Solstice Howl

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Chapter 14

Swirls of golden flittered around my peripheral, and in my direct line of vision, everything looked clear, nearly perfect. My heart was warm, as if someone was touching it delicately, telling it it isn’t alone, I’m not alone. But, it beat in synchronization with someone else’s.

His. A whole burst of tingles ricochet inside of my chest at the thought of him, and it was an unwelcomed, foreign feeling.

I know who it is, but I didn’t want the thought of him to ruin my peace, this is the most tranquil I’ve felt ever.


Ah, my cloud 9 bubble is popped, and reality seeped into the cracks. The Alpha came back into my line of sight, and my mind recoiled, but my body swooned as I realized how pleasurable it was to have him so close to me.

His attributes were enhanced in a way I never noticed before, he just might’ve been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

It is revolting.

His hair shone luminously, I couldn’t help but reluctantly note. His eyes, the brightest that they’ve ever been. Every scar on his face, neck, arms, even fingers were beautiful to me. A story that was waiting to be unfolded.

Oh God, Mya.

The disgusting thoughts rolled in one after the other.

I couldn’t even say the words “get away from me”, he took away my freedom and the ability to feel my own emotions. I’m literally being manipulated without a culprit.

I felt around the throbbing bite mark on my neck, sore to the touch, but wasn’t bleeding quite as profusely as I thought it would.

The Alpha stepped closer to me, his fingertips lightly grazing the bite, pride reflecting in his eyes.

Instead of the pain I was expecting, a cooling sensation followed his touch.

But, I shrunk away, willing to take the pain over his touch.

His hurt was so tangible, that I f could almost taste it. The urge to comfort him popped up out of nowhere, and I quickly stuffed it deep inside of me.

Just then, I felt a poking in my head, it was the most peculiar feeling and I confusedly gazed at him as it become more intense.

The poking sensation didn’t let up, in fact, it grew worst, as if something were trying to get in my head and it was almost there.

Then I felt it, whatever the Alpha did, he was successful.

“Are you.... in my head?!” I shrieked, completely livid on my invasion of privacy.

The Alpha’s face was pursed in concentration, as if he were digging deep into the crevices of my mind, looking for something.

I could feel it, his confusion. He had drew a blank on whatever he was looking for, and I couldn’t care less. I was happy he couldn’t get the outcome he wanted.

No, you’re sad, we want what’s best for him.

I mentally hit my conscience on the head.

I wanted to be mad at everything, but the only thing I feel is pure happiness.

And I hate it.

Whatever he was doing, he gave up because I could feel him exit my thoughts, leaving a slight buzzing in his wake.

And then, we made eye contact.


“You-” I inhaled as my voice slightly broke from the onslaught of emotion.

“I’m so-”


His eyes glossed over as he stared at me hopelessly, “My wolf-”

“I don’t give a fu*ck! Save your excuses!”

“You have to understand-”

“You have the audacity to expect me to understand?!”

“If you would quit-”

“I hate you!” The words physically pained me to say.

“Mya.” His voice grew deadly serious and his eyes darkened.

I shut up in fear.

"Stop interrupting me,” He demanded in an eerily calm voice.

“I will not tolerate your blatant respect anymore, you have no choice.”

You took it away.

He could hear it, I can tell he did because his tough wolf facade broke for a split-second and he flinched.

“There’s no more fighting me, disobeying me-” he stopped himself short, ”hating me.”

I inhaled as he stepped closer, his close proximity exciting and angering me.

I’m split.

“You will grow to know me, to like me, then to love me. No matter how long it takes.”

The blaring anger I felt probably reflected through my face, but I kept it bubbled inside.

“You will never know the side of me that you crave. You have forced unwanted feelings on me, whatever you are seeking, you know you won’t receive. You will never come to know the real me; how I develop feelings, what makes me laugh, what makes me genuinely happy, what I like, and how I love. I promise that you will never receive a pure reaction, it will all be fake. I may be dammed to an eternity to be with you, but I will do whatever it takes to make it hell on earth,” I nearly whispered.

Dammit if it didn’t hurt me to hurt him, but it also brought me some sick sense of satisfaction.

His lips tightened angrily and his eyes couldn’t decide on a color as he grasped to reign in control on his wolf, “I will be leaving now, you are free to roam as you wish until dinner time, where you will be joining me.”

And then he furiously stalked out.


The lack of communication is practically killing me.

It were as if he was plaguing my thoughts, my entire being consumed by him entirely.

Even when it was unwanted, his glowing face would pop up in my head, or I’d receive a fleeting emotion of his. I could infiltrate his thoughts if I wanted to, and I was completely curious to see what goes on in his mind, but I decided against it.

I didn’t want him to think I wanted to know- that I invested or cared about him.

Instead of pondering my thoughts, I wondered around looking for Nova, but she was nowhere in sight.

I checked our room, the kitchen, the large arcade room, even the library (though she had never been much of a reader), but no sign of her, and it’s slightly worrisome.

For my last resort, I entered the gardens expecting it to be empty like usual.

Except, it wasn’t.

A gorgeous female leaned against a stone hedge, gazing out at the waterfall with a wistful expression.

