Solstice Howl

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Chapter 20

Nala was a force as she blew the fence open, werewolves who were tearing into each other momentarily stopped to stare at the glowing amber of her eyes.

She was chanting something underneath her breath, a ball of emerald energy absorbing in her hands growing to the second as her hair blew backwards from the force of the wind.

I immediately recognized Dean’s intimidating wolf, the foul stench of acrid blood burning my nostrils.

Wolf bodies littered the floor, and to my dismay, dozens of more are approaching.

We are in the middle of a pack of thousands.

We’ll never get out.

My heart sunk at that thought.

“Duck!” Nala yelled to me as she threw her ball of electricity to an especially rabid wolf who was about to lunge at me.

The wolf whimpered on impact with the energy, staggering slightly before collapsing into a heap of fur.

All of the wolves eyes were suddenly on her.

Dean was no longer the biggest threat to them- Nala was.

They all seemed to be in sync as they started circling her like a predator to a prey.

Because that is their nature.

Dean’s wolf angrily growled at their attention being diverted from him, snapping at a random wolf’s flank, causing them to tumble and attack.

While Nala was preoccupied trying to take down a dozen wolves who were suddenly on her and Dean tried to take the load off of her, I searched for Carter.

“Carter!” I hissed, peaking behind a ledge to see if he was leaning against a wall.

He had never been the type of person to sit and hide during a fight, but he’s malnourished. He could barely form coherent sentences, and immensely sick in the head, he’s incapable of handling himself.

I let out a breath of relief as I spotted a familiar crouched figure; I gasped in horror as I saw his sunken features, he was barely recognizable.

Bruises lined his shirt-less torso , chunks of his hair had been ripped out, and the rest fell out because of his lack of nutrition.

His head leaned backwards and eyes fluttered open then shut as he fought consciousness, murmuring something underneath his breath.

The bag thrown over my shoulder was discarded as I knelt next to him, slapping his cheeks a little to get his focus on me.

“Hey Carter- open your eyes for me,” I reeled backwards as his dark eyes suddenly blinked wide open.

The sun was setting behind me as he finally became coherent.

“Mys,” he breathed, his lips slightly upturned in the corner.

“Is this heaven?”

“Quite the opposite,” I grabbed underneath his arms and attempted to pull his frail body up, “c’mon, we’re getting out of here.”

I was so preoccupied with getting him up, I didn’t even notice the tears welling up in his eyes “Mys, I’m so sorry.”

Looking up at him in surprise, I almost dropped him at his heart-shattering expression.

“It’s been eating at me- the fact that I resorted to drugging you.... god I’m so-”

I interrupted him with a curt kiss to the lips, “don’t be. We’re getting out of here.”

The tears never descended from his eyes, and I’m thankful because the Carter Tucker I knew would never cry over protecting who he loves even if it crossed a moral line.

Despite the fact that I could get him off of the floor and lean him against me, the whole act of assisting him off of the property by myself seemed nearly impossible at this point.

My heart stopped at the sound of thundering footsteps, footsteps so powerful that they shook the ground.

I could vaguely see bits and pieces of what was happening through the leaves of the bush, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who- or what was making all of the ruckus.

The Alpha plowed through his own wolves to get to the clearing where Nala was, his betrayed growl ricochet throughout the surrounding forrest.

The shift from wolf to man is far more graceful than the latter. His naked body was on full display, chest puffed indicating his confidence in himself.

I shivered at his empty crystal eyes, “where is mate.” He gruffly got out.

Nala replied by gathering the ball of energy back in her hand- exhaustion prominent from the bags under her eyes.

She poised a threat to their alpha, so the wolves around her growled before shifting forward, to which the alpha gave them a “stand down” growl.

“We are leaving, Luka.”

He snarled at her comment, clearly not hearing what he wanted to hear, “No.”

“We’re leaving.” She asserted again.

His anger got the best of him because he unwillingly shifted back to wolf form before lunging at her.

But, right before he reached her, a force field created by her cut him off.

He tried again once he recovered from the force and she once again blocked him.

But, she was clearly breaking down, the exhaustion marring her face.

