Love Bites

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Chapter 11

Jasmine looked at me in shock but turned to Dylan and smirked at me. She looked at Dylan and let him go. What was that? Why did she suddenly just let Dylan go after going to all that effort to make him hers?

Warning bells were going off in my mind. Something did not add up here. My eyes glared at Jasmine as she stood there with a smirk on her face.

Dylan stalked towards me causing me to stare into his chocolate eyes. He was angry and worried. Before I could say anything, I was pulled into his warm embrace.

For the first time, Dylan hugged me so tightly. As if he was afraid, I would suddenly disappear, or something would happen to me. I hugged him back, immediately loving the feeling of us touching and feeling at peace knowing that Dylan did not want to harm me. His hug proved to me that there was something bigger going on here. This wasn’t just a stupid she wolf trying to steal my mate. A feeling that something bad was going to happen, made its way into my body and I tensed.

My wolf mentally told me off for doubting Dylan and I knew it was wrong. When we broke apart, I saw Jasmine’s shocked face. I guess she expected Dylan to do something completely different. She looked at me and then at Dylan and said, “You’ll pay for this. Remember Dylan, your world will soon come crashing down.” Jasmine spat out. She glared at us both before turning around and walking away.

Glancing up at Dylan, I noticed that he was tense. Could that mean that Jasmine’s words could have some truth to it? Could something bad really happen?
Sensing my gaze, Dylan glanced down at me and shook his head. “She is all talk and no bite. Pay no attention to her words.”

My mind refused to believe Dylan. It was clear he was lying, probably to not worry the pack. I sensed that there was more to Jasmine’s words but right now that wasn’t important. Since such an amazing party had been planned, we might as well have a good time. All this could take a backseat for now. We deserved to have some fun. These past few days have been full of drama.

Dylan pulled me in for another hug and whispered in my ear, “You are the most gorgeous person here.”

I shivered, his words sending sparks right down to my toes. The pack members looked adoringly at us and I blushed and hid my face in Dylan’s chest.
Dylan lifted my chin up and said to me, “I hope you know that I did not want to kiss Jasmine. She forced me; I knew that it would cause you, but she wouldn’t let me break it.”
I felt his guilt in his words and I already knew that scheming bitch was to blame anyway. To show that I didn’t blame him I kissed him briefly on the lips and nodded my head to say I knew. Dylan looked relieved and he took my hand and we mingled with out pack members.
Aria said we attract drama wherever we go and a part of me agreed. Dylan interacted with his pack members who looked so happy to see Dylan happy.

The amount of comments we got about our future children was insane. Everyone seemed to want us to have children, saying they’d be gorgeous. Of course, I wanted children but not now. Dylan and I were still getting to know each other. This was unusual as many mates, mark and mate each other within the first week. Aria and Chris had but we were not like that.

Alison told me that she hadn’t either. Her and Alec wanted to wait a little longer before they marked each other. She told me it was her fault, she wasn’t ready, but Alec was waiting. I told her that he must really love her to wait, which caused her to blush.

After a few hours of mingling with the pack members, eating and drinking, Dylan took my hand and walked away.

I guessed that Dylan wanted some alone time, especially after today. We went up to our room and I saw a suitcase lying on the bed.

Did I miss something? Was he leaving? Did he want me to leave?
Dylan looked at my confused expression and motioned for me to open it. “I wanted to show you this before our unexpected guest arrived and ruined everything.
I first saw some papers saying, “Possible Typhoon members”. I was confused and saw names and pictures; some had a big red cross through them. I turned to face Dylan, but he still motioned for me to look at the suitcase. Sighing, I looked through the rest of the suitcase and found some letters. Curious, I took them out and read them. One of them was from Harry, saying he was hoped Dylan was ok and that Dylan was a step closer to find out the truth. The other was from Aria saying she missed him lots and that she wanted him here to cheer her up and make her laugh like the old times. She asked him where he was, she had no idea what happened and why Dylan disappeared.
I sighed and put everything back, it was a lot to take in but I was happy that Dylan had trusted me enough to look through all of this. I had a feeling that all of this had something to do with the name Typhoon, it didn’t sound familiar to me, but I guessed that to Dylan it meant a lot.

Dylan had obviously wanted me to look at his suitcase for a reason. I was about to close the suitcase but found something that caught my eye. I picked up the white coloured envelope and opened it. I gasped and looked at the picture in my hand. A picture of me. That picture was taken when I was laughing, and Aria took it. She said it was for an art project- a project that I never got to see.
I put the suitcase back but kept the picture of me out.
Dylan stood there with his back towards me, but before I could say anything Dylan said, “You are gonna ask why I have that picture of you and why I have all these photos of people who have been crossed out, right?
I nodded and said, “Can you blame me? This is all so sudden and just a bit overwhelming.”
Dylan’s face turned pale and he turned around and looked at me nervously, “I don’t know how to tell you what’s going on in my life. Every time I want to tell you about my life, I stop and think about you and I get worried and chicken out.”
I look at Dylan and sigh. I sit on the bed and Dylan sits next to me. I look at him and hold his hand, “I was made for you. We were put together for a reason. You will never lose me, but you can’t keep me in the dark. Tell me everything from the beginning.”
Dylan looked at me and nodded, “You are right. There is a reason that we were made for each other. Ok I will tell you everything.”
“Scarlet, I want you to know that Aria knows what I am going to tell you. She wanted to tell you, but I had to tell you myself.” Dylan told me.
I nodded and Dylan took a deep breath before saying, “It all started the day you died.”

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