The Curse of a Silly Deal

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"Times seem like it had stopped. I can't even feel my own pulse. I can't hear any heartbeat. Soon, I felt the pain inside my chest slowly killing me..." How would you feel when your brother made a deal that endangers you every day? A silly deal made a young woman experience life and death every day. Granted that she has a powerful power. Until she met the king of Czephronia. Her brother's best friend. A mere stranger who was more powerful than her. Check out this story about a young woman experience in dealing with various danger because of the silly deal that her brother made.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Stranger


I walked faster and decided to jog. The stranger is a few meters away from me. I don’t want to stop, and I can’t stop now. Not when the stranger keeps calling my name and ordering me to stop. My whole body was drenched with cold sweat. It’s been half an hour since the stranger trailed behind me like a dog.

Gosh! Does he have a robot voice? He never stops calling my goddamn name! It was annoying as hell.

Why am I not terrified? You’ll know why, but soon.

“Emily! Stop!”

And how did he know my name? That too will be explained soon.

I shut my eyes tightly, furious. I persist on walking with my heart thumping wildly inside my chest.

Oh, a little warm-up will do!

I turn to the left hallway and disappear behind the crushed wall. As I expected, the stranger’s footsteps can be heard from where I was lurking right now.

“Emily, I know you are hiding behind that crushed wall,”

I rolled my eyes. I really want to ask him this.

‘Oh, really? How did you know?’

But, instead...

I snarled and balled my hands into a fist before leaping at him. He didn’t move an inch. But, I can see the sinister smile on his face. He dodged at my strike and punched my stomach as hard as he can.

How dare he hit a weak female?! I’ll kill him for sure!

‘Eh? Are you really a weak female?’

My dumb consciousness dumbly appeared.

I clamp my lips shut to stop the cries of pain that threaten to explode out from my mouth. We keep delivering punches and kicks to each other.

I saw he had a sword. But, it appears he doesn’t fancy using it. Good, he knows how to play fair.

I smirk. I can use my ability to knock this crazy man out. But, that’s not fair either.

However, I felt myself staggering for the first time since I fought with anyone!

He’s too powerful! I have to run!

I propelled him hard on the stomach with full force, enough to send him crashing the brick wall behind him. I took the chance to run. But before that, I wiped the blood trickling down on my muzzle before facing him.

“Stop following me!” I said with annoyance.

Using my ability, I ran at full speed. This isn't good. My brother would bark at me for using half of my power. I don’t know how he will respond if I use up all of my energy.

Oh, well! Draining it! Would he kick my ass?

I gasped when my chest throbbed in pain all of a sudden. However, it does shakes me to return to reality. I can sense black aura behind me, right now.

“Shit!!” I cussed lowly in panic.

The Lost Gate seems to be the only option to hide right now. Dealing with the threat inside it will be much manageable. Hiding behind one of the black room which is completely dark, I turned off any signs of my presence around the area.

Not before I felt something viscous moving beneath my feet. Using my power-which is a stupid move-to make a small light in my left hand, I look down to see what is moving beneath my feet.


I gritted my teeth at the spectacle before me. It was a bloody big worm!


I wouldn't say I like worms with passion. The parasite creates a sound to inform it’s companions regarding my presence.

The worm moves in front of me and raises its head, followed by two more of the disgusting creatures. The creatures perform an unearthly sound before charging at me.

I smirked.

“Not that simple, you dirt!”

Raising my right hand, I smirk even more when I listened to the sound that had becomes my favourite. The sound of wind and thunderstorm combined. I launched it to the worms and balled my hand into a fist. I watch as the room shifts red with blood splattering all over the room.

I run to locate my way out. That’s when I noticed; I'm lost. Well, this place sure matched its name—the Lost Gate.

Frustration began to grow inside my body. Disregarding the black aura, I cried in pure rage. The walls shake as I undo another energy out from my body. I can’t sense the black aura anymore as my power is nearly diminished. Still, I can hear footsteps approaching me.

The stranger!

Using what’s left of my power, I struck the stranger. After that, everything becomes still. Except for my breathing.

Something is wrong! My power!

Even if it was the only power left, it should have made the stranger collapse or severely wounded.

Who is this stranger?

Why doesn’t my power work on him?

Times seems like it had been stopped.

I can’t even feel my own pulse.

I can’t hear any heartbeat.

Shortly, I feel the ache inside my chest, moving slowly to kill me. I gasped.

I looked down at the sword that had pushed its way from my front chest to my back.

The stranger draws his sword back as I whimper. My right hands shot up to cover the hole on my chest tightly, trying to stop the bleeding.

My body trembles in chills before it grows numb. My vision obscured. Before I crashed on the hard ground, the stranger catches me and carry me bridal style.

“Why do you keep running away from me, my love?”

That’s the last word I heard before I drift off into the darkness.


I sighed in relaxation after Emily fainted. She had consumed all of her power. I didn’t intend to hurt her. Nor do I want to kill her. No and never. The only predicament is she is too stubborn.

I run at full speed.

We don’t want to be killed by Emily’s brother.

I halted when I reach the big mansion in front of me. It was enough for my trusted people to live inside of it. I wanted to take her to my castle. But, I know my people would do better than me to treat her. A few minutes later, I saw Jeff walking out of the mansion.

“Hey, Jeff!”

His eyes widen when he saw me. He hurries to my side, taking Emily from me.

He knows her. Of course.

Who wouldn’t know a powerful and gorgeous woman like her?

“What happened?”

“Just treat her,” I narrowed my eyes at him.

He gulps. He knows better than to mess with me. I turn around, ready to go back to my palace. I stopped mid-track, realizing that I overlooked something.

“Jeff,” I turn back to him.


“Don’t let anyone touch her,”

With that, I rush back to my castle.


I am astonished on what happened to Emily. The king of Zoliat younger sister is known to merely everyone. It’s because of her unique ability. She can’t be knock out easily.

Damn that particular ability.

She can run in full speed, fight, produce a storm, wind, and fire, she heals fast and the worst ever, she can throw every single person with her scream and eyes if she wanted to.

Now, I don’t know what really happened to her. Maybe, she’s too preoccupied with the king attractiveness and got stabbed in the process.

I smirked at the thought of it.

I couldn't help but beamed proudly at my king’s power.

He’s powerful, he’s my idol, and he knocked the most influential person ever.

I snapped out of my thought when I heard a gasp. I turn towards the person and saw Aunt Melissa’s jaw dropped to the floor. I walk to the guest room upstairs and Aunt Melissa barge with a box full with tools to treat her.

“He doesn’t want anyone to touch her,”

I said to her, but she only narrowed her eyes at me. I roll my eyes at her before I step out from the room, knowing that she’ll take care of her.

Author note:

Hello guys!! So, I’ve been wondering if this first chapter is okay for you?!

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