Shame on Me Book 2 (Spell me)

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Major editing in a few months. Thaddeus and Millicent are back in the action again. With all of the Houston House and all the kids. they start on a new adventure. Thaddeus, a warrior who is eight-hundred-years-old and a Vampyre/witch. with his wife Millicent, who is a powerful Witch/vampyre, are about to find out what they are made of—again—and it ain’t going to be easy. Thaddeus and Millicent start a new set of trials in Texas, with a bunch of surprises along the way. Now it’s the older kids and babies turn to shine, and they do it in a spectacular way, with a little help from the Houston House. But they are pulled in several different directions, especially down. Will the Houston House stand and find all the traitors? Can they all pull their weight and do what needs to be done? Come along for the ride and see what the Houston House can do or not do.

Fantasy / Mystery
Stormie Stafford
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Chapter 1

I couldn't believe it had already been a month since we had taken down the Imposter Vampyre Council Leader. It was a relief that he was out of my life. I knew there was something off with him, but I could never figure out what it was. I would have never guessed that he was a warlock/vampyre.

Millicent and I finally got our three-week vacation, but everyone knew they could get a hold of us and we would be there in seconds, but so far our Houston House has been quiet, except for my daily reports from Ghost.

It was time for us to head back to Houston, but boy, we didn't want to go back to work. It was a necessity we knew we couldn't back away from. We still had the rogues and demons to take care of, not something we could shirk off even if we wanted to. The humans needed someone to protect them from the monsters in the world--us.

Millicent, the kids, and I, along with Elijah, Ginger, Kamdyn, and Thistle returned from our vacation. As soon as we got home everyone disappeared. I was the only one unpacking our clothes. Kamdyn had left with the kids for training or so he said. Millicent was with Ginger helping her unpack, but I was sure she only went with Ginger to gossip.

"Great, so I got stuck with unpacking," I said to myself. I mean, it wasn't like I didn't have a lot to do, including paperwork.

Well, how about that? I just cheered myself up. I rather unpack than do paperwork. Who would have thunk it?

Millicent and Ginger were walking to Ginger's rooms and quietly talking about their vacation in Tahiti. A vacation they both had loved and were ready to go on again.

Millicent asked, “How long do were' animals carry babies, Ginger.”

“About seven months.”

“Yours and Thistle’s babies will be about two months apart.”

Ginger inquired, “What about Thistle?”

“What about her?” Millicent asked.

“Well, she is a witch and Kamdyn is a were’. Do you think everything will be okay with the baby?”

“They will be fine, and this is not the first time a witch has fallen in love with a were’. I mean, look at Wizard and Ivy,” Millicent answered.

“Good, then. I wasn’t sure if that had happened before, especially with a child in the picture.”

“It happens more than you think,” Millicent said. “At least that’s what I was told.”

Thistle and Kamdyn were getting ready for their meeting. They had a lot to do. They were trying to unpack and check on the ships coming in and it was not easy. Especially since both of them had a lot on their mind, too.

Kamdyn started pacing trying to phrase his question so he wouldn’t worry Thistle.

“Quit pacing, honey,” Thistle said. “Spit out your question. Your pacing is making me nervous.”

“Do you think everything will be okay with our daughter?”

“I’m sure it will be, but I want to check with the Co-Vampyre Council Leader.”

Kamdyn wiped the sweat off his forehead, stopping his pacing at the same time. “Whew! I feel much better.”

“I will talk to her after our meeting,” Thistle said.

The Teams showed up at the door to the Meeting Room at exactly the same time.

I looked over at Wizard and saw him shaking his head. I guess we were all getting more physic by the day, if not by the minute.

Millicent saw Wizard and her husband shaking their head. She knew what her husband was thinking. It was still freaking him out over everyone being physic.

We waited until everyone was seated and quiet, spelled the doors, and started our meeting.

“Alright, folks. I’m going to have Kamdyn tell us what’s on the high seas,” Millicent said.

Kamdyn stood up. “A lot,” Kamdyn answered cheekily.

I looked over at Kamdyn and started laughing. “I take a vacation and Kamdyn’s a comedian.”

The Teams were laughing and trying to get themselves under control. It took a while, but finally, everyone was somewhat quiet.

