The Sinner Tears

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A letter from Skylar

(Xavier P.O.V in his uncle house)

“There is a letter for you little master,” a butler said while bowing his head. He gives me the letter and sees it’s from Skylar.

“Thank you, you can leave now,” I said to him and he walks away after bowing his head in front of me.

“There is only one reason for her to write a letter so soon if she was pregnant with my child...” I thought while looking at the letter.

“A letter,” my uncle asks taking me out of the train of my thoughts.

“I see you are better today uncle,” I said while turning to look at him.

“Someone, I know?” he asks.

“You will meet her soon,” I said with a smile. Just the thought of her makes me smile.

“Her?” he asks with a raised eyebrow at me.

“My fiancee,” I explain.

“You should have told me before you made a proposal,” he said looking angry.

“There was no time, we had to get engaged fast and maybe marry sooner then we think,” I said while taking a seat next to his bed.

“In any case, she is very suitable to be my wife. She will be a great countess,” I said while smiling at him.

“Don’t tell me that you compromise that girl,” he said with a wide eye, shocked was clearly visible on his face.

“First Ellasa and now...” he said and shook his head in disappointment.

“I know you don,t believe me but I never sleep with my brother fiancee,” I said with a sour tone. How can he think that? I can never think to do that late alone do it.

“Now let me read the letter and tell you if we have to marry faster,” I said to start getting annoyed.

“She is pregnant? what will your brother say about it?” he asks shocked.

“Jay,” I said my brother name and flashback of our memory started to come in my mind.

* Flashback *

“Ellasa is not someone suitable for you,” Jay said to me.

“She is too monotone for someone like you, too average,” he added.

“You deserve someone who will make, every day an adventure for you,” he said to me.

* Flashback Ends *

“Jay would have liked her,” I said to my uncle with a smile on my face. Then, I open the letter and start reading it.



When you read this I will probably be somewhere around the street of London with my aunt and Erika. My aunt wants me to improve my worldly manners so that I can fit in the role of your wife. Tomorrow maybe we will be going to the new opera. For the question, you were so the concern of, you don’t have to worried about it. there is no need to rush the wedding.


Your Skylar,


“No, she’s not pregnant. That is a shame but something worse happened,” I said while folding the letter.

“What could possibly be the worst?” he asks.

“Her aunt wants to improve her worldly manners! Since you are a better uncle, I will be returning to London,” I said while standing up from my chair.

“Why are you in such a hurry,” he asked looking amused.

“Only by the thought that her aunt to change her, my hair goosebump,” I said with a chuckle.

“Nonsense! nothing can give you goosebumps,” he said with a chuckle and started coughing. I give him a glass of water to smooth his cough.

“But you don’t meet her, uncle,” I said while smiling at him.

“The way you are talking about her, I can’t wait to meet her, anyway, when will you take me to meet her,” he asks.

“Soon,” with that said I walk out of his room to pack my luggage. After that, I call my butler to arrange a place for me to stay in London which is near them and prepare my plane to leave.

(Jackop P.O.V Xavier uncle)

I watch him leave to prepare to leave for London. He was looking so excited to meet her.

“Skylar huh? Just what kind of girl she is?” I thought.

“He looks so happy when he talks about her, I hope they leave happily ever after, after their marriage,”

*I hope to met her soon, I can’t wait to met a girl who makes him happy so much,* I thought.

I call my butler to brought my medicine and some food to eat. After eating food and taking my food I fall asleep peacefully knowing that my nephew has someone to take care of him if anything happens to me.

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