Solstice Howl

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Chapter 9

3rd person POV
Night of solstice moon
Fiery pits of a cave

“He found her.” The brittle and nearly decrepit man adorned in an ancient brown tunic handed the much more youthful man a scroll.

The man stared at the fire pit impassively, the flames flickering, trying to scathe him, but could never reach.

“What are we to do, master?”

He didn’t spare the incompetent old goon a glance, didn’t even take the scroll announcing the news he’s been waiting to hear for years.

“Mas-?” The old man was interrupted by a hand clutching his old, withered throat.

The youthful man’s wild eyes contorted into fury, a crazed glint that would drop even the bravest of men to their knees.

“We wait.”

“F-for what-” the man sputtered, but he wasn’t afraid for his life, for he was dammed to life eternity.

The man smirked, ”the awakening.”

3rd person POV
Harsh, cold wintery clearing
Night of solstice moon

The iridescent female happily exclaimed in gratitude to the goddess when she received the news, clutching the scroll in her hands.

“It’s finally happened!” She yelled to herself, she had been hiding in this harsh climate for many years, alone.

Well, not really.

Her older male was out hunting with his young, wild wolf.

He was to be back any minute to which she can share the delightful news with him.

She excitedly sighed in content.

They can leave; after many years, they can finally leave.

She heard thundering paws and turned towards the loud noise in glee, only to be knocked back a step in horror as only her son’s wild wolf entered the clearing.

But, the man no where in sight.

She clutched onto the whining wolf and demanded him resolutely, “Take me to him.”

3rd person POV
Neighboring underground facility
Carter Tucker

They called themselves the Hunters.

This particular group had been watching the werewolves for months, deciphering their plan.

But, before they figured it all out, it was too late to save everyone.

Only a dozen people were rescued; including Devin Dawson and Carter Tucker.

And now, they sat in a round table, surrounded by paramount men in the werewolf-hunting facilities.

“It’s essential that we get Mya Collins back safely,” Carter kept imputing between the incessant chatter, afraid that they had forgotten that her getting home safely should be a number one concern.

Mya Collins was going to be brought back.

But, where her safety is concerned, the people of the meeting couldn’t care less.

They planned to use her as a pawn to bring Alpha Luka Romano of the European Continent down.

And weren’t afraid to make sacrifices in the process.

AUTHOR NOTE: I know this is really short and confusing, but it’s a filler and it’s meant to be confusing.

The next chapter will be coming really soon, it’s already half way written.

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