Solstice Howl

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Chapter 5

I opened my unfocused eyes to a whole assortment of colors and let out a low groan, clutching my pounding head with a vice grip.

A murmured voice and scampering footsteps was all that could be heard, then utter silence.

After repetitively blinking, I scanned my surroundings with now sharp eyes and squinted uneasily, heart pulsating in fear.

I have no idea where I am.

This observation caused me to tense and my hackles to raise. Ruler number 1 in survival, always be aware of where you are, who’s in your vicinity, and your level of safety.

Carter’s enforced that in my head since day 1 of training, and already I let my body get the best of me and now I’m in unfamiliar territory.

I lay upon a four poster bed with wood engravings and looked down to a cream carpeted floor. The walls, painted a soothing gray. Glancing at my body, I noticed it’s poorly covered, furrowing my eyebrows when I realized that the silver dress had been taken off of me and was no where in sight. Instead, a large black shirt in its place.

I felt underneath the loose t-shirt and anger swelled in my chest when I realized I don’t have anything but men’s underwear on. Ignoring my trepidation, I glazed my finger over the wound on my face only to caress smooth skin. Hesitantly, I lifted my shirt again, looking for my wound and wincing when I accidentally poked it, yet there was no pain.

Lifting the shirt up all the way, my eyebrows drew together as I saw a thin scar instead of a gashing wound.

“I healed you with my blood.” A guttural voice said from the left of me causing me to cry out in shock.


My eyes immediately dropped to my chest and I scowled perpetually, “creep,” I muttered underneath my breath, which I’m sure he heard, but ignored.

“I am glad that you have woken up, you were asleep for quite some time.”

“Where is Nova?” My voice is gritty and I couldn’t gulp because how dry my mouth is. Wincing when I couldn’t salivate enough to lick my chapped lips, I felt them with my fingertips; the scabbed skin resembling scales on the pads of my fingers.

“She is with her mate. Albeit, reluctantly.”

“She’s only fifteen! That monster will violate her, and there will be hell to pay!” I exclaimed, shooting up on the bed. Ready to run past him and go find Nova.

But, before I could take a step, my vision doubled and I gasped, almost face planting onto the carpeted floor.


The man’s tanned and large hand grasped my shoulder before I could plop onto the floor.

Still not meeting his eyes, I tried to stand up straight but, my knees quaked beneath me. In frustration, I tried to wiggle away from him, spewing profanities.

“If he touches her, I swear...” I trailed off as his hand slid down my shoulder and down my arms, causing uncomfortable gooseflesh to travel up my bare arms.

I responded by shrugging him off, causing a flicker of emotion to arise in his pale eyes that was quickly suppressed.

The reminder of his position- an Alpha rung an alarm in my head.

Be careful

“I ordered Nicolas to hold himself back from marking her until we check the girl’s mental state,” He once again placed a what’s supposed to be comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Get. Your. Hands. Off. Of. Me!” I croaked lowly between clenched teeth, on the verge of snapping.

Or maybe I already have.

His touch caused disgusting shivers to wrack down my spine.

Ignoring my blatant act of hatred, he casually said, “You must be quite famished, come.” I yelped in rage as the Alpha removed his hand from my shoulder and instead placed it onto my waist, cupping it and dragging me against his chest. I ignored the icy shock waves thrilling from my shoulders to the tips of my toes.

“Take me to her!” I snarled, pushing myself away from him.

“Age is just a number, they are soulmates. Destined to be together. It is love.”

“No, it is statutory rape. Take me to her.”

He cleared his throat, “Look at me first.”

His voice is so demanding, so authoritative that I almost replied to his request by making eye contact with him.

I vehemently shook my head and I heard a low growl rumble from his chest, “You will not see her until you do.”

“Then I will go find her myself!” I made sure my legs were steady before taking a step off of of the bed, managing to stumble slightly as I landed on the carpeted floor.

His hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, once again pulling me into his chest.

“Look at me!” He snarled into my face, his cool cinnamon breath washing over me in a caressing wave.

