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Chapter 3

I walked slowly while Elena slept so that I wouldn’t wake her, the little eight week pup stumbling happy beside me. She was a purebred German Shepherd and was going to be a strong guard dog for Elena when she got older. Elena’s parents had chosen Ziva because of her bloodline being known to be faithful and loving companions to the Dragomir family in previous generations. Having Ziva as one of Elena’s protectors would give me some ease in the back of my mind.

We made it down to the creek and I went up to the small campground type area, setting Elena down on a pile of blankets right next to the bank. Scooping Ziva up in one arm before she pounced on Elena, I went over to the ring of brick around a pile of wood and pulled a small box of matches from my back pocket. Lighting one quickly, I dropped it into the tepee of wood and it lit up, instantly warming the area. I went back over to Elena and set Ziva down to explore the campground area. I put a washcloth into the creek and drained a good amount of the water from it, gently beginning to clean Elena’s cuts so that she wouldn’t wake up. She needed the rest after the day she had had and I wanted to get these cuts all cleaned and bandaged up before dark. It was probably about eight o’clock at night and even though the temperature was warm, there was wind blowing.

I slowly cleaned out the cuts on Elena’s arms, then moved to her arms and after that got to her feet. There were some rocks lodged into cuts there, so I had to be as careful as possible to pull them out and then clean them. I was amazed Elena continued to sleep through it. Once I was done with her feet, there was one last thing to clean out, but I was afraid to look. She had just started bleeding through her tank top, which was concerning considering she had been perfectly fine there before. I slowly lifted her tank top until it was just below her bra line and stared down at her in horror. There was a large gash down her stomach that was a black color instead of bright red. The blood was trickling down her sides and I knew that this would hurt if I didn’t give Elena something to numb the pain. I quickly went to the medical building on the campground. All the rest of the people who had come with me were off hunting. I looked through the cupboards and shelves until I found Lidocaine, which would numb the pain of the gash. I quickly put what was needed into the syringe and quickly ran back outside. Ziva came with me and laid down by Elena, whining quietly as I put the syringe full of Lidocaine into Elena’s stomach. She was already fond of her.

I went back to the medical building, grabbing gauze, tape, a needle, and stitches. Coming back outside, I cleaned out the wound quickly and then carefully stitched it up. By the time I was done, Elena had only moved once or twice. Once she was all cleaned up and everything was bandaged, I gently picked her up and brought her into my cabin, setting her on my bed and covering her up with my black comforter. She curled into it, still asleep. Now that she was safe I could make sure my pack members were alright.

Taking out my phone, I saw that it was almost 11:00p. I sat down in a chair by the bed and let Ziva jump into my lap. Once I was settled in, I focused on my wolf and my pack, mindlinking my second in command first.

Elijah. I waited a few moments for him to response.

Is everything okay?? We haven’t heard from you since this morning and got worried. You don’t usually block us out with the pack mindlink.

Everything is alright now. Elena was hurt very badly by six vampires but I cleaned out her wounds and bandaged her up. She’s sleeping now. I’m hoping she’ll heal without too much trouble.

Good. Everything is okay here at the pack house. Are you at the campground on our territory at least?

Yes. On the furthest edge on the north side.

You’re way out there.

I didn’t expect her to even end up here. I thought she would be safe with her parents, but they were killed this morning. Both of them were shot right in front of Elena.

Oh no…

I felt my wolf, Jayden, start to pace in my head. He didn’t like it any more than I did that Elena had gotten hurt and that she had lost the only two people who had ever been a part of her life.

When will you bring her here, David? And tell her about the supernatural world?

I want to give her a few days to sleep and heal up. Then I’ll tell her about the supernatural world. She needs to be fully healed and know at least a little bit about the supernatural world before I bring her around the pack. We just need to make sure we have some of the Guard patrolling this area at all times. She is to be protected no matter what. Do you understand me?

Yes. I will go talk to them now and make sure that the pups are in bed. Goodnight, David.

Thank you, Elijah.

I’m your best friend and your Beta. It’s my job.

I know. But it still means a lot. Goodnight.


I sat there looking at Elena. If her parents had been killed so suddenly, that meant that Elena’s aura was becoming stronger. She was a supernatural being after all, and was going to be a very strong one at that. She knew nothing about her age, her lineage, or what she was. She had no contact with the outside world, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on how she took this whole supernatural thing. Vampires were nasty creatures, and they were lucky they were dead before I could reach Elena. Otherwise I would’ve let my wolf, Jayden, take control so that I could tear them to shreds.

Taking my phone out once again, I saw texts from various pack members from when I had blocked everyone out asking if I was okay and if something bad had happened. I took the time to answer them all individually over text instead of through the mindlink so that I could hear if anyone came up to the campground without being distracted by the mindlinking. Done with everything that needed to be done around midnight, I found myself falling asleep.

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