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Caught up in her friends awry deal, Moira Lake finds herself trapped in a house with four men who definitely aren't human. They claim to be witches, but Moira senses something more dangerous within them. Soon she begins to sense it in herself. Its not long before she discovers why: why they're keeping her, why she senses things she shouldn't, and why she wont ever leave.

Fantasy / Romance
Lana Cathryn
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Not the Main Character*

Felicity Mason glanced up at the tall, handsome male. Sweat beaded at the nape of her neck and she wrung her hands in undecidedness, which was ridiculous since she’d thought about this decision for months. Too long, so it seemed a few hours earlier.

“Will you do it?” She asked the man, Raith as he went by, for the second time that night.

Raith nodded, “Yes,” and then held up a hand to cut off her nervous chattering. “This will be the last time I warn you, once you go through with your choice, with our deal, the only thing that can break it is your death.”

His lips curled up slightly in a dark half smirk, Felicity felt the hairs on her arms stand on end. She blamed the nerves, the notion that she was giving up her life, mortality no matter what outcome.

“I understand.” She said, approaching the large desk where he stood behind.

He cut his hand over a small bowl, his eyes swirled with shades of white and blue until they were glowing in the dimly lit room. Copious amounts of his blood dripped until it reached the very rim, and she was sure it would spill over.

“I think that’s enough,” Felicity whispered, reluctant to ingest that much of the dark liquid. It wasn’t normal blood in the least, it’s color was near coal black.

“Remember that there is a price you have yet to pay, and trust me, that won’t be enough.” Raith said pointedly, his eyes boring deeply into hers.

“I remember,” she said, thinking about how she was somewhat decieving him. All she had to her name was a rundown apartment and forty dollars in her bank account. She had one friend, and no family. The deal seemed so one sided to her, but she wouldn’t wait for him to realize that until after she was immortal and powerful enough to flee the city and begin her search. Eternal love would be well worth any price, she thought to herself.

“I will,” he stated, and it sounded like a promise.

Felicity held her hand out once he gestured for it, she remained calm as he placed his fingertips against her pulse. And still calm when heat filled her veins, and her skin prickled with chill. His eyes turned a deeper blue and then he removed his hand and motioned to the bowl of his blood.

She wasted no time drinking it, knowing she’d back out if she thought about it. Each gulp, each slimy caress of the liquid down her throat amplified the chill across her skin until she felt it down to her soul. Her hands trembled, her throat ached for more and only once she drank the last of it did she feel the change.

Raith reached forward and pressed a hand over her heart, his lips parting in silence as he spoke an incantation of some kind.

Felicity felt her heartbeat slow, become more pronounced, the feeling unnerving. And then her heartbeat stopped completely and she felt her veins begin to turn and ripple beneath her flesh. She gripped the table until the edges disintegrated under her strength, and then gritted her teeth as pain erupted in her gums just above her canine teeth. Sharp fangs thrust down, pushing out her human teeth, expelling them like raiths blood expelled her humanity. She whimpered in pain as the change continued to overcome her, her flesh becoming impossibly harder, her senses dialing up to a point where it was too much and then her body was aching for something.

Raith pulled his hand away and then sat waiting until she got back her composure, she ran her tongue across the fangs that had protruded and shuddered when she pricked the end and blood filled her mouth, flowed down her throat, easing the ache a little.

“Your companion awaits,” he tilted his head toward the open window of the room.

The breeze let in scents of nature, humans, blood, animals, even more blood. She cleared her thoughts of sating her hunger and pushed down the voice in the back of her mind that chanted, ‘feed’, ‘kill,’ ‘maim.’

One scent, faint but still there caught her attention and overrode her senses. She was perched in the window sill before she could think, and then Raiths voice echoed in the air just before she lept out to go after her mate.

“As does mine.”

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