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Chapter 4

I woke up feeling warm… very warm. I quickly jumped up, swaying before two steady arms caught me. I felt sparks move up my arms and looked up to see David. His hair was disheveled and he looked exhausted, but he held me up until I was able to stand without falling over. Gently letting go of me, he sighed in relief.

“You should lie back down, you can’t be moving so abruptly when you’re trying to heal. It could cause your wounds to reopen, and it would make you take longer to heal or make it so that you end up with worse scars than you will as it is.” I could feel a slight pain around my stomach, but otherwise everything felt numb. Sitting back down, I looked down at myself. I had bandages along several cuts on my hands and up my arms. My feet were wrapped in royal blue gauze. Lifting my shirt up slightly, I saw that my entire stomach was wrapped in the same royal blue gauze, but it looked like I had bled through it quite a bit. “I’ll have to change the bandages soon and re-clean the wound.”

Looking back up at David, who was now sitting in a chair in front of me with Ziva in his lap, all of my questions began to surface.

“Who are you? My parents told me to trust you but I have no clue who you are. Or what you are… Vampires exist? Does that mean angels and werewolves and demons exist too? Are you going to kill me??” Panic began to build in my chest and I jumped back up from the bed, getting ready to run. But I began to feel dizzy again and David reached out a hand to steady me.

“You need to calm down Elena. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. Your parents trust me with your life, I won’t let anything happen to you.” I slowly sat back down, eyeing him warily as he went back to petting Ziva.

“I’m sure you’ve read about supernatural creatures. Angels, demons, vampires, werewolves… they all exist. It’s a constant battle between good and evil. As much as I would love to teach you everything about the supernatural world, you need to heal. If you’re willing to rest for just a few days so that you can heal up a bit, then I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Deal?” I thought for a few moments. I was still very groggy, and it’s not like I had anywhere to go anyways. My parents were gone, and that was literally all my life had revolved around. I had nothing left, so I wasn’t in a hurry for anything.

“Deal. But only for a few days. Then I want to figure out what on earth happened and who it was that killed my parents.”

“I will tell you in a few days as long as you rest like you’re supposed to. Are you hungry?” My stomach growled, making David smile. “I’ll grab you some food and I’ll be back.” He set Ziva down and left the tent. Ziva looked at me, her ears peeking up and her tail beginning to wag. She was adorable, and she was the first animal I had come into contact with in real life. I picked her up when she came up to me and I set her in my lap, gently petting her soft fur. I felt a cool sensation at my neck and looked down at my cross, which was its normal black color again. I sat there petting Ziva and recollected the events from yesterday.

My parents were gone, I’d run away and come into contact with vampires. I always thought that vampires were just fictional characters in the books I read. But they were real, and they had been after my parents and then me. I had met someone my parents clearly knew but I did not, and I had a puppy. Now I had no clue what was going on. I was out of what used to be my house, which was all I had known. I had no clue what this new life would be like. But I would figure out how the real world worked and survive for my parents’ sakes just like I promised.

As I was thinking to myself, David came in. He was wearing a black t-shirt that accentuated his biceps and chest. His blue jeans were tight on his hips and his black boots matched his shirt. He picked Ziva up in one arm and handed me a plate of food. There were scrambled eggs, two pancakes, and some bacon and sausage. Even though I didn’t know David yet, I trusted him enough that I was willing to shovel the food into my mouth quickly with the fork and hope that it wasn’t poisoned. Once I was done, he took the plate from me and went back outside, coming back in without the plate. He set Ziva down on my lap and sat back down in the chair. I was starting to feel tired already even though I had just woken up.

“You should get some more sleep. You need it.”

“But I just woke up. I feel fine.”

“Then at least let me change your bandaging.”

“Alright.” He got back up and left the tent. He came back with some gauze pads, blue gauze, and some wet washcloths.

“Lift up your shirt please.” I hesitated for a few moments and he sighed. Moving Ziva onto the bed next to me, he lifted my shirt so that it was at my chest and cut the blue gauze already wrapped around me with scissors. He slowly unwound it and then took off the gauze pads, which made it so that I could see the wound underneath. It was the most horrifying thing I had ever seen. Even though I had never been injured due to being stuck inside all of my life, I had seen some pretty bad wounds on my parents from getting hurt at work and I had read about characters in books that got hurt.

David took a washcloth and put it to my wound, causing me to yell in pain. It felt like I was getting stabbed. He took the cloth away for a few moments and then placed it back, gently cleaning the wound as I held onto the edge of the bed tightly so that I wouldn’t cry out again. Once he had finished cleaning the wound, he put new gauze pads on it and then rewrapped my stomach. As he finished coming around my back to the front of my stomach for the final time, his face came within a few inches of mine. My breath hitched for a moment, very aware of how close we were and that the sparks were a little stronger than before. David was the first to break eye contact, finishing with my wound and cutting the gauze. Once he was done, he sat back down in his chair and picked Ziva up, placing her in his lap.

“You should go back to sleep for awhile.”


“You said you would rest for a few days before I tell you everything. Please rest.” There was legitimate concern in his eyes, and I decided to listen since I was still tired. The pain in my stomach had dulled to a dull throb, and I laid down, turning to face the wall of the tent and falling asleep.

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