My Little Mate

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Name ceremony

(Cole P.O.V)

I wake up with the cry of my beloved mate. I hate it when she cried. I pick her up to see she has wet her clothes. I get out of my bed with her and change her diapers. After that, I walk down the stairs to see my mother was preparing breakfast with my sister and cock Heer.

“Good morning everyone,” I said as I take a seat next to my father.

“Good morning,” everyone wished to me in unison.

“So, when will you go shopping for Nikki?” My father asks while eating his breakfast.

“After we eat breakfast, where is Trevor by the way? ” I ask him.

“Right here,” Trevor said while coming down from upstairs.

“You are ready, already?” I ask him.

“Yup all ready to go,” he said taking a seat beside me. My mother serves food to us and take Nikki in her arms and feed her so that we can have our breakfast peacefully. After breakfast, I go to my room to get ready and come downstairs.

“I will come with you, as you have no experience of having a child and their needs, ” my mom said while coming out of her room.

“Then who will prepare for the function?” I ask her.

“Your father and sister will do it, now let’s go we don’t have much time, I also have to get ready for the function,” she said and walk out of the room after kissing my father and we walk after her.

It only takes us half an hour to reach there. As we enter the baby store a human girl comes towards us.

“Hello, My name is Mira how can I help you?” she asks while blinking her eyelashes at me and Trevor flirtatiously and glaring at my mate. I was about to growl at her but stop by my mother.

“I want to buy some clothes for my granddaughter if you just do your work and stop flirting with my sons it would be wonderful,” my mother said while glaring at her.

“Follow me,” she said with a huff and we follow her.

“How dare she glares at our mate and talk to our mother like that, I want to break her neck with my jaw,” my wolf Roy said with a growl.

“I know dude, but we can’t do that here first because we here in the mall between humans and second because she is a human, if she was not I would have done that after finding her,” I said to him and he sits down in my mind with a huff.

We end up buying some onies, t-shirt, shoes, pajamas, dresses, hoodies for Nikki. After that we walk to the furniture store, there we brought car seat, crib, baby walker and clothes changer for her. After that, we walk to the baby store where we but Jansen baby product, Tissue paper, bottle and some diapers for Nikki.

My mom wanted to do the shopping for her so she goes to some stores to shop while me and Trevor go-to the food court with Nikki after keeping all the bags and things in the car and wait for her to come thereafter one and a half hour she comes back to us with a lot of bags.

*God why did girls do so much shopping, I wish my mate would not become shopping addicted like my mother and sister* I thought.

“Well, I highly doubted it,” my wolf Roy commented on it.

“And why did you think that?” I ask him.

“Because I am damn sure your mother and sister make her shopping addicted while taking her for shopping every chance they get,” he said and I sighed.

“Cole,” Trevor said while shaking my shoulder.

“What?” I ask startled.

“Where did you get lost in huh?” he asks.

“Probably thinking about what he would do in their bedroom when his mate grown up in a beautiful woman,” My mom said while wiggling her eyebrows up and down.

“Mom,” I said shocked and both of them burst out laughing.

“Anyway, what do you want Trevor?” I ask him.

“I was asking what would you like to order for lunch?” Trevor asks with a smirk.

“I would like to have a chicken wing,” I said to him and he goes to order our lunch.

“Do you find out any information about Nikki’s parents?” I asks him taking a sip of my drink.

“Not much, only that her mother Name Isha walker and father name is Elliot Walker and they own a small bakey in the city, that’s all,” Trevor informed me.

“Okay then lets wait for one more week and if still we don’t find anymore information about them then we will do there funreal and after a month later to that we will organize a small nameing ceremony for her, is that okay with you mom?” I asks to my mom.

“Yes, it will also give us time to prepare for the ceremony,” mom said smiling at me. We put all the things in the car and drive back home.

The week passes like a blur, and we go with our plan and buried Nikkie's parents' body where we buried the body of a high ranks werewolf. I called my lawyer to get the adoptions paper ready for Nikki, and made Trevor her father and Stella, her guardian if anything happens to Trevor. I also get the bakery at Nikki’s name, all the profit that bakery earns will go to Nikki’s account so that in future if she wants to start her own business with her own money then she can do it.

(One month later)

I hear my alarm goes off and shut it off. I get up from my bed and get ready for the function while Nikki was still sleeping peacefully. Then I change her to a nice dress that, I brought for her today. After that, both of us walk to the backyard where the function was held.

Not many people were invited in the function only important people like my beta, gamma, head worrier, and other people were only invited to the party. They come one by one and I introduced them to Nikki. All of them love her and I was very happy about that.

We dance, played games, eat and celebrate, some people tried to take her from me but when someone takes her from me or Trevor she started crying so we take her back. She was very tired and fallen asleep on my shoulder when the party was over so I take her to my room and change her into comfortable clothes and laid her in her crib, then goes to change my clothes. After that, I take her from her crib and goes to bed with her and fall asleep.

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