My Little Mate

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Deciding the name

(Cole P.O.V)

“So what do you want to talk with me,” I ask while entering my office and taking my seat in the back of the desk.

“I have received the call from the blue moon pack, their alpha said that they are having a continues rogues attack and they need our help to deal with them for once and for all and they also need our help to train their warriors so that if they were attacked in future they can face it alone, ” Zane said to me while taking the seat in front of my desk.

“Okay, I think we should help them, and we can also form an alliance with them, just in case anything bad happens, what do you think about it?” I ask him.

“I think it was a good idea Alpha, maybe he would also like the form an alliance with us, after all, we are the strongest pack in new york, who wouldn’t like to form an alliance with us,” Zane said nodding his head in approval.

“Why wouldn’t you call them and talk to them about it?” Zane asks me.

“Good idea Zane,” I said to him and call the Alpha of blue moon pack. After two or three rings he picks up the call.

“Alpha Kaden, it’s Alpha Cole from Crescent moon pack,” I said on the phone.

“Hello Alpha cole, it’s good to hear from you,” he said on the phone.

“I heard about the rogue’s attack going on your pack and you want some help from my pack,” I said.

“Yes, it will be great to receive help from you, would you like to help us?” he asks.

“Sure, since when this attack started?” I ask him.

“It’s been a month, and this attacked happens every two days,” he said with a sigh.

“Okay, I will send my third in command with some warrior and a trannie to help you with attacks, they will be there in one or two days,” I said in the phone.

“Oh, thank you so much for your help, Alpha cole, it means a lot to us,” he said in the phone and I can hear the relief from his voice.

“Alpha Kaden, can I ask you something?” I ask him.

“Sure what is it?” he asks.

“Would you like to form an alliance with my pack?” I ask directly.

“Sure, it will be an honor for us,” he said and I can see him smiling at me on the phone.

“Okay, then I will also send my pack representative with them, to discuss everything with you,” I said while smiling on the phone.

“Okay, thank you once again, Alpha Cole,” he said.

“No problem, Alpha Kaden,” I said and hang upon him.

“Anything else,” I ask Zane.

“Yes, the werewolf council has held a meeting at their place after a month and it was mandatory for us to attend it,” he said with a sigh.

“Okay, I will do go there do you have an invitation card with you,” I ask him.

“Yes, it is in the second draw to your left,” he said to me.

“Okay., you can leave now, and send Liam and Luke to my office with the documents which are related to the accounts okay,” I ask him.

“Okay,” he said and walk out of my office. After some time I heard a knock on my doom.

“Come in,” I said while reading a file. The door of my office open and Luke and Liam enters my office.

“You call Alpha,” Liam asked.

“Yes, the blue moon pack needs help with rogues attack, Liam, I want you to take a warrior B pack with some of our trainers with you and go there to help them, as you are done with rogues I want you to help them to train their warriors with our trainers, Luke, I want you to prepare the alliance paper and go with Liam, we are also forming the alliance with them, you can leave after tomorrow, okay,” I said to them.

“Yes, Alpha,” they said bowing and walk out of my office. I was doing some alpha duties when Trevon’s mind linked me.

“Alpha, after giving a bath to my Luna, we take her to the doctor for her check-up to see if she was hurt in any way or not and to give her some vaccination, the doctor said there is nothing to worried about her, I have also asked about her age from the doctor she said, Luna is 2 months old,” Trevon said to me through the mind link.

“Good, go to my room and wait for me there, I will be there in some time,” I said to him in a mind link. I try to complete my work as soon as possible and walk towards my room to see my little mate.

I enter my room to see my mate crying and Trevor trying to calm her down.

“Hey, more why are you crying?” he cooed to her. But she didn’t stop crying, so I walk towards them and take her in my arms.

“What’s wrong baby why are you crying?” I ask her while taking her in my arms. She stopped crying for a minute then started crying again.

“I think she is hungry,” Trevor said to me.

“Me too,” I said and we walk out of our room towards the kitchen to feed her. Trevor heats up some milk and put it in the bottle and then put in her mouth.

“Trevor, have you send someone to find the information about my mate’s parents’ information? ” I ask him.

“Yes, Alpha, are you planning to give her to her relatives, if we find out any of her relatives?” Trevor asks me.

“No, I am afraid that they did not allow me to marry her when she grows up, in a fine woman, besides I want to see all her first, I wanted to be there when she takes first step to walk, I wanted to hear her say the first word, I want to be her very first time,” I said cooing at her while she was sucking on her bottle.

“I can understand, I will inform you when we find about any information about them,” Trevor said passing me a plate with steak and mashed potatoes on it and taking her from me so that I can eat my food.

"What about her parent's dead body?" I ask him.

"We have sent it, to the pack hospital, they will keep the dead body in the pack morgue until we find some relatives of them," Trevor said sitting beside me and I nodded my head at him.

“So have you decided her name yet,” Trevor ask me.

“No, what about you? do you have some name for her?” I ask him.

“Yes, what about Amorei?” he asks me and I shook my head at him.

“Amanda,” I shook my head again.

“Isabella,” he asks me.

“No,” I said to him.

“What about Nikki?” my mom asks while entering the kitchen.

“Nikki,” I like the sound of it.

“Then Nikki, it is?” Trevor asks and I nodded my head while smiling and looking at my mate. After Nikki was done with her bottle, Trevor patted her back until she blurp and makes her fall asleep.

“What about we throw a small, little name ceremony for her, with only VIP people,” mom asks taking Nikki from his arms so that he can eat his food.

“Nice idea Luna, we also have to go shopping to buy her things for her,” Trevor said devouring the food on his plate.

“Good idea,” I said taking her from my mother’s arms. I walk to my room, tuck her in the bed and get inside the bed beside her.

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