Solstice Howl

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Chapter 18

I’d come to learn that Dean was a man of few words unless he necessarily had to speak.

Which was an issue due to the miscommunication between our unthought out plan.

“Dean what the fu*k...” I muttered under my breath as I watched him go the exact opposite direction we discussed him going.

It was hard, to trust a werewolf with something as important as saving my best friend’s life.

But, I had limited options, there is only so much I can do.

I hurriedly stomped over to him, upset because of his hard headed-ness. He barely listened to my plan devising because “he knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t need a mere human to tell him what to do”.

God, he needs to get his head out of his a*s.

“What are you doing... this isn’t what we discussed!”

Dean placatingly patted my head, “I know what I’m doing, just trust me.”

Steam practically rolled out of my ears.


Dean merely chuckled as if I were a small, naïve child, “If I need you, I’ll give you the signal.”

“What signal?” I bellowed angrily, humoring him.

“I’ll imitate the sound of a screaming little girl.”

And with that, he turned around completely.

With an inward facepalm, I stalked away from him.

Our plan was simple. Dean fabricates a distraction while I go in to rescue Carter.

Except, the whole ‘Dean’s distraction’ and ‘how I’m going to rescue Carter’ part is a bit blurry- obviously.

I told Dean to go near the holding cells of the fighters, so he could grab the attention of the guards while I calculated a way to get in, and get out with Carter in tow.

Easier said then done.

But, Dean the genius, starts walking towards the center crowd of the arena, doing the last thing we want.

Grabbing everyone’s attention.

I told him to keep the diversion small, but long enough for me to do what I need to do.

Obviously, he didn’t listen to a word I said, because he was already making his way down the steps of the large dome before I could finish, encompassing stares as he walked.

It seemed he was kind of well-known, people whispering animatedly as he passed.

Just before he reached the gate that led to the fight ring, he winked at me before throwing his large arm back and landing a punch on a random stoic guard.

I confusedly stared at him as I tried to decipher what the wink meant.

But, was too mesmerized with his fighting to even ponder it.

Between the two, Dean had the upper hand from what my vision could perceive. Their movements were so swift, it was a blur before my eyes.

Another guard attempted to interfere, but Dean grabbed him by the hair, grabbing the other guard’s hair too, then clapped their heads together as if they were a cymbal.

I winced as both of their eyes crossed.

Every guard left their post to investigate the commotion, including the ones stationed at the fighter’s cages.

I squinted hard enough to stop the familiar mop of Carter’s scruffy hair.

Dean’s baritone laugh ricochet as he went through guard’s as if they were underwear, the mass crowd of werewolves watching as if it were a staged show.

The rabid wolves enjoyed this, rooting for Dean, chanting “Silver” over and over again.

Okay, enough observing, it’s time to get Carter and hightail it out of here.

A small man stood up on a stool, attempting to catch the attention away from the brawl.

“The Luna has gone missing! If anyone sees her, report to your nearest authority figure immediately!”

Ah, shi-

Dean catapulted a guard across the arena, I practically looked up just to follow where he went.

Just who is this guy?!

I tightened my cape over my head and ducked underneath arms and squeezed between snarling wolves.

“Hold it!” A hand grabbed my hood and pulled, successfully causing my hair to tumble across my shoulders.

I should’ve cut the damn thing.

With vigorous strength I turned and kicked my foot out to the woman’s legs, causing her to tumble.

“THE LUN-” A set of hands grabbed her neck and snapped it as if it were a measly bone before she could finish.

Dean’s hands.

“C’mon, Silver.”

“I’m not the only one called Silver,” I mutter under my breath.

Dean ignored me, I know he heard me because of his super heightened hearing, but he chose to ignore it.

I looked behind my shoulder to the crowd, and my heart rate picked up as I spotted The Alpha among the throng of people, searching frantically for me.

“Dean,” I looked back to him with wide eyes.

“He’s here.”

Dean glanced over to where I was, immediately spotting the Alpha, “sh*t.”

He grabbed me by the shoulders, “Do you trust me?”

“Hell no.”

“Okay, you need to go to Luka.”

“What?!” I shrieked.

“I will get Carter, and I will meet you tomorrow morning by the front gates of the pack house, but you need to go to The Alpha, to ease his suspicions, to convince him.” He placated, shaking me a little.

“I literally drugged his guards, I made it all the way over here, he knows why I’m here, he isn’t stupid.”

“Go to him, Mya. Just trust me.” My name coming from his lips caused a tingle to trickle down my spine, and I have no idea why.

“How do I know you’re not just going to ditch me?!”

He thwacked my forehead, ”Trust me.”

The urge to guffaw at him telling me to trust him could hardly be suppressed.

The bruises around my neck in itself are indicators why not to trust him.

“Mya!” The Alpha’s booming voice shook my entire being.

Shït, he spotted me!

I turned towards the thundering Alpha then quickly back, “Okay-”

But Dean was already gone.

“You-” The Alpha cut himself off when he reached me, reeling in his anger.

“I can explain!” Except, I didn’t plan that far ahead.

His eyes bore into mine, searching the crevices of my soul.

I could feel his yearning for connection, his restless soul searching to attach to mine.

My soul was also looking for his, the feeling of emptiness unbearable for both of us.

Not completing the mate bond was getting to him, causing him to have an internal war inside of himself.

“Not here.” His tone was emotionless, and he didn’t spare me a second look as he turned, expecting me to follow him.

