once again and scamper out of the room without a moment’s hesitation.

“Why did you do that?!” I asked him angrily as the door clicked shut, leaving me and him alone.

He simply ignored me, scrutinizing every inch of my body, or at least, what wasn’t covered by the blanket, with a nearly emotionless expression.

I then let out a disgusted choke as he enveloped the upper half of my body in his burly arms.

“What the fu-”

“I was so worried! No one could decipher what poison was in your system,” his breathing sped up as he pulled away from me, his warm hands cupping my face tenderly.

“It’s knocked you out for a day, are you feeling alright?!” He didn’t let me respond.

“Goddess, I’ve never been so worried in my entire life, I love you so much.”

“Get off.” I growled coldly, my voice so low I could barely recognize it.

His eyebrows furrowed the more he stared at me, a contemplative expression on his face.

“I thought we were making progress...” he trailed off as he saw my reaction to that statement.

“Progress?” I scoffed, “You ripped me from my home and family, you stole my freedom. Why should I grant you any semblance of peace for your deranged wolf who fetishizes the thought of me-” I grew louder the longer I talked, “You love me, but you don’t know me. You don’t know my likes, my dislikes, my home life, my past best friends! I hate you, and you’re naive if you think that the emotion your feeling is love.” When my rant was over, I was huffing angrily, something cold and nasty brewing in my gut.

“You’re right.” He had never looked at me the way he is now; completely heartbroken.

I felt relief at his words, content he understood that he realized he does not love me.

“I love you, you’re ability to prioritize Nova over yourself, the way you kick in your sleep, and the way you gaze at my garden when you think I’m not looking. I do not know your likes, nor your dislikes-” he smiled, “but we have all the time in the world to. I will get to know you Mya Collins.”

“And if I don’t let you?”

He smirked viciously, a sadistic twinkle in his eyes that caused shudders to roll down my spine, “We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?”

And then, he walked out.


“You’re not allowed to be down here, Luna.” I spared the heavyset guard a cool look, though on the inside my emotions are raging.

I glanced down at the piece of crumbled paper Nova had given me earlier, with her curvy handwriting and loopy letters.

“He told me to tell you it is of upmost importance I speak with one of the prisoners.”

The guard spared me a suspicious look.

“You can speak to your Alpha if you question me, I’m sure he’d love to hear how a guard disrespected his Luna.”

Without another thought, he grabbed his keys off of his waistcoat and inserted it into the lock, turning it ominously.

“Be careful.” Was all he said as he opened the door for me to walk through.

Carter is in the dungeons.

With a fast beating heart, I made my way into the damp, shoddy dungeon, my footsteps echoing off the hollow walls.

Carter is in the dungeons.

I sped up towards thumps coming from a particular cell at the end of the hall.

Row after row of jail cells greeted my eyes, figures hunched in the shadows, eyes bright and calling me to let them out.

Carter is in the-

“Carter,” I gasped as I spotted a hunched figure chained in the middle of their cell.

His left eye was swollen shut and his arms were bound by two chains descending from the ceiling.

“M-Mys?” He stuttered.

“What’d they do to you?” I pulled at the barred door blocking me from him, a door that didn’t even bother to budge.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered, causing my mood to spin from concern to blaring anger.

“Why did you do it?” We both knew what I was talking about, and we both knew that I was right in my accusation.

“I-” he stopped himself.

“I wasn’t supposed to be there.” I glared at him after a few seconds past and he never elaborated.

“Devin and I found a neighboring group- or they found us. We had a plan to get you, but they wanted to wait! I-” he looked me square in the eyes, “I couldn’t bare to wait for you any longer the opportunity had presented itself with the public ceremony.”


“I traveled down here hidden underneath a werewolf military truck, when my arms became too tired from holding me, I started a long trek by foot and came across a human family who were traveling.” His eyes became bright, “Mys, they were going to a place where werewolves don’t reign, where there isn’t one in sight! We have to go there, they told me the directions! We have to-”

“Carter, what the hell are you talking about?! You’re talking crazy and not making any sense! We both know a place like that doesn’t exist! And that still doesn’t explain why you drugged me.”

He blinked rapidly, opening his mouth then shaking his head and closing it, “On my way to you, I made a few... acquaintances. I wasn’t sure if you would come with me cooperatively just in case the wolf-” he said wolf as if it were shit on his tongue, “had brainwashed you. They turned the lights off and started a brawl with a wolf as a distraction and I was going to grab you and take you through an exit that I scoped out. Unfortunately, our timing was off and the wolf got to you before I could. Mya-” he cut himself off.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you.” Clear honesty shined in his eyes and I found my anger deflating quickly.

“Okay...” I breathed. “First things first, we have to get you out of here.”

A loud bang followed my sentence and then, “MYA!”

Well, hell...

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