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The Daughter of Demons (Bk. 1)

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❝Her secret will destroy them all❞

Fantasy / Romance
E.M. Harvey
4.9 89 reviews
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The Daughter of Demons



❝I’m sorry, who are you?❞ he snipped, annoyance flashing through his eyes quick enough, I barely managed to catch it. He briefly gives me a once over, his lips twisting with distaste. ❝Sorry, we don’t want any Girl Scout Cookies.❞

He did not just- ❝Excuse me?❞ I hissed, my hands balling into tight fists at my sides. What an asshole, and for what?

❝You heard me,❞ he prodded, taking a bold step forward as his menacing grey eyes glared down at me. It was as if I were a bug beneath his shoe, beneath him- and it pissed me off.

❝I’m about to hear a lot of things when I pull that stick out of your ass,❞ I growled, meeting his step forward. His chest was a few inches from my collar bone; I barely reached passed his chin. It only pissed me off more.

His expression changed, only briefly, but long enough for me to pick up the amusement in those cloudy grey eyes of his. ❝Don’t threaten me with a good time, Sweetheart,❞ he challenged, laughter ringing out in his eyes, but his lips stayed in a firm emotionless line.

❝Don’t flatter yourself,❞ I snorted.



At the young and innocent age of 14, Celeste Allen witnessed a monster she’d only heard of in fairytales, tear her mother’s throat to shreds.

Helpless and forever traumatized, Celeste is taken in by their family friend, Michael, and discovers the truth about what that monster was, and how it ties into her life. Celeste learns her Her mother Christy’s death was no coincidence-- it was a message from her long-forgotten father.

From then on, Celeste’s safety was a top priority and her guardian was determined to keep her hidden, safe and ready for what was headed their way. Leaving behind everything she’s ever known, she becomes the outcast she feared being.

The last thing she wanted was to be looked at as a monster; one slip of the control she’s desperately hanging on to, and it’s all over.

But what happens when Celeste meets the top dogs in school, who are each more stubborn than her, and eager to peel back the layers over her guarded heart? What if they have secrets of their own?

Her secret will destroy them all.

Not suited for anyone under 16.
Trigger warnings and adult content. If you don’t like alpha male a-holes, this book isn’t for you. I write about assholes who get knocked down by strong, sassy females that earn and demand respect from men. Sexual scenes, explicit language and violence.

The Daughter of Demons is the FIRST BOOK in Death’s Trilogy. This is an un-professionally edited book, so please excuse any grammar mistakes.
Also, please take into account how long each chapter is(2k-7k words). This book took a lot of time to write, so please appreciate the hard work put into it and keep any negative, non-constructive comments to yourself.

Bk. 1 - The Daughter of Demons
Bk. 2 - The Demon of Angels
Bk. 3 - The Shadows of Hell

DEATH’S SPINOFF: Lucifer’s Torment

This book is now contracted with Wattpad Paid Stories. In order to read the full-length novel, please visit the Wattpad app or website. The Daughter of Demons will remain FREE until August 24th, 2022. Thank you, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
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