The Demon Child

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Bonnie Shmit was never normal from the start. When she was born the doctors knew there was something wrong with her.She was a demon. When she was born there was a fifty fifty change of her being a demon. Her mother was a human while her father was a demon. As she grew she couldn't see anyone besides her best friends because she couldn't control her powers.What happens when she goes into a abandoended house and her friends start dissipearing.

Fantasy / Action
Ava Gaudette
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was a calm and boring day as Bonnie Shmit went grocery shopping. She was 15 and her parents thought that she could go outside and buy them some food. The rather tall and skinny pale female went grocery shopping. She got a few things for dinner and other days and went to go check out. She was waiting in line before she gets a text. It was from her mother, Ashley. 'Hurry up maggot' her mother texted to her. She had a rather abusive relationship with her parents. It was both verbal and actual abuse. She turned to smoking after they started abusing her. She got to the front of the line then payed for cigs and the food she got. Bonnie goes to her car and unloads the groceries into her car and shuts the door. Bonnie gets into her car and drives back home. She opens the trunk and gets the food. Bonnie opens the front door with her pale skinny hand and goes inside. She hears when she got in her parents arguing.Again. She sets the groceries down in the kitchen and goes into her room. Bonnie flops onto her bed tired from shopping for that long. She takes off her shoes and falls asleep on her bed.

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