Fallen For Good?

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Growing up in heaven I knew I was different. Because of this, my brothers hated me while I got looks of awe and attention. But I never felt so alone. Amani, a 500 year old sweet and gentle angel, the younger adopted sister of Jeru and Pervious, was thrown out of heaven by her brothers for their jealousy. she was one of the few unique angels. she could also shift into 2 forms; A small fennec fox and a little brown and white kitten. alone on earth with her wings damaged and slowly healing. her ties cut off from heaven because of the fall, she stumbles around, desperate for help, love, and acceptance, and wanting to go home. but she runs into a gorgeous man that smelled delicious just to be told by him, rejected? in pain and lost, she runs away and later runs into someone she felt more drawn to, and was accepted. Alpha Dominic Reynolds, best known as The Dark Reaper. the beast. animal. Hes been searching for her since 12 years ago when he turned 18. He was a 30 year old alpha lycan, and she now had her second chance mate. but her past comes back, and she must unlock her powers to survive against her family and ex-mate. Thing is, her new mate is hiding a dark secret, one that made him who he is today. An heartless monster lycan. And how will he react to his mates secret? How will she react to his secret? will she survive

Fantasy / Romance
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The Falling

Song for chapter-I Have Questions By Camilla Cabello.

Beware of enemies who come disguised as friends, if a person hates you, they won't want to see you succeeding at anything and they will try to discourage you where they get the chance.-Rashida Rowe.

Amani's pov

Growing up in heaven I knew I was different. I was beautiful like everyone else but different as in looks. And so was my wings and extra abilities.

Because of this, my brothers hated me while everyone else showered me with awe and attention.

I mean, I loved it, but I never felt so alone.

I wanted my brothers who would talk about earth as if it was a magical world when I was younger and they loved me for who I was.

A place better than heaven. I wanted to go but back then, which was 300 years ago, they said I was too young. I was 200 and fragile. Im still fragile.

What I lacked in fighting I made up for in brains, speed, agility, and power like abilities.

My two brothers are Michael's children and I'm Lucifer's only child. We're created not born btw. Another human term. So many. *sigh.*

Anyway, yeah, I thought everyone would hate me, but they didn't. They just pitied me. I was adopted into Michael's family since he was my uncle.

Oh, and incest, lgbt, trans, are not a problem here. I was told about them by Arctic. There's nothing wrong with changing gender or liking family as a couple and your own gender.

To be honest, it's a little awkward since I'm not used to it but I support it. Your tiny life to make it count, make it worthwhile. Your choice since it's your life and no one else's.

Arctic says everyone is judgemental down there on earth but why? Why waste your life judging everyone else for not being like yourself? Ridiculous!! They, my cousins, hated me since I was 250 years old when I got my wings.

Pervious, the eldest who is against anything that is weird to him like transgender. Yeah, rude. Jeru is the youngest but follows Michael and is secretly gay.

How I know? He told me before he hated me. I still keep the secret so Pervious doesn't hurt Jeru. no matter what they do to me, I still love them.

And my wings are more unique than anyones sadly. They are red fire, first ever in over 1,500 years since Ezekiel.

He died in war after his mermaid mate named Sea's death as an high ranking honor guard. He was three thousand years old.

Sea died by hunters while he was in heaven battling Hell which is over now. Through grief and rage since they hadn't had children yet, he "suicided" in battle. He fought too many demons at once and died.

They say the wings are dragon, hell fire, Sun God, and demon blood mixed. And they'll only go to those with that blood type.

So apparently i have a dragon shifter, Sun God relative, and he'll fire blood in me. Great.

My father's was orange fire, which has all that blood but the Sun God. His was actual Joshua's blood. Ironic with Hell, I know.

Arctic's teaching me everything about earth since I'm going I'm a couple days to look for my mate and explore before joining the Honor Guard.

Amazing, I know, but i don't belong as a warrior. I'm a lover, not a fighter. I can't change it though. Fate stinks when your special. Michael doesn't know about the abuse his sons do to me sadly.

I can't tell him or they'll make me fall to earth when they catch me so I can't ever come back and have an 80% chance to lose my wings and abilities permanently, if not my life.

Why do they hurt me? What did I do to them besides being different to make them hate me? I want my loving, funny, pranking goofballs back. But that'll never happen. I feel like the, orphan? No? Yes? I think? Oh well.

Falling isn't as luxurious as it sounds. I wouldn't know and I'm not asking my dad or finding out either.

Anyhoo, Michael sent him into a cage in hell when I was a baby even though i have some memories of him. All are nice besides him being cold and not loving. Sad, I know.

You know the crime? If not, watch the Supernatural show. It'll change your life!!😂😉 -EmberHeart

I just hope that one day they love me again. And maybe, they'll actually love me like a sister again. Hopefully after

I leave for earth they'll change.

And how right I was, but not the way I wanted it.

Two weeks later:Day before trip to earth.

