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Chapter 8

I think most people would’ve gotten bored after riding in a car or in an airplane or on a horse for twelve or more hours. But for me it was the greatest thing in the world. I had watched the trees go by and we went through some open fields that had looked beautiful in the moonlight. Feeling Jackson’s muscles work beneath me had me awestruck that something of normal nature could be so strong. Watching David running in front of us the entire time made me feel safe because I knew now that he would risk his own life for mine no matter how much pain he had to go through in the process. About an hour into the ride, two other wolves had joined us silently, probably just in case of an attack. Ziva slept on and off for the entire ride but didn’t seem to be bothered much at all. It wasn’t until sunrise that we reached a huge house: probably four or five stories tall. It was more like a motel in size.

Jackson, David, and the two other wolves slowly came to a stop until we were a few yards from the front porch. Three people came out from the house carrying clothes as everyone shifted. Turning my eyes from the changing guys, I looked more closely at the house. It was painted an ocean blue with black for the windows and the roof. The color reminded me of the color of my eyes and it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise since the color is that of royalty. David walked over to me wearing a black long-sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans with black combat boots. Taking Ziva from off my lap he held a hand out and helped me off of Jackson. A young girl took him by the reins and walked off without a word.

There was now a large group of people gathered around David and I as he handed Ziva back to me.

“Are you feeling alright? I’m surprised you didn’t fall asleep at all.”

“I guess there’s just been a lot of change so fast and I feel like I still have adrenaline going from all the excitement.” He and some others in the crowd chuckled a bit.

“Well then, I’ll introduce you to some of the pack and then we’ll get you food.” I smiled and we both turned to look at the crowd.

“As most of you know, this is Princess Elena, the last heir of the Dragomir family line. Her parents were killed two days ago by Black Soldiers, probably one of their snipers. She’s now going to be the most wanted person there’s ever been. Her aura is stronger than it’s ever been now that she has released her wings for the first time and no longer has the faint human aura that she used to have. She essentially has a walking target on her back and is not safe on her own. I know that this will be a huge responsibility for the pack, but it is our job to protect her. The Princess and I will be in and out a lot for a few months so that she can learn what she needs to in order to lead now that her parents are gone and to still be able to protect herself in case the need arises. I will have my best warriors training her and whenever I’m not here for any reason, Elijah is in charge just like usual. Does everyone understand?” Many people in the crowd murmured “Yes Alpha.”

“Good. Any questions?” About fifteen hands shot up in the air. “Alright, one at a time.” The interrogation began.

“How long will she be staying? If she has a target on her back then why would we keep her with the rest of the pack?”

“Because she is our hope of winning this war. She’s part of the royal fami--”

“She is his mate.” Everyone turned to look at someone who walked over to stand beside David. The two of them were about the same height, and he looked to be around the same age. He had light blonde hair that contrasted well with his tan complexion and ocean blue eyes that went well along with it. He wasn’t as muscular, but looked like he was still very agile and dangerous if he needed to be. He had an aura of dominance but not as much as David. He spoke again.

“You all know what it is like to have a mate. It’s a bond that cannot be broken unless one of the two dies, and that often drives the one who remains alive to insanity. He has a duty to love and protect the Princess with that bond alone. She is royalty. She is the last heir of the only royal family that has ever stood up for us. Princess Elena has been a part of this pack since the day she was born. We must protect her, even if it risks our lives. Now you can either deal with it or talk to me and David personally later.” David rolled his eyes at the guy but kept his mouth shut. There were some hushed conversations that started up as most of the pack began to break apart and head back inside. There had to have been more than a hundred of them. David and the guy turned to face me.

“Elena, this is Elijah,” David said proudly. The guy, Elijah, grabbed my hand and kissed it gently.

“Pleasure to meet you, Princess,” he purred. David let out a loud snarl as he swatted at his best friend, sending him a couple feet away after doing a backwards somersault. “Excuse my friend,” Elijah laughed, “he seems to be a little possessive.” I chuckled slightly at that as David began to shake.

“Do not EVER kiss my mate again. I don’t care if it’s her cheek, her lips, or her hand. Don’t do it.” Elijah continued to laugh.

“You’ll be alright. You know that I only see her as a sister anyways. You’re my best friend, I’d never do that to you. Even if she is the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.” Elijah winked at me and I blushed a little bit. David snarled in rage as he pounced on his best friend, sending them tumbling over each other several times before David finally had Elijah pinned. Finally being worn out, Elijah gave in. “I won’t kiss your mate ever again. I was just messing around, you know that.” David jumped back to his feet, still angry but no longer shaking or growling.

“Just messing around is probably what will get you killed one day.”

