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The Chosen One

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How do you deal with having three mates and powers like never before? Oh and lets not forget you can only choose one. Ashley is just a regular girl trying to get through life. Starting a new school in a new town shouldn't be that bad, right? Until you throw in Dylan, and Blake. Both alphas with egos the size of the empire state building. Both with a connection like no other to Ashley. The only problem though is she can only choose one.

Fantasy / Romance
Queen Vega
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Chapter 1

After unpacking my bags, I laid back on my bed letting out a sigh. My mom has decided to move us again, this time Florida. Ever since my dad passed away my mom has been moving around a lot, it’s like she can’t get far enough away from the memories of him. Even though she has remarried and moved on. I’m hoping we’ll last here much longer than the last place at least.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Ashley Parker, my friends used to call me Ash for short. I live with my mom, her new husband, his evil daughter Jessica and my brother Jake. We’re all 18 and will be seniors in our new high school we start tomorrow.
I went to my closet to see if I could find something half decent to wear on my first day. It’s bad enough we’re starting in the middle of the year, the least I could do is try to look presentable. I settled on a black tank top and red skinny jeans. After getting my clothes out I decided to finish straightening my room. I loved my new room, the walls were dark blue, and I had carpet floors. Every other place I only had wooden ones. Now all I needed to do was add my personalized touch to it. I opened a box full of posters from my previous rooms. I’ve collected maybe over six dozen. This is going to take a while.
Two hours later and I was done, I decided to get on Facebook and see what everyone else was doing with their lives. I had two notifications from my friends back in California.

“Hey babe I’m already missing you.″ My best friend Cassie wrote on my page.

“This town is so boring without you!” Jeremy my other friend wrote.

I saw that they were still online and decided to video chat them. I spent the remainder of my time gossiping about everything I’ve missed since I left, until Jake called me down for dinner. My mom always insisted that we ate dinner together like a “happy” family. She was too blind to see that I disliked Jessica as much as she disliked me. When my mom first informed me that her new husband had a daughter I was ecstatic, thinking of all the girly things we could do together that I couldn’t do with Jake. That was until I met her, and I knew we would never be friends. She was stuck up and spoiled.

After dinner I decided to shower and just call it a night. I needed to be fully awake and prepared for tomorrow. Who knows what’s in store for me?


The next morning, I got dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast. Jake was sitting at the table on his phone with a bowl of cereal in front of him.

“Where’s my breakfast?″ I asked Jake putting as much authority in my voice that I could, which wasn’t much.

He rolled his eyes not at all effected by my tone. “In the cabinet where you left it.”

I scowled at him before going to the cabinet digging around for my favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes. Just as I grabbed the box we heard footsteps stomping down the stairs. Which could only mean one thing, Jessica was woke. I turned around to see her dressed in a purple mini skirt and a hot pink tank top with the words man stealer across the chest. More like untamed slut.

“Are you going to school or the local strip club?” I smirked at her. This was too good an opportunity not to tease her. She wasn’t a morning person, so I knew she wouldn’t have a comeback. She flipped me the finger as she grabbed a granola bar and made her way to the front door. I looked at Jake, he just shrugged. We were used to this by now.

“I take it you’re riding with me then.” He announced getting up and dumping his bowl full of milk in the sink. I never understood why he didn’t drink his cereal milk, that was the best part. I nodded as I hurried and finished my cereal. Jessica and Jake both had their own cars. Jessica had hers when they moved in, and Jake got his on his seventeenth birthday. Now I’m just waiting for my mom to bless me with a reliable gift.

We pulled up at the school and my eyes widened and the sheer size of it. Was this a school or a mansion? How many classrooms did this thing have?

“Are you coming with me to get our schedules?” Jake asked as I stared open mouthed out the window.

I nodded my head as I finally got over my shock and got out of the car. Walking up the steps I received several stares from the students hanging around outside. I expected this reaction, being the new kid and all, I just hope the rest of the school year doesn’t go like this. We finally made it to the office when my phone chirped in my pocket, I took it out seeing it was a text from my mom.

Have a wonderful day at school! Love you.

I was about to reply when I bumped into someone, causing me to drop my phone.

“Watch where you’re going loser.” I looked up to see a girl with blonde hair glaring at me.

“Excuse me?” I understand I bumped into her because I wasn’t paying attention, but she doesn’t have to be rude about it. Accidents happen, just look at Jessica.

“Just watch where the hell you’re going.” She says, storming off. I stared after her, she reminded me so much of Jessica that I wondered if they were related. A long-lost sister we didn’t know about maybe?

“Don’t mind her she thinks she owns this school.” I heard a voice comment from behind me.

I turned around to see a very cute boy with dirty blonde hair leaning against the office door. Has he been there the whole time? And where did Jake go? Not knowing how to reply I just stared at him. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re deaf, I don’t know any sign language.” I giggled as he said this, making me roll my eyes. These days if you ignore a guy you’re either dumb or deaf apparently.

Holding my hand out I introduced myself. “I’m Ashley, first day here.”

