Love Bites

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Chapter 12

“The day I what?!” I said, shocked by Dylan’s words.
“The day you died Scarlet.” Dylan looked into my eyes and I swallowed a lump in my throat.
I can’t believe that I died. How? When? So many questions were rushing through my mind and I hoped that Dylan would have all the answers. I motioned for him to carry on. I was on edge now, knowing that what I was about to hear could change my life forever.
“I knew that we were mates for a very long time. You used to come here all the time when you were little. You and Aria were always joined together at the hip and still are. When I turned 12 you were only 11 but I knew you were my mate. My parents and your parents they were happy. You were so carefree. You had no idea how much I cared for you and still do.” Dylan took a breath; I squeezed his hand in support. It was so weird knowing that Dylan and I knew each other from a young age but at the same time it made so much sense to me. Why I felt like I have known Dylan for longer than I have and why no one else seemed to satisfy me, because I had already found my mate, no one else would ever be able to satisfy me.
Dylan continued, “I was very protective of you but you could never understand why. My parents told me that when you reached 12, you would know that we are mates and feel the same way, but you were too young. The only reason we’d know sooner than usual was because I was going to be the Alpha King. My dad wanted me to inherit the Alpha King title as soon as I was 16 years old and so he started to train me. However, my mind was distracted. All I wanted was you. My dad told your parents that during the day they couldn’t come here as I needed to train. However, what my dad didn’t realise is that by distancing me from you, I was losing my will to live. My mum sensed this, and she brought you to one of my training sessions and I performed very well. But one lesson, when I was practising weapons, my dad chucked the spear, but it went off course and it headed in your direction. I sensed this and ran to save you, but I was too late. You weren’t even facing me, and you didn’t see the spear. It stabbed you. I watched your small body fall to the ground and your teary blue eyes close. And your heart stopped beating, your face turned pale and you died. I felt you die. My wolf was distraught and even more so as my own father killed you. We took you back to the hospital and I refused anyone to touch your dead body. My mum saw the pain I was in and she made a deal with a witch. Witches are dangerous and the deal was deadly. A witch came and revived you, I was so happy, but the witch had to erase all your memories of me and your childhood or the consequences could be fatal. I watched you go and to keep me and my wolf alive, I had to take pills. I wasn’t allowed to see you until you were 16, it killed me every day to think that I couldn’t see you. Life had other plans clearly, since I am 21 not 16. It killed me knowing I had to be away from you for longer than expected. I had a calendar which I used to count down the days until I could see you. Your parents would send some of your things to me and that used to keep me sane.”
Dylan paused and looked at my face which was probably shocked. I died by the hands of Dylan’s dad. My memories were erased, and I couldn’t remember my childhood with Dylan. I felt upset, I always thought that memories were the most important thing because they are pieces of your life but now, I find out that my childhood memories are missing. I had no idea that I had known my mate from a young age. My mums’ words echoed in my mind, I now know why my mum had that glint in her eye and why she said that night would be my lucky night. She knew my mate was coming back.

“But if you knew I was your mate then who are these girls, claiming to have a relationship with you?” I raised my eyebrows.

Dylan looked down ashamed. He sighed and replied, “I only had pills to last me till I was 19. The last two years were hell without you Scarlet. I had to distract myself and that was the only way that worked for me. I hate myself for doing that to you but there wasn’t another way.”

Dylan’s eyes glazed over. His guilt was eating him alive and I could hear the truth in his words. Dylan had been through much more than anyone could have ever guessed and to know who your mate is but not be able to be with them, must have been absolute torture.

Could I really blame him? I was also having my own fun, although granted I didn’t know about him being my mate. But could I have caused him more pain?

I sighed and looked at Dylan. He smiled weakly at me and I hugged him. It felt right at that moment and I felt Dylan’s arms slide around me and pull me closer. The feeling was amazing, and I sighed in pleasure, I felt warm and happy. Regaining myself, I pulled away from the hug but immediately felt cold. Dylan seemed to feel the same so I held his hand and he kissed me on the forehead.
Dylan looked at me and I nodded for him to carry on, he cleared his throat and continued, “The witch who brought you back to life was promised a place in the palace, however my father refused this and the witch cursed him to die within a week. My dad passed it off, but my mum was becoming increasingly worried and I was too. Exactly a week later, a rouge pack was spotted. My father sent guards out and his best warriors, but they never returned. My dad was trying so hard to make sure that whatever the witch had said didn’t come true. However, my mum and myself knew that whatever witches say come true. The rouge pack managed to break into the palace. My dad sent my mum and me upstairs. Then my mum locked me in a closet, even though I pleaded and begged her to let me out, she looked at me and smiled and mouthed “I love you” to me. At that moment, the bedroom door fell down and 3 men entered with my weak and bloody father behind them. My mum screamed and tried to rush to my dad’s side but one of the men held my mum back and had a mischievous glint in his eyes. My wolf started going crazy knowing what they were going to do. My dad tried his best to fight back but they tied him to a chair and the 3 men each slapped my mum. I was getting angry. Then they raped her. To this day I am still haunted by my mum’s screams and pleads to stop, my dad’s tears and begging the men. And that was the first time my wolf had taken control. I broke the door down and attacked the men. I took a vase and smashed one of the guys with it, I used one of the broken glass pieces and stabbed the other guy and the final guy I threw out the window. My mum was crying. I gave her a robe and she covered her frail body. Before she could say anything a man with a black and white mask came in and slit my father’s throat, my mum let out a scream and fell to the ground. I looked at my dad’s dead body. My mum crawled towards my dad’s dead body and as I turned to phone to get help, my mum’s scream got my attention. I turned only to see my mum with a knife in her body, I caught my mums’ body and her last words were, “Protect Scarlet, keep her out of harm’s way.” And I lost my mum was well. But when I turned to face that bastard who killed my parents, he had disappeared.”

