Solstice Howl

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Chapter 6

I saw them for a brief millisecond- a half second if even.

But that was all it took.

A furocious roar ripped out of his throat as my eyes collided with his icy blue ones. I tried to crawl out from underneath him but my attempt was futile, his hands like clamps on my waist.

“Get off of me!” I exclaimed, as I bucked from underneath him; my eyes once again squeezed shut.

He started rapidly talking in a foreign tongue, hands cupping my face and his face a hairbreadth away.

“Open your eyes love,” his voice, like rich chocolate heavily blanketed in an accent I could not recognize, compelled me. He wasn’t assertive with his command, not hostile, he simply told me to.

My eyes blinked open, and I hoped the hatred shone right through him.

Unrecognizable emotions filtered through his ice-like eyes as I peered into them with as much ferocity as I could muster.

“Beautiful,” he murmured as his eyes swept over my face.

I finally looked away from his cerulean eyes when I realized that my glaring wasn’t moving him in any way.

It was like- he looked right through me and conjured up my reaction in his imagination.

I violently surged up, not moving him but garnering his attention.

Thankfully, that seemed to knock him out of his unconscious state because he quickly and efficiently climbed off of me.

I sat up immediately and cradled my injured arm to my chest, curling into myself to make me seem smaller.

He cleared his throat and adjusted his disheveled hair and clothing, to which I realized are very expensive looking, tailoring him perfectly.

“I’m going to introduce myself,” Whatever spell he was in, is long gone now. Now, he’s dominant and regal, not the lovesick puppy he was.

Which one was worst? I don’t know, lovesick puppy I can easily hurt and manipulate. Stoic Alpha will be a tougher case to crack.

I watched the way he holds himself, with his strong shoulders held back and head held high.

A wolf who could be knocked down a few steps on the arrogance scale. A wolf that I was afraid to challenge.

This isn’t a war I’ve ever fought before.

“I’m Luka Romano, Alpha of Europe Continent, and you-” he interrupted himself to pierce me with a knowing stare, “are my mate.”

After that, all hell broke loose. It’s one thing concluding something on your own, but it’s another to have it verified by your worst nightmare.

I had screamed my bloody head off and wrecked everything in sight, not wanting to be tied to that monster in any way, wanting to destroy everything in my path.

Ignoring the pulsating pain in my hand, I ripped things to shreds and screamed my throat raw, needing to be alone, needing to get away.

I felt like a caged animal at a zoo, being gawked at, as if I’m an exotic animal who can’t be let free in fear of me attacking.

Soul mates don’t exist for humans. I feel nothing for him, and I’m sure I made that clear as I spewed profanities at him between screams.

“GET OUT!” I screamed for the fifth time, and for some reason, he finally decided to listen to me, but before he walked out of the door, he turned.

In my fit, I didn’t really watch for his reaction, I just threw things at him and ruined everything in sight, completely overwhelmed in rage.

His eyes had darkened considerably compared to how they originally are. And I gasped in fear as he opened his mouth, showing his extended canines.

His wolf is out, and he’s not happy.

He extended his talons towards me and took my injured arm into his hold, observing it with a keen eye.

I ignored the shivers his touch evoked and unsuccessfully tried to take my arm out of his grasp.

Then to my absolute disgust and horror, he pierced open his arm’s skin with his talon, offering it to my mouth as if it were a delectable wine.

I pushed it away, fearing that if I say something disrespectful, the wolf wouldn’t hold himself back from hurting me.

“Drink,” his gritty voice commanded, the longer I disobeyed, the darker his eyes got and the tighter his hold on my arm increased.

“Please no,” I whispered in unadulterated horror, fearing that he’ll go on a rampage if I refuse to.

He pushed it closer to my face, “Drink and I’ll leave.”

Tears gathered into my eyes as I gingerly took his arm, eyeing the rapidly healing wound.

“Drink. Now.” He demanded again.

I closed my eyes and allowed a few drops of blood to travel down my throat before I pushed him away, dry heaving and gasping for breath.

As I leaned over and emptied out the contents of my stomach into the bin next to his bed, he caught my hair in his grip causing more peaks of stomach acid to escape me.