My eyes sought for Dean, but he was too preoccupied taking out wolf after wolf, most of them gaining up on him.

Soon, others joined to take Nala down.

It’s a disaster.

I saw the waver in her energy, she’s running out of juice and soon enough the alpha will tear her to pieces.

“Enough!” I exposed myself as I emerged from the brush- confused myself as to why I decided to sacrifice myself to save her.

At the sight of me, the Alpha shot away from Nala, attempting to nuzzle me to him as he bounded over.

But, an overeager wolf tried to take a chunk out of Nala at her distraction.

I let out a cry at his successful attempt at tearing her lower stomach, blood immediately oozing from the wound.

A shriek escaped her mouth, and she looked at me with the biggest tear-pooled eyes I’d ever seen.

Her attacker was circling again, a rather small and juvenile wolf eager to get his first real kill.

She brought herself to the ground and stared at Luka with such longing and fear in her eyes, confusing us all from her sudden onslaught of emotions.

“The baby-” she whispered so quietly that I had to read her lips.

Now it all makes sense. Her reasoning for getting away wasn’t because she is in love with someone who she can’t have- no. She had to get away, or her child would have ended up shunned- packs don’t accept bastard children, no matter how loyal they are to their alpha’s.

It’s an abomination.

Everyone actually stopped what they were doing as they watched what their alpha’s next move was.

He snapped his head back to Nala, a whimper exiting him at the sight of her gaping wound. Then, his eyes found the culprit of her wound, and his eyes burned brighter.

The only thing stronger than a mate bond to wolves is a father-and-child bond.

No one could stop him from galloping towards the juvenile and tearing him to pieces, he couldn’t even stop himself if he wanted to.

I approached Nala with hesitancy at the alpha’s distraction, afraid that it was too late and she was on the verge of death.

There was so much blood.

“Mya,” she whispered, her eyes trained on the alpha while her hands clutched at the wound.

“The baby and I will be fine.” She whispered as she caressed her own stomach, a light emitting from her palms.

I watched in fascination as the wound stitched itself.

Despite being raised to despise all supernaturals, I couldn’t bring myself to hate an innocent child.

“We have precisely 30 seconds,” She whispered to where only a wolf listening in could hear.

“Til wha-?” I whispered confusedly.

But, the sound of skidding tires answered my question- a truck.

Nala gave me a nod with severe eyes, and before I could react, leapt up and sprinted towards the truck.

In my moment of hesitance, I glanced towards a wild-looking Luka.

His eyes were deadly as he wordlessly told me not to do it, that there would be consequences.

I smirked at him before turning towards Dean, who was still in wolf form, but quickly shifted back to human.

It took a whole of thirty seconds for both Dean and Luka to recognize my motive for diving towards the bush.

Unfortunately, it only took Luka 15 more seconds to reach there before I could.

He grabbed a disoriented Carter by the crook of his neck, catapulting his body from the bushes to the clearing.

“No!” I cried as Carter’s head bounced against the hard ground, immediately knocking him unconscious.

“He dies if you leave, Mya.” The alpha made it evident that he’d act out on his threat.

I desperately looked to Dean, who seemed to have made a decision on what to do with his set eyes.

One glance at his face, and my heart dropped.

“Don’t!” I demanded, but he shook his head.

“I made a promise to bring him here, Silver. It’s fulfilled.”

“Please,” tears welled in my eyes as he shifted to his wolf no doubt for his agility and speed to get himself out of here.

But, instead of speeding away, he speeded towards me to my surprise.

The alpha recognized this too late as Dean grabbed me by my shirt and threw me onto his broad, furry back, shortly after, barreling towards the truck.

He leapt into the bed of it, and I let out a gasp of surprise as we started to speed off.

The alpha’s eyes were furious as he slit carter’s neck with his talon, the promise of vengeance alive in his eyes.

A sob escaped me at the sight of Carter’s heaving stomach as he took his final breath.

The alpha didn’t attempt to follow us, he only let out a howl as we sped out of his sight.

A howl promising that he’d find us-

And there’d be hell to pay.

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