Solstice Howl

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Chapter 19

What... the... HELL!
“You... what?” I eerily questioned, my left eye twitching uncontrollably from my anger.

“Mya, I am an Alpha. You are a liability to me, I am a very powerful man, and my enemies will do whatever they can to gain leverage. When we are fully mated, I can know your exact location, I can secure us an heir. Trust me, I want to wait longer, but I told myself I’d wait until you’re at least warming up to me before propositioning it-”

Except, this isn’t a proposition.

He posed it as a suggestion- but I know.

I know he sees himself and I mated by the end of this night.

Come hell or high water, I will not be letting that happen.

His lust practically permeated from his skin, and in response to that, disgusted shivers rolled down my spine.

“It won’t be so bad,” he seductively approached me, his voice low and timbre- a complete 180 from how consoling he was earlier.

I was wrecked. One half of me was recoiling looking at him, the other....

“Mate, we can be good together, just trust me.”

God, he was so revolting.

But, so....

“Take me back to the house.” My voice was devoid of any emotion.

I felt his heart drop as if it were my own.

“Mya, I-”

“I fuçking gave you a chance! I let you take me here without a fight! You take every little opportunity to screw things up!”

“I know you want more time, mate. But, we need to complete the bond, I need to be able to keep you safe.”

“No, you need to take me back.”

He stalked closer, causing me to become even more angry.

His hand brushed against my bare arm, causing goosebumps to litter it- neither of us could ignore my trembling upper lip.

“I can take care of you.” His breath fanned across my face, causing the hair around my face to raise slightly.

He cupped my cheek, his thumb drawing circles, “we can be so good together.”

“Just give me a chance,” he murmured.

Oh, I gave him a chance.

To back the fück up.

Since he didn’t take my warning, I reached out and punched his nose, fist meeting cartilage on impact.

His hand fell from my face, and he stumbled away and he clutched his nose.

Painful grunts escaped his mouth, as I held my non-injured fist in triumph. Satisfaction coursed through my veins at the noises, but was overturned with the need to comfort him.

He set his nose quicker then I’d like and turned to face me; surprisingly not at all furious.

“I see,” he cleared his throat, wiping the trickle of blood with the collar of his nice shirt.

“I’ll take you home, Mya.”

About damn time.


“C’mon Nala.”

I’ve been waiting in the gardens since 7am.

It’s now 8:45 am.

My duffel clutched to my side, and my anxiety through the roof.

The Alpha wasn’t anywhere near here, taking care of business at the border of his territory.

He sat outside of my door all night, fearful of another escape attempt.

Every now and then, he’d say a muffled “sorry” through the door, to which I replied by loudly turning over to face opposite of the door in bed.

Come morning, he announced that he had mandatory border patrol, saying it as if I was disappointed in his departure.

“I’m sorry mate, but I can’t stay with you today.”


Now I’m here, about to piss myself in nervousness.

I made sure to check in on him through our ‘bond’, and make sure I hid my every thought and feeling from him.

Sometimes, I’d forget.

Accidentally letting him into the recesses of my mind to explore. He was fascinated with how I thought, but I’d boot him out every time I felt him in my mind.

It’s not that the garden wasn’t a peaceful place to be. There were many things to preoccupy my time with, like feeding the birds with the sturdy bird feeder, or look at all of the fish in the pond.

But, my nerves were just too frayed.

Just then, I heard a rusting near the entrance, my racing heart slowing at the familiar face of the exotic Nala.

Despite her obvious restlessness, she still looked beautiful.

“Mya, the pack house is going crazy. Two prisoners escaped.”

“That... might be my fault.” I winced.

Nala sighed as if the weight of the world were on her shoulders, and I just added a couple thousand more pounds.

“I don’t suppose these two prisoners will be joining us on our journey.”

“You supposed wrong.”

“We don’t have time for this. The Alpha will be back soon from patrolling, where are your prisoners?”

“They’re going to meet us at the front gate.” I said confidently.

Except, I wasn’t as confident as I lead on.

My assigned guards stood at the entrance to the house, ears perking to hear Nala and I’s conversation, but the trickling of the water splashing against rocks rendered them.

Nala sauntered up to them, whispered a chant to their confused faces, then threw the sleeping powder.

I bit back a bark of laughter as they had worn face masks to protect themselves from what happened literally the day before.

Looks like whatever chant she whispered helped the problem.

As the men’s bodies collapsed, she took something from both of their pockets, my vision not stark enough to recognize the items as she herself pocketed them.

She then lead me to a secret exit behind a hedge filled with beautiful flowers, filling me in on how the pathway leads to the front gate for an escape if an attack is to happen on the pack house.

My mind strayed to Dean and Carter as we silently walked along the path; I hope they’re going to be at the front gate.

You’re hoping for a werewolf to not let you down?

Yeah right.

I shook off my thoughts.

We rounded a corner, and Nala suddenly stopped, causing me to collide into her breathlessly.

“What is it?” I whispered, afraid we’d been caught as I looked around frantically.

“There’s a commotion at the gate.” She closed her eyes and inhaled as the wind picked up, causing her shoulder length hair to fly up in all directions.

Her eyes suddenly shot open, a stark amber, and then she blinked- the color leaving with it.

“We have a problem.”

“Mind filling me in?” I impatiently asked, completely confused as to what was happening.

I’m partially aware that she just did some type of witch trick- maybe she got a glimpse of what’s happening at the gate?

“I saw a silver wolf, he is outnumbered against the pack.”

A memory flashed before my eyes of a crowd murmuring the name Silver.


"We can’t go there if there is a bunch of pack members, they’ll recognize me!” I shook my head.

“We also can’t turn back now, the guards will be waking up soon. We must tread on, and hopefully this silver wolf will be enough of a distraction for us to get away.”

“ know the escaped convict that is supposed to be accompanying us-” I winced.

“Don’t tell me-”


Another long sigh escaped her mouth, she has one unforgettable sigh.

“I was hoping to avoid this,” she said before pulling out a bound journal from her bag, opening the book and furiously flipping through the pages.

Whenever she found the page she wanted, she looked up at me, “I guess it’s time to officially whip some werewolf ass.”

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