Solstice Howl

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Chapter 17

“What... is... that.” The Alpha eerily dragged out.

This was just what I needed. It seemed that I’m a thousand miles away from my plan, and I still had to get Carter.

“Luka, she’s hungry, go get her food, and then maybe she’ll be ready to talk.” Nala kindly interjected, her voice a soothing sound amidst my ringing ears.

“Protect mate-” he was mumbling to himself, his eyes swiftly changing colors.

“Must pro...” he trailed off and pulled me up from my chair, the shock of the skin-to-skin contact apparent on my face.

I wanted to be used to them- the toxic thrills, but I can’t imagine a world where I ever would be.

“Want food?” It were as if he couldn’t slur his words together to form a cohesive sentence.

I breathlessly shook my head yes, disgusting shivers rolling up my neck at his contact.

After about 50 more seconds of him peering at me relentlessly, I had enough.

With meticulous care, I pulled away from him, uncomfortably maintaining eye contact with his obsidian eyes- so he wouldn’t freak out.

A low rumble shook his chest, and I grimaced slightly at his lack of humanity.

Almost as if it were on cue, my stomach let out a ferocious growl, causing the Alpha’s rumbling to stop, and for him to spring into action.

He softly pushed me back to my seat and ran his hand through my hair placatingly, causing me to yelp angrily.

“Be right back.” He promised, then hastily left with a longing glance behind his shoulder.


“Stay as long as you want.” I muttered under my breath.

Nala waited a few seconds before observing the bruise on my neck, “good luck getting out of that one.”

This was no time for unnecessary chatter.

“We need to leave... tonight.”

She blinked her whiskey eyes fascinatingly, “I’m afraid that’s just not possible.”

“I’m about to rescue my psychotic best friend from a werewolf battle soon, you need to make it possible.”

“Mya, we need supplies, a map, a guide. The best I can give you is tomorrow morning.”

“And the werewolf fights? Do you know when he’s scheduled?”

“They start in a half hour, last I heard your friend is going last- request of the Alpha, they last around two hours.”

I drew a hand through my choppy hair, “Okay, tomorrow morning. I’ll meet you in the garden with Carter.”

She shook her head, “the garden is guarded heavily, we must meet-” she quieted down, then hurriedly whispered, “sometime when most of the pack is gone-” Then handed me a small vial.


The Alpha burst back into the room, completely out of breath, and a tray with stacks upon stacks of food clutched in his hand.

I stuck the vial in my pocket.


The fact of the matter was- well hunger was the last thing I’m feeling.

My nerves are too frazzled and I have too many things on my mind.

But, at this point, I doubt that any of those excuses would appeal to him.

It made me so angry that I have to do things just to appease him, just to get him out of my hair.

With slow movements, I brought a wobbly piece of a gooey substance to my lips, blinking up to the Alpha who eagerly stared at me.

Then, I glanced over at Nala who stared at the Alpha impassively.

It was a hassle, but by the time I finished most of the things on the tray, my bloated stomach hung over my spandex pants, and I felt stretched to the max.

Because of the excessive amount of time it took for me to eat, Nala had small bifocals perched on her nose, studying something intently, bored of watching me eat.

But, the Alpha’s eyes remained trained on me the whole time.

He smiled haphazardly as he met my eyes, and I responded with a swift burp.

Amusement shone in his eyes, and I narrowed mine, helping myself up as if I were pregnant, extending my belly out as I used the arms of the chair to prop myself in a standing position.

The Alpha stood up and offered his arm, but I ignored it and pointedly stared at Nala who met my eyes and nodded slightly.

With a small breath, I left the room without a word, the Alpha scrambling after me.

“I wasn’t doing anything with Nala before you came in there.”

“I don’t care.” I made a sharp turn, heading towards my room.

“We were just discussing um...” he trailed off, trying to think of a convincing lie.

I stopped and looked him dead in the eye, then with emphasis said, “I. Don’t. Care.”

His lashes fluttered and a frown marred his disgustingly flawless face, then he roughly cleared his throat “I- sorry for my brazen mood, I know I’ve been controlling lately, and I just wanted to let you know I’m willing to wait for you to... like me. We can have our daily hour date, and eventually, you’ll get to know the me and not the Alpha.”

I didn’t bother telling him that that was never going to happen, that I won’t be seeing him ever again after tonight, no matter how much satisfaction it would’ve brought me to do so.

“Okay.” My reply came out raspy and I didn’t bother acknowledging his surprised look.

“O-okay.” He replied, what a genius.

A stuttering Alpha is rare, a sign of weakness that most of them can’t afford.

When I tried to turn away from him, his hand latched onto my wrist.

“And you’re neck? Care to explain?” Visible angry veins popped on his forearms and his eyes darkened considerably the more he thought about my bruise.

“Luka-” I tactfully used his name as a distraction, knowing he becomes distracted when I say it.