I was excited. I was wearing my white dress to the knees with straps that I love with white heels that I hate! But I couldn't tell Onyx no.

Onyx grinned at me while her arms are looped with Sunny's arm, there expressions mirroring each others. Excitement and love for each other.

There mates. Although Sunny doesn't feel the bond yet since she hasn't turned 500 yet, Onyx can. Well, Sunny can feel a pull and affection for her.

Let me tell you, I also know there mates because Onyx was straight before her 500th birthday, and I'm not saying that as a bad thing. But she now loves a woman as in Sunny and only her.

Oh, and yes, they know about the bullying, but not the actual abuse they do to me.

I keep it to myself for their sales so Michael doesn't find out.

You excited? Asked Onyx. I grinned. I can't wait!! I told her with a huge smile on my face. You'll find the man or woman of your dreams. Sunny told me gently.

I smiled. I still remember my birthday, which was 2 weeks ago. I was and still so glad my bros aren't my mates else I'd get removed? I don't know. No one will tell me what happens if your mate doesn't want you since everyone believes my mate will.

But I want to prepare myself in case there racist or even sexist and hate me. Pain filled my heart at that thought.

A boom came through the air and we squealed with excitement. I was heading to earth now. Sunny couldn't because she isn't of age and Onyx already went two months and two weeks ago.

They always make you wait for two weeks to prepare you for earth. Don't show your wings, hide your abilities, stuff like that.

I jumped up and hugged two of my bffs. Arctic already left after we said our goodbyes to the training area for Honor Guards. She loves fighting and wants to be the best.

I'll miss you so much!! They screamed. I laughed. You to. I told them as I heard Jeru call out my name.

I stiffened and they gave me the run look and took off, their massive wings igniting the air around them with fire. I started running.

I didn't feel like flying. They knew this so they went ahead and waited for me. I do wish they hadn't left me alone.

I wanted to look around and say bye to Uncle Michael before I left. Wait!! He shouted, rushing up to me with s sheepish look on his face. He came from our safe spot near the oak tree next to the edge. It was five minutes of walking from here. I counted before so I knew.

It was our spot to talk and have fun while looking down at the clouds, wishing we could see earth. That was before they hated me.

Now I sit there alone and they have a new spot with multiple people, all laughing and having fun with me alone.

My friends soon joined me to make it less hurt since it was a spot for my brothers and I.

I was afraid. Would they beat me just when I'm about to leave? I thought fearfully.

Hey, we wanted to apologize. He looked away nervously, with a look of pain, like Fe felt bad for hurting me. I was delighted.

You do? I asked him with a big smile on my face. His face tightened up with sadness for a second before that vanished and he smiled more warmly.

Yeah, come on! He said and flew up in the air, his wings stroking the air with each thrust. We even have a gift for your birthday!!

He shouted and I smiled, forgetting about the "gift" they had given me.

They beat me til I couldn't walk, saying how I was a whore, special shitface, ugly piece of garbage. I didn't understand half of it but I knew it wasn't nice because it hurt. I healed within the hour, but the scars still remains on my skin.

I flew after him, my wings not ignited because I turned it off so they wouldn't have a reminder of why they hated me.

We landed at the normal spot and I didn't see Pervious. It began to rain and I had a bad feeling about this. Where's...?

Before I could finish my sentence, pain flowed through my scalp as a big warm hand grabbed my hair. I screamed, their betrayel already plunging a hole into my broken heart.

Pervious laughed. You honestly think we'd get a stupid whore like you a gift?!

He shouted from behind me. I was crying loudly, the rain keeping anyone from hearing my cries, like the heavens wanted this to happen. Your worthless! Scum! You don't deserve your wings! He shouted. Jeru watched me silently, his face looking so awful. I couldn't look at him. I felt disgusted. I was done with them.

What are you going to do about it? I shouted. I didn't choose my wings! You know this!

Why do you deserve them! He snarled at me, his silver sword from warrior training in his left hand while my long black hair was in his right.

I'm more better than you in every way! Why you?! He screamed. I laughed, although I knew what he was going to do.

That's why you weren't worthy of them! I sneered. He fumed and sliced my hair off to my ears. And my connection to heaven was gone.

I screamed in agony, my beautiful hair gone, my connection ripped from me like having your kidneys removed while you were awake. I was praying for God to hear my prayer, but there was nothing.

I was alone with them.

Pervious threw me to the ground with a murderous look of rage in his eyes. Just wait til were done with you. He growled.

They beat and sliced me to the point I couldn't breathe and move. Pervious held my throat in his hands and I stared back with one half open eye. Bub! Please! I whimpered.

His eyes flashed with sorrow, and for moment, I thought he would stop. But he proved me wrong. He didn't stop. His eyes went back to his state of rage and jealousy.

He lunged his foot out as he threw me backwards with a malicious smile and kicked me in the ribs, breaking them, as I fell to earth.

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