Her Alpha King

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“I’m not considered part of the pack. I’m a maid, not royalty." “That’s what you think.” Melissa became an outcast after her parents died in battle. She was the Beta's only daughter and became a servant in her pack; the Omega. She was considered weak to hold the title of a Beta. Tobias is the Alpha King. He is known to be ruthless and heartless until his eyes landed on a certain girl. One event changes both of their lives forever.

Fantasy / Romance
Anahita R
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“Melissa! Get over here and clean the dishes. They’ve been rotting in the sink for the past hour.”

Melissa sighs and quietly makes her way into the kitchen. She flattens the creases on her stained and unwashed dress, not taking any notice towards her appearance.

She quickly cleans the dishes in the sink, putting them away after drying them with a towel on the counter. Before she is given any more work to do, she rushes out the back door and into the forest.

She takes off her dress without much trouble and ties it around her ankle before shifting into her wolf. Nobody has seen her in her wolf, a pure white wolf at that. The most rare and powerful of all the wolves. Melissa had yet to know what she was capable of and only shifted into her wolf to go for runs.

She makes her way to the river near the border of the pack territory and sits near the edge of the river, taking in her appearance. She carefully puts her nuzzle in the water and takes it out almost immediately. She does this a few times before getting up and walking next to the river, lost in thought.

She wanders into the forest while time slowly catches up to her. She halts when she hears a twig snap behind her. She shivers, not knowing how to defend herself. She inches back before a black wolf comes into view. It’s black eyes boring holes into her blue ones as it inches closer.

When the black wolf is only a foot away from her, she whimpers when she sees the figure shift into his human form and takes in his prominent features. Black hair and muscular body, but that was just the beginning. His eyes were emerald green as he continued to stare at the wolf.

“Shift,” he commanded.

Melissa didn’t move.

“I said, shift,” he says again. She whimpers and bows her head in submission. She moves away from him and goes behind a tree, shifting back into human form and slowly untying the the dress from her foot before putting it on. With caution, she appears from behind, afraid of what he will do next.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” she whimpers yet again. She’s used to being treated like trash and knows exactly what to expect from someone as intimidating as him. He walks closer. “Please don’t hurt me,” she says again.

“What makes you think I’m going to hurt you? Do you not know who I am?” He asks, confused.

She shakes her head. “Everyone around me treats me badly, I don’t expect anything less from you.”

He looks at her and frowns. “You don’t know who I am? What pack are you from?”

“Midnight Waters,” She barely whispers. He immediately grabs her by her arm, causing her to shriek in pain. He lets go almost instantly and faces her.

“Does it hurt?” It’s a simple question to which she nods.

“Why?” She doesn’t say anything. “I asked you a question. I expect an answer.” He doesn’t demand her, just pushes her to talk.

“They beat me,” she says. His eyes turn black, fury coursing through his veins.

“Come with me,” is all he says before walking in the direction of her pack.

She doesn’t speak. She just follows him, keeping a safe distance. Once they enter her territory he turns to her. “What were you doing out of your territory?”

“I went for a run. I didn’t realize I wandered out this far.”

“Why do they beat you?” He asks.

“I was the Beta’s only daughter. When both my mother and father died in battle, they thought a female isn’t capable of being a Beta. I lost my rank and earned a place at the bottom, cleaning and sweeping, with the occasional beating.” She was surprised by what she had just said. She had never been able to talk about her personal life and yet she found it easy to talk to him.

“I will assure you that they will not touch you, not under my watch.”

“What will you do? It’s not like they’ll listen to you,” she mumbles.

“You’re underestimating me,” is the last thing he says before their journey back to her pack becomes quiet.

Once they arrive on the Main Street of the pack, everything is empty, with no one in sight.

“Where is everyone?” He looks around.

“There is a pack meeting at this time of day in the pack house.”

“Why aren’t you there?”

“I’m not considered part of the pack. I’m a maid, not royalty,” she says flatly.

He chuckles. “That’s what you think.”

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