The Beginning

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Unknown to the world, her own ones betrayed her. Being alone in the world of magic, without powers she suffered a lot but when it comes to returning.. Starting of a new world. Starting of the story, from which no one is untouched. A story based on what is power. A story, full of hidden messages. A story where you can find a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, romance, true love, revenge, teen fiction, mystery and even thrill. The genre of this story is not defined. It is a story, where a girl's struggles in her life bring light to the topic 'how to deal with those who hurt.' Read a story, where a girl will change the fact that 'love can cut hate' or 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'. or 'tit for tat is the best solution' Read a story full of contractility.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Everything started right here, all tried hard to stop it but failed. No one wanted her to get that but they all failed in their attempt to stop her. When she finally met her destiny she came to realized what she was made for. Everyone neglected her, they framed her, and she was betrayed by her own ones.

She was broken into many pieces and her every piece had screamed for help and love but she never got it. But one day, it all changed. She came to know someone, someone who never betrayed her; who always cared for her and only loved her.

Who taught her to love herself again, who made sure that she got all the comforts she deserved...

It is just like other love stories and like them, this story has villains, heroes and some side-characters and like them, this too has a very happy ending. But the mystery is that what will happen when love itself is the villain?

Read and find out the mysteriously hide messages through every chapter.

Every love story has a dark side but this is only, love story who is dark itself.

Let the story say itself…

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