Love Bites

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Chapter 10

I woke up and snuggled into the blanket of warmth that was covering me. Feeling two arms pulling me closer made me suddenly open my eyes, and I saw that my blanket was Dylan. I was shocked that he stayed here with me all night and that he is let me cuddle him. Slowly, I untangled myself from Dylan and went towards the bathroom. I glanced back to see Dylan was still sleeping and I smiled, he looked so peaceful.
My mind was rushing with thoughts. Today Dylan said that we would talk to my family and I was happy to finally get a chance to properly speak to mum and Matthew. Pushing those thoughts to one side, I had a nice relaxing shower and washed my hair. I made sure that I had shaved as well because I was going to be wearing one of my favourite dresses. Once dried, I got dressed, brushed my hair but decided to let it dry naturally and not dry it because I didn’t want to wake Dylan up. I applied a little bit of makeup and I was ready to take on a new day.
Walking out of my dressing room, I was greeted by the sun. It was a nice hot day today and I love hot days. I looked to the bed only to find Dylan gone. Damn, I hoped he would get some more sleep, but it seems as though I must have been too loud for him when I was getting ready. Shaking my head and sighing I went downstairs. Aria and Alison ran over and hugged me. I laughed and hugged them back. I knew that I had to stay happy and positive.
Aria told me that 2 female members were coming back after going to visit family in Australia and how they were around our age. I learnt that their names were, Rose and Kaylie. My mind stored those names, I wanted to make an effort to know everyone. Since this was all new to me, I wanted to make a good impression.
It was nice having a catch-up session with the girls and I loved teasing Aria and Alison about their mates being all lovey dovey towards them but when they tried to tease me about Dylan, they stopped and gave me a sympathetic smile. I shrugged my shoulders as a way of saying, “what can you do?”

Aria gave me a look to say, “Don’t give up.”
I knew I wouldn’t give up, there was a connection between Dylan and me. One that confused me yet intrigued me at the same time. It was as if our bodies knew each other before we even met. That wasn’t possible, was it?
The doorbell rang and suddenly my friend’s faces turned pale. I looked at them confused and stood up to get the door. Aria stood up quickly and motioned to a guard. The guard stood in front of me and I protested. But he didn’t move. I saw Dylan come down the stairs and the guard moved away. When I tried to get the door, Dylan stood in front of me. I pushed him and he looked at me. I raised my eyebrows as to ask, “What the hell is going on here??”
He looked at me worriedly but didn’t let me go. Frustrated and confused I sat down on a chair and rolled my eyes. The doorbell kept ringing and finally someone opened the door. A female voice projected across the hall, “Urgh, you guys are pathetic. It doesn’t take you that long to open the door with so many servants and guards.”
Dylan suddenly stiffened up and I got up to investigate who was saying this. When I looked, I saw a girl who had long brown wavy hair, she was tall and slim. She was perfect. I envied her straight away. She turned to face in my direction and she suddenly smiled. I looked around confused. Aria, Alison and Alec all had the same expressions on their faces as I did. However, Chris and Dylan seemed nervous and Aria and I noticed this. We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.
The girl, who seemed perfect in my eyes, came towards me and I stood there confused. However, she walked straight passed me and into Dylan’s arms. I stood there shocked. Dylan told me he didn’t have any more girlfriends. Then who was she, and why was he so popular with girls? I thought his detachment to emotion would send girls running but no, he seems to be ever so popular with the girls.
I couldn’t even compete with her, she was gorgeous and perfect. Then there was me, I was nothing compared to her. Aria, my amazing best friend went over to the perfect girl and said, “Excuse me, do you mind telling me who you are and what your name is?” She falsely smiled at her.
“Oh of course, how rude of me. My name is Jasmine. I am Dylan’s really close friend. We met when he was 16 and I was 15. We have been close ever since. I am so pleased to be here. Oh, and who are you?” Jasmine replied, smiling at Aria.
We all stood there shocked. Great, Jasmine was pretty and polite. Urgh! Why was she so perfect? Really close friends? Looking between them both, my mind was trying to work out what was going on.

Aria looked at me and then at Jasmine, she said, “I am Aria. Dylan’s cousin. This is Chris- my mate. Oh, and this is my best friend Alison and her mate Alec and of course how could I forget….”
Suddenly the phone rang, and I walked over to answer it, leaving Aria’s sentence unfinished. When I picked it up, all I heard was static. I repeated hello before someone said, “Oh Scarlet, how naive can you be? Dylan hasn’t told you everything. Find out the whole truth.” The line went dead.

