The Sinner Tears

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Second Meeting

(Xavier P.O.V)

I was sitting in my Living room near a fireplace thinking about last night. I can't help but think about what happened last night. No matter how hard I try to get her out of my mind I can't help but think about her.
*She is so naive,*
"Let them talk! I don't care about such things" she said.
"Are you trying to scare me, because I'm only getting curious," she said.
(Flashback Ends)
*But there is something dangerous in her eyes,* I thought and stand up from my rocking chair.
"Someone prepares my horse," I shout at my servants.
"Yes, sir," one of them said and go to do the same.
*But I won't let you have your way. I will stop you before you even start. Even if that means making you mine,* I said walking out of my castle and taking a sit on my horse.
I rid to a place near a lake and look around my surroundings.
*this place hasn't changed a bit* I thought while looking at the lake. I turn to see people whispering about me.
"I am right nothing changed," I thought and shake my head.
*I should think about winning her heart but how?* I ask my self and I remember what my big brother used to tell me about a girl or woman.
"Remember Xavier there is no way to understand them completely," Jay said to me.
"Woman are like cats. If you approach them in a wrong way they will bite, but they may also start purring," he said.
"Because you should never trust them because they will find a way to hurt you in one way or another," he said putting his arm over my shoulder.
(Flashback Ends)
"I have to know if she's at least here," I thought while looking around for her. Then I saw her coming down from her horse and talking with her sister.
I walk towards her and decided to talk with her.
"Miss. Mathew," I call her and she turns around to look at me.
"My. Lord? What are you doing here?" she asks shocked to see me here.
"Out on a walk. And what about you? why are you here and alone?" I ask and decide to go on a normal approach.
"I am not alone. My cousin went in the shop across the street," she said pointing at the shop with her finger.
"I will wait with you. Because it's dangerous to be alone in a street," I said to her.
"You are quite concerned," she comments on me.
"Someone should be," I said while looking down at the ground.
"Did you enjoyed the ball last night?" she asked to change the subject.
"It was nice, but I left early," I said to her while looking at her.
"Why's that?" she asks while looking at deep in my eyes trying to read my emotions.
"Because you weren't there," I said while looking at the ground.
"I am sure you can found someone else to dance with," she said in a low voice.
*Is she sad imagining me dancing with another girl, no I am hallucinating the things, anyway, why should she be sad I am sure her aunt has told her about me till now, * I thought.
"Not when people think the worst of you. They bearly forget things like that," I said wearily.
"I can understand that very well, does it bothers you?" she asks.
"My past? Not really. I learned to live with it." I said to her thinking that she was asking about my past.
"I mean people. They always speak behind your back," she said while looking down at the ground with a frown on her face. I feel the urge to hold her face and kiss her on her forehead until the frown disappears and a beautiful smile takes place in her face. But I control that urge not wanting to scare her and make her run for the hills.
"While we are riding in the park I heard them talking about dance last night," she said while looking at me.
"I thought you didn't believe the rumors, " but I guess I was wrong, I said the last part in my mind while looking down at the ground.
"I don't. But I know the feeling of being center of attention, And it's hurt to hear all those lies," she said looking away from me with a pout.
"You don't believe what they told you about me? " I ask annoyed by all the people whispering about us.
"No, And I'm, sure that you have nothing to do with your brother deaths," she said while looking straight into my eyes.
"And I'm sure that the accident happened with your parents wasn't your fault," I said while looking at her with a smile.
"How do you know about them?" she asks.
"The same way you know about my brother," I said with a smirk on my face.
"And why did you asked about such thing?" she ask while clenching his first.
"I was interested," I said while looking at her.
"In my past?" she ask while frowning at me.
"No, in you. I remember what you said last night," I said while smirking at her.
"Quite direct aren't you? And did you believed the rumors?" she ask looking annoyed by me.
"No, because they describe you as someone you aren't," I said to her in a serious tone while looking down at the road.
"Oh, and am I, because you sound like you know me better then them," she said while looking at me.
"Strong. You are strong and independent woman, " I said while looking at her.
"How would you know?" she ask while glaring at me.
"Because you did not break at the power of lies, but even the strongest in the world has to be concerned about her reputation" I said while looking away from her.
"That is why I am glad that your aunt took the time to tell you to stay away from me," I said while smiling at her.
"I don't care about my reputation," she said while clenching her teeth.
"Mama used to tell me that the reputation is nothing but the peoples opinion... and people offend make mistake," she said while clenching his fist.
"The question is to be solved between the person and his or her conscience, not between him and the world," she add and sigh.
"Ah, Erika is coming back. I have to go now. It was nice seeing you my lord," she said while bowing and walk towards her sister.
"Have a nice day and please don't make mistakes about me. I'm not what you think," she said while glancing once last time at me and walk away.
*Not this time i will not make any mistake, now I want you to be mine more then before* I thought while looking at her walking away.
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