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Chapter 2

I ran on until what I was guessing was almost dusk. Since it was July, it was still somewhat warm out and I was extremely thirsty after running for so long. Once I’d stopped, I listened to see if I was being followed at all.

Snap. Something had stepped on a twig. My whole body whipped around as I held my dad’s pistol in front of me with two hands, ready to shoot anybody who came out of the shadows. Even though my body was exhausted, the adrenaline I felt woke my senses back up and I sensed that there were people around me.

“I know you’re there.” I heard my voice tremble somewhat as I spoke. My parents had just been killed by these crazy people, and I had to live on for them. But without any experience being outside, I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

“How did you know, Miss Elena, when we weren’t even the ones who snapped the twig?” A voice purred from the shadows. It had to be a male voice. The trees stood relatively still, and if I wasn't being hunted down then I would've been at awe in all the green that surrounded me from the leaves on the trees to the soft green grass that was now below me after running over gravel and rocks.

“I can sense you,” I growled, my hands moving to point the gun towards the voice. “I can tell that I’m being watched, that there are people around me.”

“Not normal people necessarily.” My heart rate sped up. There was no way that anything other than human beings could be real. But then again I'd never been out of the house. I had no clue what was real and what was fake.

“What do you mean?” I asked nervously, my palms slightly slippery as I was now fearing for my life.

“I can smell the adrenaline rushing through your veins, Miss Elena. You have so much to learn. If you come with us then we won’t hurt you.”

“That’s a lie. You just killed my parents. You want me dead too.” There was a snarled remark that I couldn’t decipher as a hand grabbed at my throat, another one grabbing my wrists so that I couldn’t shoot the gun. I felt a warm sensation on my neck as I looked into a pair of red eyes. I looked down to see that the cross my mother had given me had turned white and was smoking from where the man had tried to grasp me. He hissed in pain and dropped me, grabbing his hand in pain. I quickly raised my arm and shot at him out of instinct as more people came forward. All with red eyes. Vampires. I looked around and saw that there were five others. I didn’t have something to kill vampires, gun wounds would only cause temporary pain and wouldn’t give me enough time to run. As a smaller female vampire launched herself at me, the adrenaline and instinct took over. I bent down and grabbed a shard of wood, driving it into her chest. She screamed and went limp in my arms. I ripped the shard out and stabbed another vampire in the stomach as he tried to grab ahold of me. The first vampire, who had dark brown hair, dived for me and all of a sudden my whole body felt warm. Everything went white for a moment and just as suddenly as the light came, it left. All six vampires were laying on the forest ground, dead.

My legs collapsed and I fell to my knees. I was covered in vampire blood and everything hurt. My muscles had never felt so tired and I hardly had the strength to keep myself from falling to the ground and passing out. Footsteps suddenly sounded as someone ran towards me. I whipped the gun in the direction it was coming from and shouted.

“Stay back!” I yelled, mustering up all the energy I could.

The footsteps kept coming, and I heard small paws gently padding the ground as well. My body was filled with a cool warmth, not like that from the white light or the summer heat, but an ‘at home’ feeling. A young man ran out from the tree with a puppy beside him.

“Elena! What happened?”

“Are you David?” He stopped in his tracks, the puppy following suit.

“I am.”

“My parents told me only to trust you. No one else.” I was feeling more tired as each moment passed by.

“Are you hurt?” He closed the distance between us and slowly pried the gun from my hands. He knelt down by me, his hands hovering. “Is it alright for me to touch you?” He was hesitant, not wanting to freak me out any worse. I nodded and mumbled a "Yeah." He gently took my hands, which had several small cuts. His hands then moved up my arms, which left dull sparks of pleasure in every spot he touched. I was wearing a black tank top and black shorts since I hadn’t had the chance to change into normal clothes. My feet were torn up since I had run barefoot. I looked over to the puppy, who looked back at me, tongue hanging out of its mouth happily.

“Is your puppy a boy or a girl?” I asked quietly.

David smiled. “She’s not mine.” I looked back over to him as he was busy checking my cuts. He had light brown hair with some red and blonde highlights styled up in spikes. His eyes were a caramel/golden color.

“Then whose is she?” He looked up at me, his eyes meeting mine.

“She’s yours. She was meant to be your birthday gift for your birthday. Her name is Ziva.” My eyes widened. I now had a puppy! “I’m sure that makes you very excited, but I need to get you down to the creek so I can wash out your cuts and make sure nothing is infected.”


“I’ll carry you.”

“I can walk.”

“Elena, you’re scraped up, bruised, and just fought off six vampires, although I don’t know how. Please let me carry you.” David’s eyes were pleading. He knew I was in pain.

“Alright.” He smiled slightly and picked me up, swinging me into his arms bridal style. As he started to walk my eyes began to feel heavy and after awhile I finally fell asleep.

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