Love Bites

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Chapter 13

“You know what Dylan; you are so worthless and pathetic. I can’t believe I got stuck with you for my mate. As much as I want to leave, I can’t give you that pleasure. I am going to stay here just to spite you.” My voice projected across the floor.I looked back and saw people looking confused and upset. Who could blame them? It was only a few hours ago that Dylan and I were happy and mingling outside. My heart broke when I heard people looking at us with concern, they really cared.

My eyes wondered and spotted one person looking happy and I had to hold back my anger. Pathetic, he couldn’t even act properly. It was easy to know he was a member of Typhoon. When the time was right, he’ll get what is coming to him, I told myself. Dylan looked at me and his eyes begged him to stop him, but I shook my head. He looked at me sadly and breathed out. I knew he would find this difficult, but this was a necessary thing to do. We had to do this to protect our pack and so Dylan could finally avenge his parents.“Excuse me. I don’t want you here. You are a pathetic excuse for a mate. I wish that someone who was pretty and who had brains became my mate, but I got stuck with you.” Dylan said, I heard his voice break a little at the end.
Those words hurt even though I knew it was pretend. My wolf was whimpering, and I tried to reassure her that Dylan was pretending to get revenge. The man who I spotted before was now sporting a smug look on his face and I looked down at the floor to show how upset I was. I saw Dylan’s feet move towards me and I held in my breath, but he stopped and walked back, I let out a sigh. I heard Dylan’s emotionless voice boom across the hall, “What are you all looking at? Mind your own business and get back to work.”
He walked off in one direction and I walked in the opposite direction feeling upset that when Dylan finally opened up to me, we couldn’t even be together. The mate I always wished for, one who would care for me and take my best interests at heart, I had finally found. In fact, I found someone so much better, under that hard and emotionless face is a caring Alpha King who would die for his pack.
I didn’t even realise when I approached the stairs and a hand pulled me back before I fell. I was pulled into an embrace. Tingles and sparks shot through my body and I smiled. I looked up to see a worried Dylan.
“Scarlet, I am so sorry if my words hurt you but please be careful. I can’t lose you.” Dylan’s worried voice whispered in my ears.
I smirked and decided to take advantage of this vulnerable state that Dylan was in. “Aww is the big and bad Alpha King worried? Is he scared? How cute. I thought you didn’t care at all.”
Dylan suddenly composed himself and cleared his throat, “That… That’s not the case. Just take care of yourself please.” He kissed me briefly and walked away.
I laughed to myself. It was funny seeing Dylan like this. It made my heart beat so fast and it reassured my wolf that he really did care for us, even if he doesn’t say it. I carefully walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen. I saw servants working hard to clean up the mess from the party. It was late, so I dismissed them and told them to rest and carry on in the morning. I grabbed a glass of water and downed it. The cool liquid soothed my dry throat, I guess I was pretty thirsty.
After putting away my glass, I headed back upstairs. I was feeling upset and dejected that I couldn’t be with Dylan but in order to make this look like a proper argument and to throw spies off, I had to stay away from Dylan. Although I was sure that he would secretly come during the night and I could not wait.
It was so unfair. We were finally getting close and then this had to happen now. Shaking my head, I had to remind myself that this was a small price to pay for a lifetime of happiness with Dylan. He needed this closure and as his mate, it was my duty to help him. Sighing, I entered a random room along the corridor. I was looking around the room and it seemed familiar, but I couldn’t remember how. It was probably one of the rooms I slept in when I stayed round and didn’t sleep with Aria. Or maybe I came in here when I was upset with Dylan?
Right now, I would rather be fighting with Dylan than pretend fighting because at least when I was mad at him it took my mind off the loneliness. But since this was just pretend, and having Dylan open up to me made the loneliness suffocating. My wolf yearned for his touch and my heart longed for his heart. Our bodies longed for each other and it took every ounce of strength in my body to get up and get dressed. Once I was dressed, I turned the lights off and lay in bed.
I waited for darkness to consume me….
I woke up with sweat dripping down my forehead. I had an awful nightmare about seeing Dylan getting killed because I wasn’t there with him. I knew it was my wolf who was creating these nightmares. She wasn’t happy that I wasn’t with Dylan and so she was making me feel lonely without him. Like that was not already the case.
Shaking my head, I got up and washed my face with cold water in the bathroom. I dried my face and as I was going to get back into bed, I heard a bang and voices. Silently, I crept out of my room and headed towards the noise. As I peered over the banister, I saw 2 strange figures talking. I strived to hear.
“Listen here, you have to kidnap Dylan’s mate. Luckily, they are fighting so it’ll be an easy job. She is in the 4th room once you go upstairs. Make sure you don’t get caught and here is your money.” One man told the masked figure.
He nodded. I gasped. This man was going to kidnap me. Where should I go? The man went outside, smirking and the man started heading up the stairs. I had no other option. I rushed into Dylan’s bedroom and approached my sleeping mate hurriedly.
“Dylan, Dylan. Please wake up. Someone is coming to kidnap me!” My voice whispered. It was shaking because I was so scared.
Instead of the tingles I normally get from touching Dylan, I got nothing. My wolf was on edge now and I knew something was wrong. As I was slowly backing out of the room, I bumped into someone with a hard chest. I turned around to see a man smirking at me.
My heart started pounding and I turned to the bed to see the man I spotted before smirking at me.
“Remember me darling?” He asked.
I swallowed a lump in my throat. He came towards me and place a cloth over my mouth. I kicked and pushed him but found my eye lids getting heavier. The last thing I remember before blackness consumed me was the guy saying, “The boss will be pleased.” ……

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