“Cool that means you need help getting around, and I’m the man for the job. Name is Derek.” He winked at me before releasing my hand, his mouth forming into a smirk.

“Alright just let me grab my schedule.” I walked into the office seeing Jake nowhere in sight. How the heck did he even get past me? I grabbed my schedule and quickly made my way back to Derek.

“So where are you from?” He began making conversation as we headed towards my locker.

“California.” I studied my scheduled and groaned when I realized all my classes were on opposite sides of the building from each other. That’s a lot of walking.

We stopped at my locker and he turned to me. “Cool I’ll be back I need to stop at my locker before the bell rings ok?” He informed me.

I nodded, he took off around the corner. I was putting my stuff up in my locker switching it out for the books I would need when I decided to look down the hall. My eyes landed on the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my eighteen years of life. Next to Ryan Reynolds of course. He had dark brown hair that looked very unkept, and he was well fit from what I could see, his tight black shirt not leaving much for the imagination. There was a group of people standing around him, maybe one or two guys and a hundred girls. Ok maybe not a hundred but there was a lot of girls. From what I could see Jessica was one, I also spotted the girl I bumped into earlier. I’m not surprised to see them together. He had his arms around the waist of the girl I bumped into, I’m guessing they’re a thing. High school power couple perhaps?

As if he could feel me looking he looked up from his conversation, making eye contact with me. I was awestruck by how blue his eyes were, making his brown hair stand out even more. He smirked and I noticed I was openly checking him out, and I didn’t care one bit. You should never shy away from looking at a sight so drool worthy.

“Hey, the bells about to ring you ready to go?” I jumped not realizing Derek was back. I broke out of my trance turning to him with a smile. Get it together Ashley he’s just another high school boy. A taken one too. You’re not a home wrecker.

“Yeah let’s go.”

As we started walking the opposite way from the model type guy I couldn’t help but to glance back. He winked when he saw me looking at him again. I felt my cheeks get warm as I quickly turned around.

Once we made it to the classroom I followed Derek as he walked to the back, my favorite place to sit. I sat down getting settled into the seat next to him, pulling my pencil and paper out my backpack.

“How long have you been going here?” I asked Derek to break the silence. The bell wasn’t going to ring for another five minutes or so and I didn’t want to sit here bored.

“Since freshman year. It’s a good school I promise you’re going to like it.” He smiled over at me. A smile that looks like it has broken many hearts.

“Why did you say the girl I bumped into earlier thinks she own the school?” I asked him curiously. Did her dad own the building or something? Was he the principle?

“Well she’s dating Blake the soon to be Alpha.” Blake must be the guy from the hall. What a nice name, it fits him too.

“Alpha?” He looked panicky for a moment as if that accidentally slipped out.

“Never mind.”

“Ooook.” I said dragging out the ‘o’, that was weird.

“Do you have any brothers or sisters that go here?” It was obvious he was trying to change the subject, I decided to drop it for now. I just met the guy no reason to start hounding him about private things.

“Yes, my brother Jake and my step-sister Jessica.”

More kids started filling in the classroom as we conversed. I stared at the door hoping for a certain person to walk in. That certain someone walked in moments later alone. His eyes locked on mine the moment he walked through the door. I felt my hands start to sweat as he came walking our way. He sat in the desk on the other side of me and I held my breath. Was it hot in here or was it just me?

“Hey, you’re new here right?” He asked in a very husky voice. I nodded my head, unable to form a complete sentence all of sudden, like enough blood wasn’t getting to my brain. Why am I suddenly speechless? This close I could smell his cologne and it was clearly affecting my brain cells.

“My names Blake Ryder.” He held out his hand for me to shake.

“Ashley.” I tell him, placing my hand in his. As soon as our skin touched I felt electricity go through me. I gasped, pulling my hand back. Shock crossed his features before he turned his focus to Derek, as if he just noticed him.

“Hey little brother.” He said in a teasing voice to him. I turned around opened mouth, looking at Derek not seeing the family resemblance at all.

“Your brother?” I asked stupidly. Blake chuckled but I ignored him.

“Unfortunately yes, that douche bag is my brother.” Derek smirked at Blake. Now I can see the resemblance.

“That’s Mr. Douche bag to you.” Blake playfully scolded him. I giggled, causing Blake to smirk in my direction, showing his pearly whites. Was he sculpted after a god? Derek just rolled his eyes, not at all fazed by his brother behavior.

“So new girl why did you move here?” Blake asked turning to me.

“My names Ashley and it’s none of your business.” I snapped crossing my arms over my chest.

This was a mistake, I caused my boobs to push up making Blake eyes automatically drawn to them. I quickly dropped my arms embarrassed. Blake’s eyes met mine looking darker and more intense than before. Before he could say anything, I turned in my desk focusing on my work. I could still feel his eyes on me most of the class. I didn’t dare look over.

When the bell rang for second period Derek stayed back waiting for me. Unlike Blake, he walked to the door before looking back at me.

“See you around new girl.” He winked before walking out. I turned to Derek who simply shrugged, before grabbing my arm and pulling me out the classroom. I sighed, this is going to be a long year.

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