My Little Mate

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RED pen

(Cole P.O.V)

2 year later

I come out of the shower and get dressed when I heard her crying in the, I take her in my arms and started bouncing her in my lap.

“My baby, why are you crying, are you hungry, are you hurt, do you want to sleep?” I ask her while bouncing my two-year-old mate on my lap and try to get her to calm down and make her fall asleep. I want her asleep since I have an important meeting to attain in 2 hours and I am getting late.

“Cool, my tummy turts,” Nikki whines, her tears falling onto my neck.

“Why does your tummy hurt princess?” I ask worriedly.

“I eat a penr,” she tells me

“YOU WHAT?!” I yell,

“Who let you eat a marker?” She shakes in my arms, scared by my outburst, and started crying again.

“Zane.” She says, meaning my beta, Zane, who I trusted to watch her while I showered.

"Zane. Living Room. NOW!." I mind-link Zane as I look around in Nikki’s pen for the one she ate. Finding a red one with the tip bit off.

"Nikki ate a red pen and now her stomach hurts. What should I do?" I ask my pack doctor while mind linking her.

“Yes, Alpha Cole?” Zane asks, coming into the living room and knowing by my tone in the mind-link to call me Alpha.

“You let Nikki eat a Pen!?” I scream at him.

“NO! She ate it when I looked away to mind-link Emma,” he said to me. Emma is his mate.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby, Nikki. And I’m sorry, Alpha, I swear it was an accident,” Zane says.

“I don’t care! My mate’s in pain and it’s your fault! You were watching her!”

"Give her a bottle of ice water and she should be fine." The pack doctor said the mind link.

" I’m sorry Alpha!” he said again but I ignored his apology.

“Just get out of my face, you’re banned from watching Nikki ever again,” I sigh and bounce Nikki in my arms as she cried in my arms and he walks away looking sad, but I don't care. He should be careful while looking after toddlers, otherwise, he will put them in danger due to his negligence.

“Come on princess Nikki, let’s get you an ice water bottle.” I walk to the kitchen and prepare an ice water bottle for her. After that, I mind Link Trevor and give him Nikki to look after her and get her ready for the annual meeting while I get ready my self.

It only takes an hour for us to reach there. I get out of my car with Nikki in my arms and goes to the Place where the council annual meeting was held every year.

" Alpha Cole? You didn’t tell us you had a child, you didn’t tell us you even had a mate!” Alpha John exclaims.

“I don’t have a child. This is Nikki, she’s my mate. That’s why I called this meeting,” I clarify.

“Your mates a child!” He says,” That’s wrong! And unnatural! She’s a baby!”

“YOU DON’T THINK I KNOW THAT! Most wolfs don’t find their mates till they’re both adults, but it’s not unheard of! I know Nikki just a baby, our relationship is strictly that of a father and daughter. I care for her, but not in a perverted way!” I shouted at them getting irritated with them. Why don't they mind their own business? My love life and personal life is none of their business, I wanted to say that on their face but I control myself. Not wanting to create any scene here.

“Cone,” Nikki whines, struggling to get into a sitting position

I make her sit on my lap, she rubs her eyes and looks around her surrounding.

“hi! I Wala I two!” She announces, ever the friendly little baby. A few people wave at her and all the Alpha’s Luna’s coo at her.

“Cone, I need the potty,” she says.

" Okay princess, Trevor, take her,” I hand her off to Trevor.

" Yes Alpha,” he addresses me formally in the company of other Alphas, he takes Nikki into his arms and she giggles happily to him and they walk out together.

“Cole, you have to see the downside to this. You’ll have to wait till she’s at least 16 the mark her, there’s a huge age gap! Not only that she is human too,” Alpha Mike said making a disgusting face when he said the word human.

“Human or wolf or another spice it’s doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t even the age gap between us. SHE IS MY MATE AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER NO MATTER WHAT!! Now that is can we know to discuss the problem for which we are gathered here?

" I ask them to get annoyed with all this. I mind link Trevor and order him to wait for me in a waiting room until the meeting was over. The meeting was just as boring as usual nothing new was there just the same problem of Rogue breaking through the pack’s territories and all.

After meeting I take Nikki to a park as I promised to do if she behaves like a good girl. After that we go home, eat our dinner and goes to sleep.

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