What the hell? There was more that Dylan wasn’t telling me. Why did I suddenly have this feeling of dread creeping up? I wanted Dylan to put my fears and worries at ease.
Dylan was the only one who could sort this out, so I turned around to where they were standing but when I turned around, I found only Aria and Alison present. “Um… Where is everyone guys?” I asked looking around and my worry increased.
“Scarlet, Jasmine has said that she is organising a party and has asked Dylan to take her shopping. The party is tonight, and everyone is helping organise it. It is to welcome Jasmine to the pack apparently. Dylan and Jasmine left for the mall whilst you were on the phone. Dylan kept telling Jasmine to wait but she dragged him away.” Aria said, looking down at the floor.
“Who was on the phone Scarlet?” Alison asked me, clearly trying to distract me.
Before I could answer, a sharp pain in my heart made me gasp. It happened again and I fell to my knees. I closed my fists and kept breathing quickly. I knew what the pain was. I knew that it meant Dylan was kissing Jasmine. I had no idea who had kissed who, but I had a very good idea. Feeling Dylan pull away made me breathe a sigh of relief, but the pain quickly returned. It didn’t take a genius to know that Jasmine was now forcing herself on Dylan. Really close friends my ass. This bitch was trying to mark Dylan as hers.
I felt my eyes begin to water but I would not let them fall. Aria and Alison looked at me in shock and called over Alex and Caleb. I tried to smile as I recognised them as the guards who had been outside my hospital room. They both looked worried and Caleb lifted me into his arms while Alex cleared the way. Both men took me to my room and Caleb lay me down gently. The pain had faded, and I managed to say, “Thanks guys.”
They smiled at me and left after bowing their heads. My best friends entered and rushed to my bedside. I sat up and looked at them sadly, “Jasmine has been forcing herself on Dylan. How am I meant to compete with her?”
I put my head in my hands. My best friends lifted up my head and looked at each other with a mischievous grin and then at me.” Well first you have the advantage as Dylan is your mate, you guys are meant to be together and like you said yourself, she forced herself on Dylan. Clearly he doesn’t want her as much as she wants him.” Aria raised her eyebrows.

“You’ve got to show Jasmine she messed with the wrong person. You are Dylan’s mate and the Queen. You need a makeover.” Alison smirked.
I looked at them in disbelief and shock. A makeover, seriously? Both girls looked so proud of their plan and I didn’t even get a say. Within minutes, I was placed on my dressing table, all pain forgotten, and the girls got out hair tools and makeup. Aria went in my closet and came out shaking her head. She left my room and came back with 3 dresses, bags and heels. She looked at me and smiled. Alison curled my hair and pinned some of the curls up. I found out the party was at 16:00. Right now, it was 14:02. Wow time flies fast! Apparently Jasmine said she wanted her party to start early but finish late. The poor staff had been working so fast to get everything done on time.
Aria got to work on my makeup. She applied foundation, then powder. After that came eye shadow, mascara and eye liner. Then she but blusher on and finally lipstick. I hadn’t worn this much make up in my life. During my makeup session, Alison styled her hair and Aria’s. Aria then did her own makeup as well as Alison’s. I sat there waiting for Aria to finish and began to think what if Dylan still preferred Jasmine over me? All these what if situations popped into my head and I found myself getting worried. Then I thought to myself that it’s time to show Jasmine why you never try and steal any girl’s mate, especially not mine. She messed with the wrong girl.
When they had finally finished, Aria gave me a bag with the dress, jewellery, bag and shoes. I went into the bathroom and got dressed. I came out wearing a really simple but pretty dress. My best friends also had gotten ready and both looked stunning as well. We walked out of the room. Standing there was Alec and Chris and Caleb. Caleb looked nervous and I turned to the girls and asked, “What’s Caleb doing here?”
They looked at each other and then Alison said, “Well to show Jasmine that two can play at her game, you’re gonna go with Caleb.”
I looked at Caleb who seemed so worried and then I gave that look to my friends and said, “Come on guys! I am not going with Caleb. It has nothing to do with me not thinking he isn’t good looking because he is. But in order to show Jasmine she messed with the wrong girl, I have to prove that I am a better person than her and I will not stoop to her level. Caleb has a mate out there somewhere and he should wait for her.” All my friends including Caleb smiled at me and Aria said, “You spoke like a true Luna just then. Of course, you should do exactly what you feel is right.”
I smiled at them, and headed downstairs to the party. I could already hear chatter and laughter. The music was blaring loudly, and I saw many servants come and bow their heads at me. I nodded at them. My heart started racing loudly. I swallowed the lump in my throat and took a deep breath. It was time to show Jasmine what happens when she tries to take away another girl’s mate.
As I stepped outside, I looked to see all my friends by the fountain. I smiled at them and came down the stairs. I got a glass of juice and started to head over to my friends. But the music stopped, and someone said over the speakers, “Guys put your hands together because here comes our Alpha King and our future Luna Queen.”
As soon as Dylan stepped out people started clapping but when Jasmine came out people stopped and looked confused. They looked at each other in shock. I could sense Dylan’s sadness. He tried to get out of Jasmine’s grip, but she did not budge, instead she looked at the crowd upset. I felt Dylan’s eyes searching for mine and when they did, I saw how relieved he was to see me. His worry and sadness were radiating off of him and my wolf whined inside me head to go and stop Dylan from feeling this sad. I knew who was causing his sadness and worry. Jasmine.

Dylan was a man of anger, or he was based on what I had seen so far. Seeing him like this, hit me right in the heart. Dylan looked broken, and what kind of mate would I be if I didn’t get rid of the thing causing him to feel like this?
Letting out a deep breath I was holding, I placed my drink down and headed up the stage. I saw Dylan reach for me, but Jasmine pull him back, she looked at me in anger. As soon as I turned to face the crowd people started clapping and cheering. I smiled at them and signalled for silence. People fell silent and I saw Jasmine look at me as though she wished I was dead and my mate pleading me with his eyes to get him out of this. That was all the encouragement and strength that I needed.
I breathed out and spoke in a loud voice, “Thanks everyone for coming here today. But I want you guys to know that I didn’t organise this party. This party was organised by Jasmine- the girl who came in with your Alpha King. Today I stand before all of you and say that Jasmine has been trying to take your Alpha King away. She is trying to take my mate away, but she should know better than to mess with a future Luna Queen.”
People looked at each other in astonishment and gave me encouraging smiles. I turned to Jasmine, ready to give her a piece of my mind....

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