“I have been hanging out with the Vampyre Council Leader and he’s one funny and scary dude,” Kamdyn said as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Star, do you want to show everyone else scary?” I asked.

Star laughed at her crazy dad and came out of shadow.

I did a double take. I had been so busy that I didn't realize how much she had grown up or I didn't want to think about it.

Star was beautiful, at least in my book. She had her mom's long red hair and she stood about six-feet even. She had a thin figure, but she also had muscles from working out in the gym. I couldn't believe how much she looked like her mom.

“Goodness, how old are you now, girl?” Ginger asked.

“In human years I would be twenty-five,” Star stopped and looked at her mom, “hey, I’m legal now.”

“No, you are not,” Millicent and I said.

“You are grounded girl,” Millicent said.

The Teams started laughing again. They knew there was no way Star would or could be grounded. The kids could get out of anything.

“I want to see how you ground these kiddo’s or any of them,” Allyssa said.

“We need to get back on track,” I said before Millicent was sent somewhere she didn’t want to go, like hell.

“After all the print-outs, we have approximately sixty-two ships coming in,” Kamdyn said.

“That seems like a lot,” I said. I had a bad feeling and one I wasn’t going to say out loud. I was afraid it would come true. I had to remember to not let the Universe or the Fates hear me.

“It is. The imposter was sending ships before you left the Old World,” Kamdyn explained.

“He was mad in every way possible,” Millicent said softly.

“What if the imposter wasn’t the only person who was or is sending ships?” MacKail asked.

“What a terrifying thought,” Millicent said as he shuddered.

“It could be true, and something our resident genius may want to check out,” Axel said as he looked at Kamdyn.

“Does that mean I am the genius,” Kamdyn asked cheerfully.

“Yes, it does,” Ghost said quietly.

“I like it.”

“All right, Teams, we still have demons, demonesses, I mean, demonettes. Yeah, can't believe I would forget my nickname for the ugly things. We also have rogue werewolves and rogue vampyres to take care of,” I said getting back on track.

“We know we didn’t get all of them before we left for Tahiti, so to work we go,” Millicent said.

“I want all the Teams to go out together,” I said. I didn’t want to lose any more of our people, or for any of them to go back to hell. It was happening more often than what I ever wanted to see and I didn't like it, I thought.

“Dad, did we check all the shipping containers? The ones at the Ports and the ones still at sea?” Blaze asked.

“I guess no one should get comfortable,” Star said as she looked at Blaze, then nodded.

“Great!” I exclaimed. “The kids know something. Okay, they know a lot of somethings.”

“It will be revealed soon,” the kids said.

“Yep, spooky kids, but hey, I like it,” Axel said.

“Good thing you added the last part,” Brute said.


“Oh no, you will learn on your own, but if you see the devil don’t tell him I said hi,” Brute said.

We started laughing at Brute and Bruce as they were looked at each other and then beat their heads on the table at the same time.

“Good to see your learning, Brute,” Zachariah said dryly.

“Yep, only took me about three or four times, but I definitely learned—the hard way." Brute looked up and saw the kids with smirks on their faces. “Lookie, I get the sweetest smirks from the kids, all the kids,” he joked. “Nope. Not me going to hell. Again.”

“Y’all are all comedians now, how nice,” I said sarcastically.

“I know we all just got back from vacation, but how about we go to Huntsville State Park for the weekend?” Millicent suggested.

“Didn’t you say we just got back from vacation?” I asked, knowing Millicent had something up her sleeve and not just her arm.

“Kamdyn, can you bring up the news on your computer?”

“Sure can, but I upgraded and it’s on the big screen now, Co-Vampyre Council Leader.” Kamdyn turned around and brought up the big screen and the news.

“Does that say what I think it says?” Avery asked.

Ghost answered, “Yes, it does.”

The news we were watching was about how many people were dying in the park or immediately after leaving the park. It was a lot more than Huntsville has had in years. We knew that meant the demons and the rogue werewolves were at play there.

All the babies said, “I guess we are going to Huntsville State Park for the weekend. Yay!

“We need to take everyone, staff included,” Millicent said.

“I agree,” Kamdyn said. “We don’t want to leave them by themselves.”

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