The Sinner Tears

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(Skylar P.O.V)

It was the night when we reach home. after getting fresh and eating dinner I walk in the living room and started playing the piano absentmindedly while thinking about what happens today's evening at the street with Xavier. I can't help but feel something pulling me towards him.

"You are distracted," Erika commented on me breaking the train of my thoughts.

"Am I?" I ask with a sigh.

"Yes, very much. So tell me what's bothering you," she asks looking at me.

"Can I asks you a personal question?" I ask and look at her.

"It depends, what is your question?" she asks and I turn back to the piano not wanting to face her.

"How did you felt the first time when you met Daniel?" I aks.

"Why do you ask?" she asks stopping whatever she was doing and look at me.

" I'm just curious, did you have this weird feeling that you two were the only one in the ballroom?" I ask while examining my fingers like they are the most interesting thing in the universe.

"That his eyes posses this inhuman power that slowly dragged you to him? and that you are desperate to fall in his arms?" I ask and look at her for her answer.

"It's about the earl, isn't it?" she asks looking at me.

"No! I am just ---" I said but interrupted by her.

"don't try to hide it," she said smiling at me.

"I saw him talking to you today, so what did he tell you?" she asks.

"He...." I said and trail off.

* Flashback *

"I was interested in you," he said to me.

"You are strong and an independent woman," he said smiling at me.

* Flashback ends*

"Nothing you should be worried about," I said looking away from her.

"Mother will be furious if she finds out, she forbid you from talking with him," she said resuming her work.

"And I am starting to feel she was right, you started having feelings toward him," she said while knitting a seater for his soon to be husband.

"He is not what everyone thinks he is," I said looking away from her.

"You don't know that for sure," she said in a stern voice.

"I trust him," I argued in a firm voice I want to say more but cut off by a knock.

"Come in," I said running my hands on my face.

"There is a letter for you Miss. Skylar," a maid said while entering in the living hall.

*This late,* I thought.

"Who delivers it?" I aks.

"A butler, he said it was important," Maria the maid said to us. I take the letter from her hand and start reading it.

*My lady,

Miss Skylar,

I want to meet you in the park near my castle at 9:00 pm. I will be waiting for you. I hope you will come. See you there.

Your well-wisher,

Lord Xavier Raychand,*

*This is..* I thought and look at Maria.

"did the butler said anything else?" I ask her.

"Only that anything you want to need to know was in this letter and left," Maria said to me.

"Okay thank you, Maria," I said to her with a smile.

"Excuse me then," she said bowing and left the room.

"What is there in that letter," Erika ask me.

"Nothing that you have to worried about," I said while crushing the paper in my hand.

"Are you sure?" she asks while raising her eyebrow at me suspiciously.

"Yeah, it's getting late, let's go to sleep," I said while standing from my seat and walking to my room.

I go to my room and started pacing around the room after locking it unable to decide whether to go to meet him or not. After some time I decided to go to meet him, so I take my shoes in my hand walk down the stairs making sure that I didn't wake anyone up.

I go to the stable and ride to the place where he said to me to meet him.

(Xavier P.O.V)

After getting back from the street I can't help but think about today's encounter. I walk to my room and wrote a letter to her. After that, I call my butler and told him to deliver this letter to her. I hope she comes to meet me but I can't help but doubt it.

If her aunt gets to know about it she will not let her out of her house let alone come to meet me. And if she does it I will not blame her after all who will allow her daughter or niece to come near a murderer.

I go to my room to get fresh and ready to meet her after having dinner.

*This may be my biggest mistake,* I thought standing there waiting for her.

*But definitely not my worst,* I thought when I spot her tieing her horse on a tree and coming closer to me.

"And why did you thought so?" she asks while walking toward me.

"Why indeed? Let's just call it a feeling," I said to her knowing very well what she was asking.

"why did you call me out here?" she asks standing next to me.

"There is something I want to show you and things I want to tell you," I said and turn to look at her.

"Tell me here," she said while clenching her hands in a fist.

"I can't. I need you to come with me," I said while looking at her.

"I can't stay for too long," she said with a sigh.

"Why? Are you afraid of me?" I ask while cupping her face in my hands.

"From you? No," she said while closing her eyes and leaning in my hands making my heart beat faster.

"Then from what?" I ask.

"That if I go with you I might not want to go back," she said while smiling at me.

"And I'm afraid that I won't be able to let you go," I said while holding her closer to me.

"Then don't," she said shaking her head.

"Come with me, Skylar," I said while looking deep in her eyes pleading her to come with me.

"I shouldn't. It's not right but..." she said struggling with her decision.

"Please Skylar," I pleaded.

"You are the only one I can tell the truth to," I said with pleading eyes and she nodded her head giving up on me.

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