The Sinner Tears

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Knowing about him

(Skylar P.O.V)

7:00 clock in the morning at Skylar place

"Do you want tea, Erika?" I ask.

"Please. This planning of the wedding is killing me," Erika said and I hand her the cup of the tea.

"Anything interesting in the news," Erika ask.

"Not really," I said string my cup of tea.

"Anyway, Aunt Melissa are you going to tell me anything about the era," I ask to her.

"Why do you want to know so bad?" she asks bothered with my question.

"Yesterday you promised that you will tell me. We even left the ball early because he was there," I said in a low voice sad to bother her.

"Skylar please," Erika plead me to stop.

"And what if he danced with me? It's not a big of a deal. Besides, you told me you didn't know him but it seems otherwise, and what's with the thing that he is a murderer," I ask annoyed.

"I do know the earl from the past. Or more I knew his brother," aunt Melissa said with a sigh.

"That was about four years ago. At that time his brother has the title earl. Jay Raychand was about five years older than his brother. I've met them a few times in a ball but nothing more. The Raychand brothers were always together. The elder brother was engaged to a very beautiful and a nice girl. But Xavier was also in love with that girl." she said with a very sad expression.

"I don't find anything wrong with that. Things like that happen every day." I said being upset. I don't know why but him being in love with another girl upset me.

"Your right. As for the wedding.." aunt Melissa said and trail off.

"About the month before it. Xavier disappeared. People said that he was mad with his brother." aunt Melissa said deep in her thoughts.

"He doesn't seem like someone who would run from the problem," I said.

"And he isn't. He returned the day of the wedding. As much as I know both of them went horse riding that morning. Somewhere near the sea cliff." Aunt Melissa continued.

"There they had a fight and Xavier pushed his brother down the cliff and killed him. Some say that their family throws him out of their family but little believes so. after the bride found out she killed herself in front of him." aunt Melissa said.

"Oh.My.Good the poor thing," Erika said upset with the story.

"After that, he never shows himself in the society until last night, some says that after his beloved death he killed himself but he is alive. More or less he is responsible with their deaths" aunt Melissa said deep in thoughts.

"Now, do you understand why did I want you to stay away from him Skylar?" aunt Melissa ask.

"I don't believe it, People thought that it was an accident. What if it was one? They can't accuse him something that they are not sure," I said really irritated with the rumors.

"Skylar I can understand but what will people think about you if you go near him, what if he hurts you?" Erika asks worrying about me.

"He won't hurt me!" I exclaimed.

"He is the one who is hurt! And I don't accuse him of anything because I know what is to be in his place," I said while clenching my fist.

"Enough Skylar, you will not go near that man and that is final, you won't talk to him or go near to him, I forbid, it," aunt Melissa said in not to mess with me, voice and walk out of the room.

"That's not fair," I whisper. I complete my tea and walk back to my room. I can't help but think about him. I try my best to take him out of my mind but failed miserably.

I don't know why I am so attached to him even when I have just met him once. Maybe because both of us was hunt by our past and the rumors spread around us. Maybe- my thoughts were interrupted by my cousin Erika.

"You okay there, Skylar," Erika ask concerned shown in her face.

"Y-yeah why," I ask.

"I was calling you for few minutes but you didn't respond to me, are you sure," she asked.

"Yeah, do you need something," I ask her.

"No, I just want to have some air and want to go for horse riding after hearing a story about you know whom so I thought maybe you would like to come with me," she said.

"Yeah, sure I also want to got out of here and get some air to clear mind, let's go," I said and we all go to a horse stable to get our horses for a ride.

We were riding at the nearby street when she saw a store who sells ribbons and dresses. I turn and saw her looking at the shop intensely and I know that she wants to go there. So I get down from my horse and goes to her horse while holding mine.

"Okay, you go, I will wait here and hold on the horses," I said while holding both the horses.

"Thanks, Erika I will be back in a minute," she said than run off to the shop.

* Every time she saw ribbons and dresses she can't control herself and run off to the shop* I thought and shake my head at her tactics.

"?? Miss Mathew," a known voice said to me and I turn to see Mr. Raychand standing next to me with his horse.

"My Lord? What are you doing here?" I ask shocked to see him.

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