“Well, at least I’ll know that I served my purpose while I was alive. Always having a good time.” Even David smiled at that one. The two guys walked back over to me.

“Alright, Princess Elena. Are you ready to eat? I’m guessing David didn’t bring any food for the way here. He’s not too good at bringing provisions on a long trip.” David shot Elijah a dirty look, but didn’t say anything.

“I’m starving. I’m definitely ready to eat.”

“Shall we?” Elijah held out his elbow and we both chuckled as David got possessive again. Taking hold of Elijah’s elbow gently, I knew that he and I would be very good friends. We followed a fuming David into the packhouse and I was struck by just how big it was. The room we were in was even bigger than the house I thought I’d always been in, and that house had been pretty big. There was an area with several nice tables were set up with four chairs each. Some people sat playing board games while others were writing or reading. There was a large TV that had to have been at least 80”. In that area there were some large couches and a few armchairs. Some younger kids were sitting in bean bag chairs in front playing Mario Kart while some of the adults sat watching or drinking coffee and talking. There were two ping pong tables, a foosball table, an air hockey table, two things of corn hole, and a few different video gaming stations with comfy chairs which were all pretty occupied. To the left was a doorway that looked like it went into the kitchen. I got a few looks from people but David and Elijah didn’t pay them any attention as we walked into the kitchen, full of so many different foods that even I was amazed. I quickly grabbed a plate and joined the line of people getting the food buffet-style, the guys right behind me.

“Am I in heaven?” I asked dreamily. The guys laughed.

“No Little Angel,” David crooned. “Although heaven is missing one of there best.” He tilted my chin up to look at me but I became interested in the food as we had reached on of the counters.

“Dang dude, you just got turned down,” Elijah chuckled, earning himself a punch on the arm by David. I piled my plate with eggs, pancakes, sausages, and multiple pastries before going back into the large room from before and sitting down at one of the tables. David sat down so that I was on his right side and scooted my chair closer to his. I frowned a bit and moved back, making him growl quietly. Elijah was still chuckling as he and I both dug into our food. I was so preoccupied with eating that I didn’t bother to say anything when David brought my chair close to his again. He began to talk while I ate, clearly still upset that his best friend and I had teamed up with each other.

“Elena, this is my best friend and Beta, Elijah. He was born only a few months after me. We were raised together like brothers and his father before him was the Beta of the pack while my father was the alpha. So when my father stepped down, I stepped up and brought Elijah up as my second-in-command. When I’m not here, Elijah keeps an eye on everyone and keeps me up-to-date about missions going on, the pups, and how the pack is doing. When I’m here, he assists me with different things and often oversees training. He’ll probably be one of the people that helps to train you.” By now I had finished my food and was listening intently until I looked David in the eyes. He was looking back at me, a million emotions showing in those gold pools. I gently took his hand and smiled.

“I’m sure he and I will get along just fine. Now will you eat?” He smiled slightly, barely enough to be noticeable, but it worked. He was no longer mad. He started eating some pastries, happy that I was holding his hand. I looked around at all the different people and scanned the room until my eyes landed on a couple that was walking towards us. The woman had brown hair like David’s and brown eyes. The man had brown hair and gold eyes.

His parents, I thought sadly. His parents are still alive. Mine are really gone. Tears sprung to my eyes and I stood up abruptly, running out of the room and out the front door.

“Elena!” David called out after me. But I continued to run. Ziva had been sleeping on the porch but jumped up when she saw me running. I quickly scooped her up and called upon my angelic side. My wings shot out and I flew into the air, probably about twenty yards up. I began to fly in the direction of the woods and heard David yelling.

“Elena, please come back! You’re not safe by yourself! Please…” His voice faded away and I could feel something break. He was heartbroken that I’d just flown away, and I could literally feel that pain. It was horrible. Not used to so much going on at once, I lost control and felt myself crash back onto the ground. I had enough energy to tuck Ziva into my arms so that she was safe. It took a few feet or so before I finally stopped sliding. My wings were now scraped up and muddy, the cuts oozing gold. My arms were scratched up and my white clothes were snagged on twigs and dirty. I could hear David and a few other voices calling me in the distance, but it was far away. I had no energy left to even yell.

I couldn’t be away from my mate. Now that I knew about the supernatural world, I had to abide by its rules. I had angelic powers. I had a mate, and that was a bond I would never be able to break.

Snap. I turned my head to see someone walking up to me. Thinking I was going to be okay, I relaxed.

“Hello, Miss Elena. I see we meet again.” My eyes shot open as I looked to see the red eyes I dreaded so much from our first encounter. It was that damned vampire.

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