I squeezed my eyes shut and counted in my head to avoid thinking about my growing fear.

“If you do not look at me... Your little friend will suffer the consequence.” He said warningly.

I reeled my hand back and punched him in his rock stomach, pulling back almost immediately when pain coursed throughout it.

I let out a low wheeze and felt tears form in my eyes.

Now, I know how to pack a punch, I’ve been training since I was 10 in the self defense department. But, when it comes to an Alpha’s hard ass stomach, it seems my skills go to shit. My hand instantly started swelling and turning an ugly red color,

“Dammit!” He obviously wasn’t affected by the punch that’s managed to screw up my hand, but is now observing it carefully.

He cupped it between his two bear hands and scrutinized it, all the while I glared at him through lidded, hatefilled and tear-filled eyes.

When I realized he was about to look up, my eyes instantly snapped close and I inwardly groaned when a few tears from my pain slipped down my face.

This is the first time I’m away from home, away from everything I knew- I’m scared, I’m hurt, but ultimately I’m angry.

And hell hath no fury like a woman angry.

The pads of his calloused thumbs caressed the trail of tears and I heard a low whimper, so quiet it seemed like it didn’t even exit his mouth. “Please don’t cry,” he whispered.

In reaction to his words, I jerked away from him and willed the tears away, disgusted.

I cradled my hand over my chest, spearing him with a look of hatred, my eyes glaring daggers at his chest.

“Take me to Nova.”

“Like I told you before, you have to look at me first.” His voice left no room for argument despite his obvious concern he had for me.

Ignoring him entirely, I glanced down at my splotchy and swollen fist. I concluded that it’s probably sprained, but not my first time doing it.

“At least tell me your name.” His knuckles softly skimmed over my cheek and I tried to pretend that the rippling shivers running down my spine didn’t come from his touch.

I spat at him and spotted my pocket knife laying on the wooden drawer next to the bed, excitement colored my face.

“Brooke,” I lied, sidestepping him little by little.

A beat of silence past and my eyes stayed trained on the knife.

“I think you’re lying to me.” His timbre voice is so deep, I felt it seep into my bones.

“Really now?” I asked sarcastically, maintaining a steady pace towards the the knife.

So close.

“Have you forgotten my threat, little mate?” I felt slight fear well in my gut at his cold tone.

He can hurt Nova. Get to Nova. Get away from this monster.

“I refuse to follow any of your requests. You can either take me to her or I will find her myself.”

“Unfortunately for you, I do not plan on letting you out of this room until you look up at me, or tell me your name.”

I contemplated my answer carefully, “Then I guess I will be finding her myself then.” As the words left my mouth, I grabbed the knife and plunged it into his shoulder swiftly. Though, it didn’t go very deep. I made my way to the slightly ajar door, purposeful in my strides as he growled maliciously, wrenching the knife out of his shoulder.

But, before I could reach the door, my whole body was lifted and gently deposited onto the bed.

I let out an oomph as my head smacked against the satin pillow, squeezing my eyes shut as the man’s face hovered over mine. In fact, his whole body hovered over mine, his forearms the only thing keeping him from crushing me.

“Look at me.” He demanded, his voice remaining calm and collected.

“No.” I inwardly laughed because I must’ve been a sight, my eyes squeezed shut and my lips set in a firm pout.

“Look at me!” He roared and I turned my head, not bothered to give him an answer.

And then I felt it, a feather soft touch underneath my chin, tilting my head forward. I was rendered immobile as his touch gave me emotional turmoil but, hatred won out and I bucked from beneath him.

On one hand, I hate him and can’t stand his monstrous touch. On the other- I didn’t want to think about the other.

His cool breath tickled my nose and I squeezed my eyes shut in fear. Fear of what, him? Probably. Fear of the fact that this unfamiliar feeling wants to envelop my rational senses completely. Fear because I know that I’d rather die than be with him. Fear that, I’m just not ready to die.

And as his moist lips softly met mine, my eyes... Shot open.

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