I glanced behind my shoulder one last time, Dean no where in sight.

Don’t let me down.

There was a car waiting for us at the front of the arena, the back door wide open.

The Alpha waited for me to willingly climb in first before following after me.

He cleared his throat.

“You ran,” despite his tone, I could feel his hurt.

“Yes.” No use lying.

“To save your...?” He wants to know my relationship with Carter.

“None of your business.”

He scoffed and it vibrated my bones with its intensity, “You are my god damn business! You are mine! You belong to me! Who is that man to you?!”

“None of your business!” I roared in his face.

His eyes transitioned colors and talons extended, a daily reoccurrence every time we speak.

“There are rogues after you! That puny human attacked you, he poisoned you! And you want to save him?”

“You lied to me!” I hurtfully accused.


I don’t care for him, I don’t consider him anything, he’s nothing to me. But, our connection is skin deep, the moon foresaw it.


“You told me you’d wait for the verdict of my people before you made a decision on what to do with him.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose, “Mya, your people’s fates were sealed the second you left that building. Markus ordered the older men’s executions, and for the women and children to be divided and sent to human villages.”

A hoarse cry left my mouth as images of my people being slaughtered flashed before my eyes.

They’re all the same, they’re all monsters.

The Alpha attempted to grab my hand, but I snatched it away from his reach.

“Then why did you lead me to believe that Carter could have a chance to live?”

He regarded me passively, “I wanted you to think I had more sympathy than I really do. I never planned to let him live, especially after he injured you.”


"Convince him,” Dean’s command bounced around in my hand and I stopped myself from insulting the Alpha.

“I understand.”

He faltered, “W-what?”

“You were trying to protect me, while its going to take some time to forgive you for not telling me about my people. I understand-” I inwardly cringed, ”Luka.”

I could feel his radiating joy coming off of him in waves.

“I want to take you somewhere.” He could not be any more happy, and it made me sick.

My retort lodged in my throat, “S-ure.”

He excused our conversation to make a quick phone call, and while he was conversing with the other person on the line, I leaned my head against the car window.

Its a weird contraption, taking you place from place while running on gas.

The scene passed in a blur because of the speed of the car.

A dozen or so wolves flanked the sides of the car, protecting it I’m assuming.

I looked back over at the Alpha and couldn’t hold back my disgust, allowing a single tear to escape my eye for all of my people’s lives.

I haven’t cried much since arriving here, but I couldn’t hold back that small moment of weakness.

I’m so sorry.

“All set!” He smiled at me, hanging up the phone, then daringly scooting closer to me.

I ignored it and looked back out at the scenery. It was nearing night time, and the sky was lit by the twinkling stars.

It’s weird observing the outside world, I never got a chance to gawk at its beauty as I was preoccupied with my troubles earlier, but now is a perfect opportunity.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” His breath washed against my neck.

And I tensed as I felt his heat near my back.

The Alpha reached around and pressed a button on the arm of the door, causing the window to roll down.

Cold air fanned across my face, and my hair blew backwards.

I couldn’t help the smile that crossed my face at the feeling.

“You’re beautiful.” He was staring at me in wonderment as the wind blew my hair backwards.

Right. He had to go and ruin it.

As inconspicuously as I could, I inched myself away from him.

But, he never misses a beat.

“Something wrong, mate?” I could feel his worry that I still didn’t like him arising again.

“No, just a little sick.” He concernedly touched my chin, observing my face.

“What hurts?” I reduced the urge to jerk my chin from his grip.

“My head.” I lied straight through my teeth.

He frowned and felt my forehead, “You’re not warm.”

“Might just be a headache.”

The car suddenly stopped and The Alpha was practically hovering over me, “Do you need to go to the pack nurse? Do you feel faint?”

“I’m fine. Please, your smothering is making it worse.” He reeled backwards.

“Oh, sorry.” Awkward silence insued.

A knock at the window interrupted his self-pitying.

“Alpha, we have arrived.” Came a muffled voice through the window.

“Do you feel up for a walk?” He blinked out of his reverie.

“Where are we?” I ignored his question.

“I’m cashing in my hour-long date,” he smiled.

My heart dropped, but I hid my disappointment well.

I just wanted to go back to the pack house, to prepare for tomorrow morning.

Someone opened the door for us, and the Alpha exited first, holding his hand out for me to take.

I took it reluctantly, attempting to be nice, but could hardly handle the tingles emitting from his palm.

But, I didn’t have to dwell on it for too long.

In amazement, I observed my surroundings.

Stoned pebbles lead to a beautiful waterfall, color-filled tropical flowers all around, lighting up my face despite it being dark outside.

The moon reflected on the clear lake, and the trees rustled with the blowing wind.

Speechless would be an understatement on how I’m feeling.

“Come,” The Alpha grabbed the crook of my arm, leading me to the pebbles to walk across.

Fairy lights lined the podium of a gazebo, a picnic table in the middle with a woven basket sitting atop of it.

The crashing of the waterfall was soothing my nerves of being with the Alpha alone, soft music from a small band playing as well.

“Do you like?”


When we reached the picnic table I sat down across from him, my appetite nonexistent from all the food he made me eat earlier today.

He opened the basket and laid out utensils, placing a tray of grapes and cheese in the middle of us.

“So do you want to-” I began, but the Alpha interrupted me.

“Mya-” The Alpha began, peering into my eyes.

“I brought you here to complete the mating bond.”

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