But, he didn’t budge, I needed to hurry up and think of a believable lie.

“I did it to myself-”

His grip tightened, “You didn’t-”

“No!” We both know what that could’ve insinuated.

“I tightened one of your necklaces too tight around my neck... and I couldn’t get it off.” I said it as if I were reluctant and embarrassed to tell him, making sure to keep my emotions and thoughts a wall that he can’t breach.

He wasn’t amused, and I’m not even sure that he’s convinced.

“Since when do you care for jewelry?”

I scoffed, “Im a girl.”

Did I see... disappointment shine in his eyes?

“Oh you can’t be serious!”

He looked at me in alarm, “what?!”

“You’ve been pushing for me to wear your dresses and jewelry since I’ve arrived here, and now you’re disappointed that what- I actually wear it?”

“I just thought-” his tone changed, “I thought you weren’t like other girls.”

I inwardly rolled my eyes, but maybe this was just what I needed, for him to classify me with all of the other girls he’s been with, to knock down my own pedestal.

At my silence, he started to talk again, “Well, I’ll get one of my wolves to go through your hazardous jewelry, that’s the last time that you’ll ever be injured by something as trivial as a necklace.”

Wanting the subject to be over, I licked my chapped lips, “And my people? Has Markus issued their verdict?” We both knew the answer.

The Alpha’s eyes looked at everything around the room except me.

“Not sure, but I’ll inform you whenever it is announced.”

With a grimace, I nodded my head, and walked away from him and into my room, thankfully he didn’t follow me, but I could clearly hear his voice through the door as he told the guards to watch my door until he was to fetch me in a couple of hours for our date.

“Not happening.” I muttered underneath my breath as I stuffed random clothing into one of the expensive looking bags in my closet that the Alpha had bought me.

Rows upon rows of shoes lined my walls and cases of jewelry on my vanity, it didn’t appeal to me, I had other things to focus on.

I stopped suddenly as I passed my bathroom mirror, a pretty dress had been laid out across a stool for me to wear today, but as usual, I ignored the daily outfits picked out for me, and chose my own outfit- black pants and a tee shirt.

I allowed myself to wonder what life would’ve been like if I were born a werewolf; the extravagant dresses, the wooing, the freedom.

My hand cupped my own face without my permission, there’s still baby fat on it, not like Nala with chiseled cheek bones and tightly-drawn features to enhance her femininity.

I still looked like a little girl.

My eyes- wide and haunted.

God, what has happened to me.

Shaking myself out of my thoughts, I swept my arm across the counter for all of my essential hygiene products to fall into my bag.

When I came across the wrapped gift the old man gave to me in the dungeons, I threw it in, a little curious as to what it was, but heeded his advice to open it in a time of need.

I know I don’t need much for the actual trip, but right now, I need to devise a plan, and quick because soon, the battle will start.


With a black hood drawn tightly over my face and my pony tail tucked under my shirt, I made my way into the rowdy arena.

It was absolute hell getting out of my guarded room.

Since my windows were heavily barred and my door was guarded, I had completely given up hope that I’d be able to get out of that room.

Until I scrutinized the vial Nala had handed me.

There was pink powder in it, “sleeping dust” lined the vial, and I laughingly thanked her into the empty room.

The label was thin, but advised a small quantity and claimed to last for up to three hours.

When I opened my door, the guards were alert and peering into my room, looking for a possible threat.

But, before they could turn back towards me and question me, I threw the dust into their faces, looking at them with wide-eyes to gauge their reactions.

Like a light, they were out, and collapsed on the ground in a jumble of limbs.

Fortunately, I had the luxury of doing it to a couple more guards along my way of escaping.

And now I’m here, barely recognizable as the Luna amongst rowdy common wolves.

I had to leave the pack house to get here, trekking almost a mile.

It wasn’t hard to find the right route, there were dozens of signs and maps telling me where to go.

To be able to get in, I had to bet on a participant, and as cautiously as I could with my head down, I bet on a random wolf, pawning a piece of jewelry that I snagged from my room.

They’d find me suspicious if I bet on a human.

I was hoping that with all of the scents around, no one would be able to recognize me.

But, as I passed by certain wolves, or when a gust of wind blew, they would sniff after me.

I needed to find where they keep the fighters, I need to get to Carter before he fights to his death.

But, before I could even take a single step, a hand clutched onto my cloak and pulled me backwards into a broad chest.

“I have to admit, I overestimated your smarts, Silver.” Someone said sarcastically.

I let out a breath at Dean’s familiar voice.

“Did you really think that no one would notice your scent? That no one would recognize the future Luna? The Alpha is on his way to get you as we speak.”

He spun me around and I faltered at his attractiveness in broad daylight.

The dungeons didn’t do him justice.

“Help me.” I whispered, petrified that my plan won’t work.


“Help me and I’ll take you with me tomorrow, we can get out of here; an escaped convict and a runaway Luna. We can be free.”

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