The Dreamweaver

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D’stini sat up in bed. Stirred for a bit. Everything seemed to be okay. She checked her tracer light to make sure it wasn’t blinking. To her knowledge, except for Alanjon and Enlo, all of the Revyns were at the Nest. She even thinks she saw Tand here (though she doesn’t remember when he returned). She got up out of bed and decided to walk. This was the second instance in recent knowledge that she was awakened out of sleep on Kyan. This time she knew it had something to do with Earth. She just didn’t know what. And she didn’t know how long it’s been since the last time she was awaken like this. One of the few downsides to D’stini living on Kyan was her time perception. Her mind perceives time on Kyan in abstract form. In her mind there are no months, days, hours. Only instances and remembrances. The only way she can gauge time was through the word and perception of native Kyans (and Tarn). It’s never bothered her, nor has she ever given it any thought.

She heard music.

Not loud, but distinct and distant, outside.


Her first instinct was to investigate. She followed the sound to the source. It was coming from the back. The outside training area where the Revyns gather for outdoor functions and get-togethers. She felt energy crackling at her fingertips. Her Static Sting was primed and ready. She was getting herself in battle mode. She moved around the outside wall. The music was getting louder. When she got to the outer perimeter she stopped and peered around.

“Well, I’ll be.”

It was Lauv. She wasn’t sure where the music was emanating from. But she knew it was Lauv. That bald head was hard to miss. What was he doing? Even at this time of night, she had a crystal clear vantage point to view him. He was kneeling, was he praying? Praying to Traum? His eyes were open. He had the same look he had when they were looking at the map to the Land of Whispers. Such sadness. What could Lauv, a Gi-jan whose presence inspires the humor among the team, be carrying inside him that hurts so much?

“Oh, Lauv.”

She took a stutter step towards the open, then stopped. Lauv came out here in the middle of the night, which means he’s alone because he chose to be. D’stini made a mental note to bring this night back up another day, but for now she felt it best to grant Lauv his privacy. She gave him one last look, then turned and walked away. Leaving him alone with his burden.

“That music is so beautiful,” she said under her breath.

She started yawning. The lure of sleep was tugging at her again. She remembered the feeling from the last time. No matter what she did to try to fight it, this was one battle she knew she wouldn’t win.

“Guess I got up way too soon,” she said as she headed back to her room.

She felt that if she didn’t get to her room soon enough, she would black out and sleep wherever the final tug found her. She made another mental note to consult with Tarn, and maybe Deja, to find out if there’s anything that can be done to stop it from happening. Either to stop her from waking up in the middle of the night or stop her from succumbing so easily back to the lure of falling asleep again.

“No harm in trying anyway. If anyone would have some thoughts on it, Tarn and Deja would.”

Before she knew it, D’stini was back in bed and sound asleep.

Had D’stini looked closer she would have noticed a faint apparition floating near where Lauv was kneeling. An avatar of sorts. Pale, but shimmering like moonlight. It had the appearance of a woman. Tall, thin, with physical features similar to that of a Gi-jan. She was wearing a robe so long her feet didn’t show. Not that it mattered, as she was floating just off the grass. Her hair, long and silver, flowed to and fro with the current of the wind. As the breeze blew, so did she sway. Yet it all seemed in balance to the melodious, haunting harmony of the music. If Lauv knew she was there he didn’t let it show. Where once his eyes were open they were now closed. This lasted a moment longer. Then, almost imperceptibly, the music began to fade. Lower…lower. As the music, so did the ghostly, beautiful form of the woman. Until there was no avatar, no music. Just Lauv, who rose to his feet. He stood still a moment. Looking up at the stars and at the huge, bright moon.

“Dream well, Lyra,” he said.

He headed back inside the Nest. The gleam in his eyes returning with every step.

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