Solstice Howl

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Chapter 13

The thundering footsteps of the Alpha caused me to recoil in fear towards Carter’s cage; trapped.

His rabid, glowing cerulean eyes darted around the vicinity of my direction until spotting me, his upper lip curled in a permanent snarl.

I contemplated my choices, debating whether it would be smart to try to evade him, but I spotted his terrifying form nearing and thought against fighting him.

I don’t think he had ever been this angry with me, I have seen him transform into his half-wolf state.

But, this is different.

This is unadulterated wolf, this is terrifying.

“You!” He seized me by the upper arm when he reached me.

I expected pain from his rough touch, not pleasurable tingles.

And certainly didn’t welcome it.

“I can’t-” he cut himself off, “Why did you-”

I glanced back at Carter’s cell with longing look knowing it will be quite a while before we can see each other again, I just want to be free.

The Alpha began to pull me away, not at all patient or soft. He didn’t wait for me to catch up with his fast pace, but instead let me stumble after him.

“I’ll come for you Mya, don’t worry!” Carter’s last words caused deja vu to wash over me.

“You will not!” The Alpha roared, the more he spoke, the huskier and less human his voice became.

I was wrenched from the prison in a flurry of colors, not one prisoner dared peep a word in fear, no catcalling or begging to be let out.

Utter silence.

Except him.

Vicious growls left his mouth as he angrily slammed the metallic door shut, a lock automatically sliding into place.

The guard no where in sight.

“I-” I began, but cut myself short.

His eyes transitioned from a dark, stormy blue to obsidian.

“Run!” He demanded.

My eyes widened at his command, I was completely terrified and am sure it showed on my face.

“Run, Mya!” I didn’t have to be told a third
time, I darted past him and up the stairs and out of the darkness of the prison.

I rushed past numerous doors, some slightly ajar and some locked.

My heart beat a tattoo against my chest and my hands were shaking.

I’m scared for my life.

A ringing sound started in my ears and I could hear the air whooshing past me as I sped up.


My foot made contact with the floor.

I wasn’t wearing anything appropriate for running.

My bare feet slapping against the marble floor painfully because of how fast I’m going.

A large, now tattered shirt sloping off of my shoulder because of its size, and shorts that were not suitable for running, but instead for looks.

Flashbacks of the night of the Solstice Moon popped up here and there, not a soul was in sight, which terrified me even more.

I entered a large, vacant room, shutting the door and dead-bolting it from the inside. Leaning against it, I attempted to catch my breath.

It’s a terrifying game of hide and seek.

And I’m scared to find out just what it means to be found.

I looked around the room to see if there was any smart places for me to camouflage myself in.

No windows.

But, a large mirror taking up a whole wall.

There’s various old, antique- looking furniture scattered throughout the room, dust marring their surface.

I hurriedly pulled cushions off of a couch and settled myself down on it, pulling the cushions back over me.

A few minutes had past.

“Mya...” his voice was near, but not inside of the room.

A trickle of sweat ran down my face.

I had never been so scared in my life.

The door knob turned and I squeezed my eyes shut, attempting to control my breathing.

And then, with a loud thud, the door was kicked down.

I could hear him stepping onto it, deliberately making his footsteps slow and heavy.

“Where are you?” He purposefully said in a sing-song voice to terrify me.

And he was successful.

There were a lot of flaws in the place I was hiding.

My body was too tall for the couch so I’m sure it’s unnaturally lumpy and I can’t be aware if any of my clothing or hair is sticking out.

While I was thinking about my failure, the room had grown completely silent.

My heart rate picked up as footsteps neared my couch.

“The problem with you hiding, Mya-” he wrenched off the cushion covering my face, revealing his horrifying eyes and extended canines.

“I can hear your little heartbeat.” He smirked.

In a split second, without him seeing it coming, I sat up and sucker punched his groin with as much strength as I could muster in my limited position.

He staggered a little, a mixture of angry growls and painful grunts leaving his mouth as he hunched over to recover.

I decided not to wait around and see how he would reciprocate to my painful punch, but instead hopped up speedily and sprinted towards the door.

Before I could reach it, an arm curled around my waist and pulled me towards a broad chest.

He placed his lips against my ear, “I tried so hard to be patient with you.”

I let out a yell as his lips brushed against my cheek, I attempted to head butt him with the back of my head, but I only met air.

“You just kept on and kept on pushing my wolf to the brink. I didn’t want to scare you by warning you, but Mya-” he stopped talking to inhale the secret of the junction between my neck and shoulder.

As much as I hated him, the pleasurable shudders rolled down my spine reluctantly.

“You smell so good-”

My eyes popped open wide, “No, Luka!”

He let out a small sigh, “You never say my name.”

I tried to shake him off of me with all of my might, or at least to get him away from my neck.

This can’t be happening-

“Maybe this way, you have no choice but to love me back. No second guessing or trying to convince you to.”

“Nononono!” I punched, kicked, shouted, screamed, but nothing caused him to budge.

“It won’t hurt that bad if you relax.”

I watched the way his face transformed in the large mirror, his eyes finally on their color, black. His teeth piercing his own lip because of their length, and his talons biting into the skin of my waist without even him realizing it.

“You monster,” I gasped, disgusted and equally terrified.

He made eye contact with me through the mirror, “A monster you’re now stuck with.”

And with that, he bit down on my neck.

My screaming ensued.

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