Shadow World

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The unusual reside here. A group of pieces, describing our Shadow World.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Kelpie (Part 1)

The water was dark and imposing. It went down to unknown depths and concealed terrifying creatures that I didn't want to think about as I stared at my reflection in the water. I shivered as a fish's gleaming back broke the surface of the water, leaving ripples cascading across the water.

The lake had always been a puzzle to me. I had been taken here by my mother with my siblings for years; they loved it… I hadn't known how to feel about it. The water was amazing to me, but also dangerous. I looked at it in the way that you'd look at a lion. In wonder, but also in great fear.

I don't know why I still came here, but I did. Everyday, without fail.

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