Death's Reign (Bk. 1)

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❝Her secret will destroy them all❞

Fantasy / Romance
Emily Harvey
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Death's Reign

“Who the hell are you?” he barked, a storm brewing within his eyes.

Okay, dick-o, just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean that gives you the right to be an asshole.

“Excuse me?” I hissed.

“You heard me,” he snapped, glaring down at me as if I were a bug beneath his shoe.

“I’m gonna hear a lot of things when I shove my foot up your ass,” I growled.

He straightened up, his eyebrow raised with a smirk firmly planted on his lips. “Kitten has spunk.”


Celeste isn’t your average 17-year-old girl. In fact, Celeste isn’t even human. Taken in by a family friend after her mother’s murder, she moves across the country to restart her life. When Celeste learns the truth of who and what she is, she’s determined to keep it a secret. Even from her ever-persistent next-door neighbors, who also happen to be the town’s notorious playboys.

As time goes on and the boys grow closer to her heart, Celeste worries she will lose them forever one way or another. She fears they will learn the truth and leave, or that they will be her very demise.

But what happens when Celeste finds out the boys aren’t who they say they are either?

Welcome to Hell on Earth.

Not suited for anyone under 16.
Trigger warnings and adult content. If you don’t like alpha male a-holes, this book isn’t for you. I write about assholes who get knocked down by strong, sassy females that earn and demand respect from men.

Death’s Reign is the FIRST BOOK in Death’s Saga. This is also a un-professionally edited book, so please excuse any grammar mistakes. Also, please take into account how long each chapter is(2k-7k words). This book took a lot of time to write, so please appreciate the hard work put into it and keep any negative, non-constructive comments to your self.

Bk. 1 - Death’s Reign
Bk. 2 - Death’s Curse
Bk. 3 - Death’s Grave
Bk. 4 - Death’s Vengeance
Bk. 5 - Death’s Torment
Bk. 6 - Death’s Finale

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