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The last spirit wolf

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Heather, raised to believe that she's a normal girl with a normal family finds out that it isn't the truth. "You lied to me? All this time I thought I was normal living a normal lie but you decide that now is the time you tell the truth?! I thought we didn't keep secrets in this house!"

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Chapter 1

13 years ago

I sit on the floor as my dad gets ready to tell a story.

“Alright heather. Come sit here.” I jump up from the floor and sit down next to him on the couch. “Alright. Let me think.. Ah I know a story!”

I curled up in my blanket that was laying on the couch.

“There once was a sweet girl named Hope. She wasn’t an ordinary girl though. She was a goddess. No one wanted to be her friend. She was an outcast. Until one day when she was visiting earth she met a wolf. They became best friends and were always together. But then it was time for her to go. She was heartbroken because she didn’t want to leave the wolf. She had two choices. 1. Leave and never see the wolf again. Or 2. Stay with the wolf but it would have big consequences.”

“What did she do?” I look at my dad with wide eyes.

“Well, Hope chose to stay with the wolf.” “What happened then?”

I was very curious as a child.

“Hope begged Selene the moon goddess to make her one of the wolves but also stay human. She did and she made her a werewolf but since Hope was a goddess she became a special kind of werewolf. She became a Spirit wolf. Hope was no longer the goddess of kindness. She lost her powers and became the goddess of the spirit wolves. She got new powers. With her new powers she made her best friend and his pack also spirit wolves.”

I giggled.

“She could communicate with the wolves in any form. Hope and the wolf became mates and they had a beautiful son. Their bloodline became bigger and bigger. But then Hope’s mate died. She was heartbroken again.”

“What did she do?”

“She couldn’t continue living with a broken heart so she begged the gods to let her go to heaven to be with her mate. They knew how heartbroken she was so they let her. Hope and her mate now watch over the spirit wolves from heaven.”

“Wow” I smiled.

“Okay Heather it’s time for bed now!”

“Ahhw.” I sighed.

My dad stoop up and picked me up. He gave me a kiss on the head and brought me to my bed. “Goodnight Hunny Pie.”

“Goodnight” I yawned. He gave me another kiss on my head and then turned off the lights. I close my eyes and fall asleep not long after.

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