Shevamp - The Dark One

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Chapter 103 - Warning

“The master wishes to see you,” Marianna almost hissed as Alena and Rowan went to get their gear while Robert watched it all with cold dispassion.

“Although what he sees in the two of you, I don’t get,” Marianna smiled as if she paid them a great compliment. “So manly in those awful pants,” she taunted, and Alena responded with a smile equally brilliant. Rowan, far less subtle, released two more catches on her bodice to show a little more cleavage than she usually would.

“Most men aren’t interested in the packaging,” Alena almost purred as she tapped the woman against her cheek and Mariana responded to that gentle touch as if Alena’s skin burned hers. She stiffened, and Alena almost didn’t hide her smile.

“He’ll kill you before all this is over, I’ve seen it before,” Mariana hissed, and Rowan cocked her head to one side as if considering the information.

Slowly, painfully?” Alena asked instead, and Mariana became pale with rage.

“I will tell you a little secret,” Rowan said as she approached Marianna until she was so close so that she could distinguish the dark irises from the pupils. Alena saw Victor do this a thousand times, and Mariana was instantly mesmerized. It was almost shocking to see this character trait in Rowan, although she herself possessed enough of it. A rare trait among vampires.

“I can see inside your head,” Rowan whispered and stepped even closer until their noses almost touched. Her eyes flamed slowly vampire, but with a touch of something else.

“You’re a vile creature Marianna de Tourney. You who didn’t even show your own mother mercy,” Rowan was so intense at that moment Alena could see Victor’s power in her. Mariana was startled, but she couldn’t move.

Rowan’s incisors slid free, and she was a magnificent sight as she almost seemed to consider if Marianna was worth the kill, then she purposefully withdrew inside herself.

“I have a feeling that you’re going to die first,” Rowan taunted in a stage whisper as she stepped around the woman and Alena followed wordlessly with her own eyes vampire blue as she smiled. Victor would have loved that little scene.

Mariana didn’t move for a very long time, and when she looked up, she stared straight into the considering dispassionate gaze of Robert. They had all forgotten about him. She looked dazed, disorientated, and confused.

“The master instructed you to keep clear of them,” Robert chastised, and she snapped out of her stupor, angry that he should see her shaken.

“He sent me here,” Marianna hissed.

“To taunt them?” Robert asked with that cold smile of his, and she gritted her teeth.

“You’re no match for them,” he warned, but he knew she was too arrogant to heed his words.

“They would never see it coming,” Marianna hissed, and before she could blink, he moved clear across the room. His hand wrapped firmly around her throat, and she tried to stave off his grip, but it did no good.

“You are a whore to warm his bed. You mean nothing to him. Poison them, and you would find that he knows of tortures you are too shallow to imagine,” Robert let go of her, and she fell to her knees, gasping for air.

“They would have seen that coming,” Robert informed her dispassionately and then he sat down on his haunches, so their eyes were of a height.

“I’m going to tell him,” Marianna hissed hoarsely, and he smirked.

You would not be missed,” Robert warned as if he spoke of the weather, instead of murder and then he left.

Marianna screamed with impotent rage, but beneath it all, she shook with an altogether different type of emotion, her fear had become an urge for vengeance.

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