The Sinner Tears

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First Meeting - 2

(Skylar P.O.V)

He said and I stopped in mid-sentence.

“It looks like he has got your attention,” Erika whispers in my ear.

“Mines and everyone else in the room,” I murmur while looking down in the ground. He walks to us and starts talking to my aunt.

“It’s been a long time Your Highness,” he said to aunt while walking towards us.

“Greetings my lord, It’s sure been some time indeed,” she said without a trace of a smile in her face.

“Your daughter I supposed?” he asks while looking at me and Erika.

“Not at all your highness, my daughter Erika and my niece Skylar,” she introduces us to him while pointing her finger at us.

“It’ a pleasure lady Anderson. I heard about the engagement my best wishes for your future and congratulations,” He said to Erika.

“Thank you, my lord,” she said. And a new slow song started to play.

“Would you like to dance with me, Miss Dawson?” he asks me and my aunt hold my hand from behind to stop me.

“By all mean,” I said freeing my hand from my aunt.

“Do excuse me miss for inviting you to dance even though we just meet. But there is something that I would like to tell you,” he said while leading me to the dance floor.

“Don’t worry about such things,” I said knowingly what he wants to talk to me.

“Shall we?” he ask and take my hand in his.

*What is this? His hand is so cold has, ice...It’s like he had them buried under the tons of snow. His eyes too. When I saw them before they were ice cold and emotionless *

“The thing I wanted to discuss with you is about what you said earlier,” he said.

“What about what I said?” I ask knowing what he wants to say.

“You really shouldn’t say something in my protection, not when everyone in here is speaking the opposite,” he said.

“So you would prefer me lying about my impression,” I ask him annoyed at what he said.

“If that is the thing that will keep people from talking bad about you then yes,” he said casually.

“Let them talk, never do the rumors do the favor for anybody, I would know because there were always rumors about me, one of the reasons I don’t believe in them,” I said annoyed.

“You shouldn’t have accepted this dance,” he said closing his eyes and signing.

“What would a dance do to me? There will always the rumors and conflict no matter what the era is,” I ask dumbfounded.

“That only proves how little you know about me, dance is enough, to ruin your reputation as long as I’m your partner, ” he said and swirl me around.

“If there is something I should know I will believe you and not the rumors that talk about you,” I said while narrowing my eyes.

“What if the rumors are true? What if I’m everything they describe me to be” he asks.

“How is that any of my business?” I ask looking at his eyes.

“This dance is the only morning you will get,” he said in a low threatening voice while pulling me dangerously close.

“Are you trying to scare me? Because I’m only getting curious, in any way there is no way someone like you could ruin my reputation,” I said while clenching my finger in a fist.

“Because I’m not the type of woman who thinks only about that. The good or bad reputation I’m still me,” I said clenching my fist even tighter.

“You said as if you know what it is to have a bad reputation,” he asks.

“So do you,” I said.

“Ask every single one, in all London and they will confirm it,” he said.

“By tomorrow, they will all know that tonight you have danced with an ice-hearted devil, ” he said while cupping my face in his hand looking deep in my eyes like he is trying to find something in my eyes.

“Take this as a warning for the next time you try to say something in my defenses,” he said and lead me to my aunt while I was deep in thought at what he had said to me.

“Thank you for a dance. Excuses me but there is someone is waiting for me to talk with me,” he said and leave the room.

"Skylar I don't want you to approach that man ever again," my aunt Mellisa said to me in a stern voice.

"Why? He seems decent and a gentleman," I ask.

"He is far from decent and even further from being a gentleman," aunt Melissa said to me.

"It's a rumor that he is a murderer," aunt Melissa said to me.

"You know better than to believe that rumors aunt Melissa," I said to her.

"I think we should call it a night," aunt Melissa said to me and drag me towards the host of the party we said our farewell to them and head home.

We reach at our home after 30 minutes. I go to my room and changed into comfortable clothes.

*It was a long night, what did she mean by a murderer,* with that I fall asleep.

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