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Chapter 5

I let Elena rest for as long as she needed since it gave me time to take a short nap. I expected her to keep sleeping for awhile with how exhausted her body must have been, but I woke up to her screaming. Worried that someone had gotten into the tent, the wolf part of me let out a loud snarl as I jumped up and in front of Elena, facing the opening of a tent. But no one was there.

“David, it hurts!” I turned around to see Elena crying and clutching at her stomach. She was sweating badly and looked feverish. Quickly lifting the comforters, I saw a pool of blood on the bed sheets, her black tank top soaked in blood as well. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered. “I don’t know what happened. I woke up and was bleeding everywhere. It hurts so bad…” She broke down and I quickly brought her into a hug, her skin burning, Ziva at the foot of the bed whining in concern.

“Elena, I need to take the shirt off and see the wound. I don’t know what’s wrong but I need to figure it out fast. You’re burning up.” I went to mindlink the pack doctor, fear pulsing through my veins.

Lily, something is wrong with Elena. I need you and some of the pack members to get here now!

Yes, Alpha.

I picked Elena up and brought her to the medical building, setting her down on one of the white hospital beds. It was dark outside, around midnight. Ziva laid down by the entrance, her puppy eyes sad as I went to work. Grabbing a knife from my pocket, I tore Elena’s shirt off and looked at her stomach in horror. Ripping off the gauze next, I saw that the wound was opened again, the seam from the stitches gone. I looked up at Elena’s face, her eyes closed and the anguish clear. I grabbed a washcloth and soaked it in cold water in the sink, going back over to Elena and placing it on her forehead. I repeated this process until she had one on her forehead, one on each arm, and one on each leg. At that moment Lily ran in with two other members of the pack. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail and her blue eyes got wide when she saw Elena on the cot, shaking and whimpering in pain.

“What happened to her?” she asked, rushing over.

“She woke up screaming. I tore the shirt and gauze off and the wound was reopened. But nobody had done anything, and she’s burning up and the wound is worse than it was.’

“You work on cooling her off like you were and I’ll get to work on the wound. Xander, Braden, keep watch and make sure nobody is on the campground.” The two young men obeyed and I started making the washcloths freezing cold again as Lily got to work. She quickly washed her hands and put gloves on, grabbing a lamp light and some tools throughout the shelves and cupboards. She put pressure on the wound and started closing it back up with new stitches. The wound was still black, but she didn’t seem concerned about that at the moment. I let Elena grasp my hand and watched her grimaces, Jayden pacing in the back of my head in worry as well. I had no clue what had happened with Elena’s wound or why she had suddenly come down with such a bad fever.

As Lily finished stitching up the wound, she cleaned everything up and wrapped Elena up in an entire roll of gauze. She grabbed a needle full of something that I guessed would help with the pain, injecting it into Elena’s arm. Once Lily had went to wash her hands, I looked down at Elena. Her eyes were closed and she was still burning under my touch, but it looked like she wasn’t in as much pain anymore. Over the next ten minutes her grip on my hand continued to loosen until she was fast asleep.

Lily came over and motioned for me to follow her outside before she began to talk.

“I don’t know why her wound opened back up. But it’s black. Since it was caused by a vampire, it could take a long time to heal and it will definitely leave a scar. I’ll stay here with her until she’s healed up enough that we can bring her to meet the pack. That could take weeks though if her supernatural side doesn’t come out…”


“Because right now she’s stuck in human form. Until that supernatural side kicks in, she will heal the same as any other human. They heal very slow.” I sighed and brought my fingers to the bridge of my nose.

“Is there any way to make the supernatural side come out early?”

“No. But to be honest, her body fighting the wound itself could be enough for it to come out. Her body is going into overdrive trying to heal the wounds inflicted by the vampires, it’s possible that she’s getting ready to embrace her true nature. You do realize what will happen though, right?

“What do you mean?”

“She’s an angel child. One of the very few angels ever born and she’s the last now that her parents are gone. She’s sixteen, not fourteen. Her memories of everything and everyone besides that home life she remembers are hidden. She knows nothing about our world except from the books. When she receives her wings, she will look like her age instead of a child and she will be stronger even than many other supernatural beings. She’s the last of her kind, but she’ll be the strongest.”

“Will her body be able to make it long enough for that though?”

Lily was silent.

“Lily, I can NOT lose my mate. I’ve waited for her since the day she was born before I even felt the pull of the mate bond! She was born to be mine! I’m meant to cherish, love, and protect her with my life! I can’t do that if she dies on that bed!”

“David! You’ll wake her up.” I could feel tears in the backs of my eyes. I never cried. But the thought of losing Elena was too much for me, and Jayden was whimpering in the back of my head in agreement.

“I can’t lose her, Lily,” I whispered. “Not after everything I’ve done to keep her safe.”

“She’ll make it through this. She wouldn’t have been brought into the world as an angel if she wasn’t strong enough to handle it.” She smiled slightly and then walked back in with me behind her. I sat on a chair next to Elena’s bed and watched her quietly until I fell back asleep.

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