Dylan’s face was solemn, I could see his eyes watering. I was crying and put my arms around Dylan as to comfort him. He cried, he let out his feelings to me and told me his truth. I knew that there was something that he had hidden, and it was eating him alive. I comforted Dylan while he cried and kept asking “why?” I hated to see him in this condition. It was killing me inside. Dylan lifted his head up and his eyes were red, and his nose kept running. I got up and gave him some tissues and poured a glass of water. Dylan blew his nose and drank the water. He said, “There’s gonna be a lot of snot on that dress.” I laughed and shook my head.
Dylan smiled weakly at me. I felt so angry to know the truth and I guessed that the pack who killed his parents were Typhoon. Those papers made sense and so did the reason of why he went on a killing spree. The only thing that didn’t make any sense was why Dylan’s mum said to Dylan to protect me and keep me away from harm?
I looked at Dylan and asked him, “I don’t understand why your mum told you that you have to protect me and keep me out of harm’s way.”
Dylan looked at me and sighed, ” Everyone knew and now knows that you are my mate but with that killer still out there, he will come after you Scarlet. He is the leader of Typhoon, a rouge pack who kill anyone who gets in their way and they kill for fun. It is the most dangerous rouge pack out there, but I will find them, and I will kill the leader. I will not let any harm come to you at all, I’ll protect you with my life.”

I smiled at Dylan and he smiled back, we both stood up and looked at each other. He cupped my face in his hands and bent down and kissed me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. The kiss was full of passion, but it was still soft and gentle. When we broke apart, we were both slightly out of breath. I looked at Dylan’s eyes and no longer found that barrier but instead found love and protectiveness. Our foreheads touched and I shivered at the close contact.

Dylan kissed me again, this time a rough kiss as if he was making sure I knew I was his. Like he knew about all those other times I had made out with guys, he was making sure I knew that no one else would be able to kiss me like this.

I gasped as Dylan grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him. My hands were tangled in his hair. Tingles shot down my body and made its way to the most intimate part of my body.

Dylan broke the kiss and groaned. “You’re killing me Scarlet; I can smell your arousal.”

That kind of talk would have made me blush, but I was feeling brave. Instead, I smirked at Dylan and whispered in his ear, “Oh yeh? What are you going to do about it?”

Dylan’s eyes were changing colour, I knew he was having a debate with his wolf. Getting impatient, I decided to speed things along.

My eyes made its way down Dylan’s body where I spotted his big bulge. Smirking to myself, I reached forward and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. Without thinking, my hand made its way inside Dylan’s underwear and I gripped his very impressive manhood.

He hissed and closed his eyes. Taking that as him telling me to continue, I pulled down his boxers, letting his impressive manhood spring free. Gripping it again, I stroked it up and down. This was all new to me but looking at Dylan, I think he was enjoying it.

His eyes suddenly opened, his desire showing, and he smirked. I watched as he fully took off his jeans and underwear, I watched as his shirt left his body and I watched as he moved my hand away and began to stroke his own cock.

I was pretty sure my eyes were showing my desire for Dylan as I stared at him. Groaning, he lifted me up and threw me on the bed.

“You’ve awakened the beast now Scarlet.” Dylan said, lifting up my dress to reveal my soaked panties.

Dylan trailed small kisses down my thighs and kissed my core.

“So wet Scarlet.”

I didn’t even have time to reply as Dylan ripped off the panties and attacks my core. All words seem to have left me as I close my eyes and relish in the pleasure of Dylan licking and sucking on my core.

As he plunges his tongue past my velvety folds, I moan, “Oh my god Dylan.”

I feel him smirking as he inserts two fingers inside me. Fuck that feels so good. Dylan sucks on my clit while his fingers are pumping in and out of me.

I arch my body closer, begging Dylan not to stop. Dylan increases the pace of his fingers and sucks on my clit harder.

“Oh god Dylan.” I moan, my hands clutching the bedsheets as my body tightens and the pressure on my core rises. I know I am close, and Dylan also knows.

I throw my head back and cry out as I finally reach my peak. Dylan continues to lick and suck on me as my breaths become ragged and my heart races.

I’m still recovering from that orgasm when Dylan finally takes his fingers out of me and releases my clit. He looks at me and smirks. I watch as he licks his fingers clean.

“You taste so sweet. I think I’m addicted.”

I laugh as Dylan smirks at me yet again. Since I was still recovering, Dylan put his clothes back on and lay next to me. Our hands entwined with each other’s as we lay in silence.

I felt myself drifting off to sleep when Dylan mind linked me through our mate mind link and said that we would have to pretend to fight. I looked up at him in question and he nodded. He told me there was a mole in this pack working for Typhoon. We needed to fight so that we could secretly prepare for a battle, and us fighting would throw the mole off our scent.

Sighing, I nodded and kissed Dylan one more time before getting up. As much as I would love to just lie here with Dylan, it was time to put the plan into motion.

It would be hard, but this was something that needed to be done. Dylan also got up and gave me a fresh pair of panties. I rolled my eyes and slid them on.

Once we both were ready, I nodded my head and we held hands and left the room, ready for a fight.

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