Walk Through the Fire

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Isadora, a young witch fighting for her life. Descendants of those who she murdered a century earlier are hunting her down and she does everything she can to survive. She has perfected her powers and studied the spells, as time has passed she has adapted and changed. She has managed to survive a century of attacks and battles, she has evaded and killed many descendants who have been sent to kill her. She become a strong witch however she hasn't given into the temptation of black magic although the temptation is there and she refuses to fall into the same trap her parents did. She has escaped death once, but whether her luck will soon run out is another obstacle in her way.

Fantasy / Action
Raven Valentino
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Chapter 1

You know you’re paranoid when you sleep with a knife under your pillow every night. Every town I seem to go is trying to kill me, I was innocent in my parents conniving plans. I played no part. I wasn’t to blame, my parents became power hungry and used their powers for evil, however I am a product of that a witch of both ice and fire. I was to be burned at the stake along side my parents but the flames never scorched me, my pale skin remained intact.

The fire just danced on my skin and ate away at the ropes that once bound me. I walked off my stake and out from the fire, I stood in front of them like a human torch. I turned to face my screaming parents their burning eyes wide, I called upon the ice deep inside of me it appeared on my shoulders like glass paldrons and extinguished the flames. From my palms appear dagger like ice shards and I shoot them at the mob who had been chanting and caused our deaths.

I made sure I killed them outright making sure their brains splattered onto the ground, a few tried to attack me however they met the same fate even those who began to turn and attempt to escape. Once I had a mountain of corpses in front of me I set them alight calling upon the Phoenix deep inside of me, I turned to my parents but they were already dead so using my ice power I extinguished their screaming contorted corpses frozen in ice forever.

Without a send glance I left the valley of death.

Now 2018

I have been on the run for over a century, the descendants of the mob I killed that foul night have been trying to track me down to get their revenge. However I am very slippery and cunning I have been in disguise and hiding ever since. I walk the streets of Cambridge keeping my gaze low and a hood pulled over my face, hands in my pockets and ear phones blasting music loudly. I was just coming to parkers piece, i lifted my eyes slowly.

I could see a soft black mist dancing around the lamp post that was slap bang in the middle of the great big green space, I thought I could see crimson orbs amongst the ebony smoke. I paused and summoned an icicle from my palm, I shot it at the moving mist, but it parted and missed the entity I heard it growl and it began to rush at me. I summoned both the Phoenix and the snow leopard and combined together I was an unstoppable force.

I created a glass forcefield around me, the black mist surrounded me and tried squeezing it to shatter it, I then used the fire to burn it away, and I succeeded the mist dropped back and turned into a figure which then dropped onto the floor, I looked at them and realised I had been found.

I was tired of running so now I would fight.

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