The Sinner Tears

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Taking his mask out

(Skylar P.O.V)

It has been a few days since the last time I meet him. After meeting him when I sneak back to my room or should say tried to sneak back to my room I got caught by my aunt and we have some words with each other with a cup of tea. After talking to her she wants me to promise her that I will not talk with him again and I said I can't promise a thing I can't fulfill since then she locks me home and forbid me going out of the house.

Now we are on Lord Thakur's palace for a masked ball. If you are wondering why am I here then let me tell you Erika want to attend this ball and aunt nor can let her attend it alone neither leave me alone in the

"A, I like the mask balls," Erika said clapping her hand in excitement. I look around to find him.

*Why do I even bother? He already left* I thought and let out a frustrated sigh. Suddenly I saw him walking towards me and I look at him shocked.

"May I have this dance," he asks taking my hand and kissing it.

"What will I get in return?" I ask with a small smirk.

"Everything your heart desire," he said grinning from ear to ear. He helps me stand up and led me to the dance floor.

"I thought you already left, what are you doing here," I ask putting my hand on his shoulder.

"I wanted to, but I just couldn't leave," he said making a smile to come on my face.

"Why?" I ask curiously.

"I wanted. No! I needed to see you," he said with a smile.

"I just couldn't leave," he added.

"But you told me to leave," I said getting annoyed.

"And that was my biggest mistake, I am begging you come with me again," he said while looking deep in my eyes.

"How can I trust you again?" I ask with a raising eyebrow.

"I stayed. That is enough of the promise that I won't leave," he said starting to get annoyed.

"Okay, I will come with you," I said to him with a small smile on my face. He looks around his surroundings making sure that nobody is looking at us and lead me the way.

"I must return before they notice I was gone, they would be worried about me," I said getting worried.

"Let them worry. I'm not planning to let you go this time," he said while looking at me with a serious face.

"Where are you taking me this time? " I ask.

"There is a field near my mansion that is why we took the carriage," he said while look at me.

"I can't take you to the mansion because the servants are still awake and I want a quiet place to talk with you," he said looking away from me.

"We are here," he said stopping a carriage and coming out of it. Then he helps me to come down from it.

"It's huge," I said looking around my surroundings.

"This place holds many painful memories, this place, this city, that's why I was gone for so long," he said looking straight at the field. I walk ahead looking around the field.

"I felt quite lonely, but...but not anymore," he said with a sigh stopping me on my track.

"Because now. I have hope and you are my hope," he said and loop at me.

"The truth is that I never wanted to leave, I told you so that you will stay away from me. But it looks like I'm the weak against you," he said with a light humorless chuckle.

"I can't stand anymore, tell me what to do so you'd believe me," he said while hugging me from behind and putting his head in my neck.

"Look me in the eyes when you say it, Skylar," he said turning me around so that I was facing him.

"It's true that I told you to leave, I made you leave so that you can't see my true feelings," he said looking vulnerable.

"But I don't care anymore, take off my mask. Once and for all," he said looking deep in my eyes. And I can't help but follow what he said.

"You're so beautiful," I whisper looking deep in his eyes alone tear of happiness come out from my eyes.

"You released my soul, you are mine now.....I want you.No I need you to be mine," he said looking desperate towards me and kissed me passionately.

"Wait...please wait," I said pulling out from the kiss.

"I've waited long enough," he said and kissed me again but this time gently putting all his feeling in that kiss and I can't help but kiss back.

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