Her shiny, raven locks were chopped jaggedly, ending at her collarbones. Her skin reminded me of a piece of chocolate that I had the luxury of eating on a special day underground, a rich creamy brown. She was so deep in concentration, that she didn’t even realize that I was approaching her.

When my shoe made a scuff against the gravel, she finally perked up and turned towards me.

Her athleticism was apparent from her long, lean legs to her athletic upper-body. But, one feature stood out prominently, her eyes glowing a bright amber.

“Hello,” was my genius greeting.

“Luna,” Her smile seemed force as she replied with a bow of her neck. I disregarded her distantness with no hard feelings, after all, it would be hypocritical of me to get mad.

The girl who I’ve decided to call The Golden One, turned back towards the trickling water, listening intently.

I decided to follow suit, closing my eyes and honing in on the rustling of the tree leaves as the wind blew, and the bustling water crashing against the large rocks.

“I’m Mya.” I once again broke the silence, for some reason, compelled to strike up a conversation with her.

Perhaps a sixth sense.

“I know.” She had peeked her eyes open briefly as I spoke, then shut them quickly when I stopped, completely uninterested.

“What is your name?” A twinge of annoyance marred her face, but she didn’t vocalize it.

“Nala,” Was her short response. Her tongue held an accent unknown to me, a drawl that sounded beautiful coming from her mouth.

“So, what do you do?”

“I must be going, Luna.” Nala evaded my question, turning to leave.

“Nala?” She was already halfway to the exit as I called her name.

“Hmm?” A turn of the head over her shoulder was the only acknowledgement she gave that she heard me.

I knew she was different; her eyes, her glowing skin, the way her hair reflects off of the cloudy sky.

“What are you?”

“An Oracle, Luna.”

Then she walked out.

What an odd conversation.

I had heard of Oracles before.

In the times where humans ruled, Oracles were called witches and cursed to burn because of their crafts and spells.

The Salem Witch Trials lesson had lasted a day in grade school, we were taught what had happened to them. Except, at the time, werewolves weren’t out of hiding, so not many people grasped the concept of just what Oracles did. Many Oracles were tried for witchcraft and burned or hung if they were caught doing their rituals.

An Oracle can see the future through spontaneous visions, it is said that they have communicable access to the Goddess that the werewolves howl to.

The moon.

“I can tell you’re anxious about something,” The Alpha looked up at me for the first time since dinner had started.

We each had a wonderful-smelling bowl of soup in front of us, both nearly untouched.

“I wasn’t aware that an Oracle lived under the pack’s roof.” I had the intentions of being suave for bringing up the topic, but my eagerness to know answers got the better of me.

“Oh-” A shift in the mood was apparent, guiltiness practically oozing from his pores.

“Nala.” He sighed.

I coolly regarded him, attempting to source the reason of the emotion he was feeling.

The urge to search for it in his memories is practically un-repressible.

“Mya...” He trailed off.

“What?” I narrowed my eyes, slightly offended that he thinks I’m going to care what exits his mouth.

Except, you know you will care if this is heading down the path that you think it’s going.

I ignored my thoughts completely.

“Nala and I, we-”

“Dammit Luka, just say it.”

He blew out a breath, pleasure emit from him for three seconds before he felt my repulsion and blocked his feelings from me.

I need to learn how to master blocking, the fact that he can know what I feel at any given time is a severe disadvantage.

“We’ve known each other throughout our childhood, she had belonged to a pack more suited to train her properly because of their numbers in Oracles. My father was a sadistic Alpha, he was not very compassionate for many people, excluding his mate-”

“Your mother?” I interrupted, curious as to why he didn’t use that title.

“No-” He hesitated.

“When his mate died, he became a conqueror of sorts. He had many conquests throughout the packs that he obtained through violently killing off their Alphas. Thus how I was born, a bastard son. The pack that my mother came from, Nala and I also belonged there. My father had us move to the main pack house with him, when he was finally aware that I was even born. My mother was made his mistress of sorts. Since my father killed the Alpha of their pack, everyone automatically belonged to my father; including Nala.”

“That doesn’t explain why guilt is practically seeping out of you, and to me.”

He painfully winced, “You have to understand, when my parents died, I was appointed the Alpha position before I was even ready at 18. I was lonely, and people were looking to me for guidance when I was in need of some myself. So, I sought comfort with Nala.”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what “sought comfort” meant.

An unfamiliar emotion welled up in my chest, bubbling in my stomach in the most uncomfortable way. It were as if acid was on the tip of my tongue, a sour, acrid taste causing my nose to crinkle and scrunch up.

The Alpha was so guilty, he couldn’t look at me.

I found myself mad at him easily, as if my body wasn’t fighting it anymore. But, I’ve never felt this kind of anger towards him. In fact, I’ve never felt this type of anger at all.

This is different.

I’m also furious with Nala, though I liked her very much before, now I can’t stand the thought of her. She was no longer beautiful to me, but hideously ugly.

Why are you thinking so nastily, Mya? Nala didn’t do anything to you.


I looked up to a slightly smiling Alpha, I could tell he was trying his hardest to keep his lips down, to remain frowning, but they wouldn’t let him.

“What?!” I snapped, wanting to wring his neck.

I could feel my face heating up from the repressed anger, the need to hit something swelling up inside of me.

“You’re jealous,” he breathlessly laughed.

I paused.

“What’s jealous?”

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