When I was done, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and stepped away from him.

He stepped closer in response, the. grabbed my arm and looked at it, when he was satisfied that it was healing; he nodded and left.

I too glanced down at it and let out a hiccup from holding back a sob as I saw its swelling go down miraculously before my eyes.

After I pulled myself together from a near panic attack, I plopped myself onto the ground and tried to sort through my options, concocting a plan, but nothing was coming to me.

I was a thinker, a planner. Impulse was a factor, yes. But, a plan has always come to me even in times that seem hopeless.

After nearly 30 minutes of me dry heaving in panic, finally calming down, I went through his things out of pure boredom. I found expensive men’s jewelry and fly away papers. Nothing really stood out, but when I spotted a circular gold piece glinting out of my peripheral vision, I felt compelled to pick it up and flip it over, my reflection peering back at me.

A mirror.

My black hair is back to its knotted state from running past branches, my cheeks are tinted an angry red, and I reeled backwards as I made eye contact with my feral eyes, a tint of madness overtaking them.

I am becoming my father...

I blinked rapidly and my heart stuttered back to its original beat when the look had left my eyes.

A timid knock broke me out of my reverie and my head swiveled to the door as a swollen-eyed Nova walks through the door.

I let out a breath of relief and sprung up, opening my arms for the small girl.

Without hesitation, she fell into them and let out a small cry into my shoulder. I’m considerably taller than her, in fact, I was one of the tallest women underground, so her head reaches my shoulders. I patted her soothingly and held back a cry of my own.

“He won’t-” hiccup, “leave me alone!” She sputtered.

I glanced over at the cracked door only to see her whiskey-eyed werewolf stalker leaning against the doorway, staring at us with a vulnerable expression in his eyes.

I complacently patted her back and removed her from my arms, walking over to him with ferocity in my steps.

“If you dare-” I cut myself off as the Alpha joined in.

Silently, the young wolf took a step back and let the Alpha face me instead. I recoiled a few steps when I remembered what just happened, but he seemed to be in control now, because his eyes are back to a icy cold cyan.

“You are not in the right to make threats, Mya. You’re lucky he let you see her.” My temper flared at his reprimanding tone. As I was about to reply, I stopped short.

“Who told you my name?”

His laugh caused my lungs to close and a bead of sweat to trickle down my forehead, “you don’t honestly think that with all my connections, I wouldn’t be able to get it?”

I felt like he had taken everything from me, that I was exposed to him, and I’ll never be able to obtain a shred of privacy.

“Nova’s mate will be escorting her out in the next five minutes, so I suggest you say your goodbyes. We have-”

“He does not dictate what she does, she is 15 for hell’s sakes! She needs to be surrounded by people she knows, she is not comfortable with him!” I interrupted him, in disbelief that I have to even argue this.

I should be able to leave and take her with me, if only this were a free world.

Alpha Luka seemed considerably angry and I was confused as to why because I’ve been this disrespectful with him since the beginning.

And then it clicked, I interrupted him.

“She belongs to him, just as all females belong to their mates.” I know what he’s implying, and I don’t like it.

He cut me off before I could comment, “We have to go to the council for questioning-” when he saw my horror-struck look, his eyes lost their hardened glint and he reached out to touch me, but saw my glare and held himself back. “Do not worry, I will be there right next to you.”

I looked over at Nova to see her staring at the ground in despair from where she stood, then looked back to the Alpha, “I will cooperate on one condition.”

He seemed interested, because he leaned closer and quirked a brow, “Nova gets to sleep with me until she is comfortable.”

The Alpha seemed reluctant, and the whiskey-eyed wolf growled continuously in discontent.

“Nicolas, hush!” The Alpha ordered, ceasing the monster’s noises.

“I will agree to that-” He started, to which I smirked in glee,

“Only if you let me spend a couple of hours a day with you.... willingly.”

My nostrils flared at his request to the deal, and I almost called the whole thing off just thinking about spending time with the mongrel.

But then I looked over to Nova and I became resolute on my answer.

“Deal.” I winced.

Why does it feel like I’ve just done something worst than making a deal with the devil?

Oh, that’s right, because I made it with a werewolf instead.

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