The Sinner Tears

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Two different people with different personalities destinated to be with each other. But he denied it and she wants it. What has destiny plan for them? "I can't change my face nor my past," he said. "I don't remember asking you to do so," I said. "Why then," he asks confused. "Because we are the same," I said intervining my finger with his. ___________________________________________________________________________ Two different people with different personalities destinated to be with each other. Bothered with their own pain and problems world through at them. He had lost all the hopes in his life for happiness. She wasn't afraid of him. She believes him. She saw his pain and wished to heal it. But there were walls surrounded his heart too hard for her to break And they were his fear of the reason he longed for her love.

Fantasy / Drama
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The ball

(Anil P.O.V)

“Go to sleep Brandon and Britney,” I said to them while tugging them into the cover.

“No not until you tell us a story, daddy,” Britney said in a baby voice and I sighed.

“Okay then, I will tell you a story a very interesting story about the two people I used to know," I said to them remembering the love story of my grandparents that my parents and grandparents used to tell me.

"About a girl who wants to be free as a bird, and a man who is willing to be her sky, It all started during a cold winter night. He was devasted, hurt to deep inside so much that it was hard to heal and left alone to suffer by himself" I said and began telling them their love story.


England in 1887,

"I still don't see the reason for me to come in this ball, This kind of balls are just the waste of time," Skylar said to her aunt while going to a ball with her aunt and Alisha in a carriage.

"We already talked about this Skylar, your father wants you to get married to someone wealthy, and those balls are the place to look for the proper husband," her aunt said to her.

"I wouldn't get my hopes up in your place aunt Mellisa," she said and sighed.

"Please don't make any scene tonight," Mellisa pleaded to her while looking down at her hands.

"We are here your majesty," the coachman said to them.

"It was not my fault in greystone ball, that bastard should know that his hand should have stayed in his pocket," Skylar said while walking down the carriage.

"Well I'm not surprised, Lord Roy always knew how to throw balls," Mellisa said entering the room and looking at her surroundings.

"He is a duke after all. He can afford to pamper himself and his wife," Skylar said while taking a seat near him.

"Why don't you dance with someone? Most of the men here are a fortune hunter," Mellisa asks to her.

"Mother taught me how to get rid of them," she said with a scowl on her face.

"And it was a good thing that she did. You are the only child of Earl Dawson, you don't have any brothers or male cousins or uncles, that means the family mansion is your drowsy, of course, the fortune hunters attracted to you, " Mellisa said to her while looking others dancing with each other.

"Mother is right but at least dance with someone," Erika her cousin said to her.

"Just because you found your future husband on the dance floor that doesn't mean that it will work for me, " I said to her irritated.

"You can never know until you try," she said with a smile on her face.

"You worried too much Erika," Skylar said to her and shake her had.

"I want you to find your happiness," she said seriously.

"I will marry only by love," Skylar said getting upset.

"One of the reasons why you will always stay Alone," Mellisa taunts her.

"I don't see anything wrong with that, why don't you see that I'm happy without a spoiled brat holding onto my skirt?" Skylar said clenching her hand in a fist.

"Even though you have to marry," Mellisa said to her.

"I know but why does it have to be so soon?" Skylar asks her. Suddenly someone enters the ballroom and everyone stopped doing what they were doing and start whispering to each other.

"What is going on? W#hat are they looking there?" Skylar asks getting curious.

"Well this is someone you don't see every day," Mellisa said in a serious tone.

"Someone, you know?" Skylar asks her.

"Not personally, he is an earl, Xavier Mcknight, " Mellisa said still looking at him. Every one start whispering to each other.

"Judging by people's reaction he hasn't been in the high society for some time," Skylar commented.

"Your right. I haven't seen him for three or four years. Anyway, he is someone you should never approach. He is dangerous and the least you know is better," Mellisa warned her.

"Rumors don't tell even the half of the truth aunt, Mellisa, He is the only man and there is no need for people to act like this he is pestilential," Skylar said to her.

"In my case--" she said but stopped when their eyes met each other. Erika whispers something in her ears.

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