Shevamp - The Dark One

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Chapter 114 - Sacrifice

Marcus had Belvare pinned on his side. Despite the claws and teeth of his opponent, Marcus purposefully bent over him, and even as Rowan’s hand reached out in a silent plea for him to stop, Marcus sank his teeth deeply into that thick neck.

Belvare looked pale, and he seemed remarkably older. Even as Marcus forced himself to drink, Belvare aged perceptibly. His blue eyes became glazed, and his body appeared to shrink. His skin became wrinkled, dried, and mottled. Rowan turned her eyes toward Marcus, and she froze.

Marcus’s eyes were dark, no white remained. His skin formed raw sores from which came dark liquid, but he never wavered in his determination, and finally, with a shudder, Belvare died.

Belvare appeared half mummified, but Rowan didn’t care about Belvare, or his fate anymore. Her gaze became nailed to Marcus, who suffered greatly, and she knew he would die soon. She watched him bravely turn his head toward her one last time, and Rowan’s heart shattered.

Alena emerged from her darkness only to see Marcus collapse on top of Belvare and then befall some fit that wracked his body as if caught by the whims of a mad puppeteer before he became awfully still.

Shudders of pain wracked Alena’s body, and she could feel the toxins in her veins, the dark blood destroying her from inside.

Her gaze turned to Rowan, and her heart ached when she saw Rowan caught in the grip of a deep and irrevocable melancholy. A single bloodied tear slipped over the pale skin of Alena’s cheek as she closed her eyes and gave in to oblivion.

Rowan didn’t even stir when she felt Alena’s presence slip from her mind. Pain shafted through her body, and she couldn’t remember exactly when the numbness caused by the toxins faded away. Her heart ached worse than her body. She lost both Marcus and Alena in one day. Judging from the spasms in her abdomen, her baby would soon follow.

She had nothing left to live for, and no reason to fight the welcome relief of death. Another spasm wracked her body, but her weakness pushed her over the edge, and she felt no more pain.

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